Reyes Farìa Montez Lèon Do Santos Velosos De Mar, The spoiled noble brat #20 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Interpretato da: S. V.

Motto: Stop staring. Do you know is dangerous to look directly into the Sun? |
The Crew
Teaser: THEMES: ''extravagance - luxury - comedy - judgemental''

R. just arrived straight from a luxurious court in Lisbon to the filth and squalor of Melée Island for a simple but crucial mission. Well, turns out it is probably not that simple for them, since they come from said luxurious court in Lisbon and never stepped out of it before in their life.
Nevertheless, this is the hoped chance for R. to prove their worthyness, or at least to bring refinement and taste to these caribbean oafs.
R. simply cannot stand mediocrity, everything around their person has to be beautiful and glamorous, otherwise it is not worthy of R.'s presence. R. likes to surround themselves with good-looking or eye-catching people to form, willing or not, a crowd of servants.

Relations: C. Sandor is their personal vallet.
F. Farìa is their sibling. It is all F.'s fault that R. has to be in this hellhole.
R. challenged Escudero to seduce the famous unattainable escort E. Dion and has a subtle rivalry with Colon de Portugal on who is the most worthy of a noble title.
Walsh is their body guard.
Gresset has confessed to R. that there is no better barber in the island than ''El Barbero Loco''
R. is intrigued by the mysterious Cowman, they simply want the stranger in their entourage.
Blackguard has offered to be their informer.

The Crew - The Crew - Nationality: Portuguese - Gender: unisex