Jade Lafitte, The pirate's child in search of adventure and revenge #1 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Jade Lafitte
#1 - The pirate's child in search of adventure and revenge

Played by : J. H.

Motto: So you think I will never become a real pirate? Watch me, you filthy bilge rat!!!
The Crew


THEMES: enthusiasm - adventure - revenge - dream

Some might define J. Lafitte as an enthusiastic, courageous and persevering person who has pursued the dream of a lifetime since childhood. But those would be very few, in fact... most people on Melee Island would rather say: ''a pain in the ass'', childish, stubborn and cheating. Everyone agrees that Lafitte is like that because of the legendary corsair Lafitte, who was killed in mysterious circumstances leaving behind two orphaned children; the desire for revenge and to follow in their father's footsteps shaped J.'s personality. The whole enterprise of posing as Captain Phoenix and his crew is actually Lafitte's idea.


J. Lafitte and P. Lafitte are siblings, and orphans, after a tragedy occurred to their family. They grew up on Melee Island counting on each other, but they are very different people and they usually argue, a lot. Good friend with C. M. Colon de Portugal Y Ayala, Goodwill, M. Karks and Tamirez; while Portero and Gresset are a pain in the ass, but it was necessary to have them on board. Doesn't like Blackguard nor Cowman on the ship... they cannot be trusted.

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