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: #1 The friendly supporter    //    #2 The station's lazy conspiracy nut    //    #3 The penitent    //    #4 The dull hard working miner    //    #5 The competent mining shift leader    //    #6 The martian environmentalist    //    #7 The weirdo lab geek    //    #8 The miracle worker with a bad reputation    //    #9 A bartender who paid dearly for past mistakes    //    #10 The underground immoral boss    //    #11 The boxer fighting for a future    //    #12 The most requested hooker    //    #13 The Bossy "Chef"    //    #14 The wannabe    //    #15 The determined widowed belter    //    #16 The ex cop who misses the old job    //    #17 The good hearted food distributor.    //    #18 The vengeful, scarred, operator    //    #19 The snappy radio operator    //    #20 The former marine haunted by the past    //    #21 The enthusiastic rookie     //    #22 The old fox    //    #23 The brainy and racist cop    //    #24 An old hunter about to hung up the guns     //    #25 The resourceful self-taught engineer    //    #26 The stiff-ass Martian    //    #27 The tough one    //    #28 The all-addiction addict    //    #29 The unforgiving Team Leader    //    #30 The Earther supporting Belters rights    //    #31 The troubled manager    //    #32 The vengeful "Well-Wala"    //    #33 The old-school experienced diplomat    //    #34 The watchdog    //    #35 A harsh self-made scientist    //    #36 The dutiful Martian    //    #37 A scientist who carries an heavy burden    //    #38 The hound from Mars    //    #39 The charming son of a bitch    //    #40 The regretful one    //    #41 A random passenger unaware of consequences    //    #42 The Muscle    //    #43 The caring one    //    #44 The weird scientist    //    #45 The special one    //    #46 The overwhelming remorse    //    #47 The Second Best    //    #48 The Mirror    //    #49 The selfish "Captain"    //    #50 The gossip hub    //    #51 The Ace of Spades    //    #52 The hateful technician    //    #53 The empathetic, chatty radar operator    //    #54 The troubled operator    //    #55 The bright-eyed young farmer    //    #56 The weird genius    //    #57 The inexperienced young farmer    //    #58 The Warden    //    #59 The cynical guard    //    #60 The Atoner    //    #61 The Crusader    //    #62 The rabid faithful dog    //    #63 The spoiled Earther "royal"    //    #64 The strong captain    //    #65 The former doctor without borders    //    #66 The scientist supremacist    //    #67 The idealist    //    #68 The patronizing and wise captain    //    #69 The preacher with rotten roots    //    #70 The clever and nosy smart ass    //    #71 The respected doctor    //    #72 The self-righteous sassmaster    //    #73 Someone who's looking for answers    //    #74 Unadapted to Icarus    //    #75 The Void    //    #76 The scarred vengeful Earther    //    #77 The proud miner    //    #78 The meek and weak scientist    //    #79 The disenchanted OPA activist    //    #80 The visionary chief scientist    //    #81 The broken one    //    #82 The stalker    //    #83 The positive flower child    //    #84 The ill-fated lazy ass.    //    #85 The rehabilitated convict    //    #86 The lovely food lab boss    //    #87 A gloomy cook who wants to be elsewhere    //    #88 A frustrated survivalist and nutrition expert    //    #89 The winking bartender    //    #90 The smirky bartender    //    #91 The nonjudgmental Belter    //    #92 The loyal boss    //    #93 The doubtful engineer    //    #94 The voice of the people    //    #95 The skilled, cool headed engineer    //    #96 An embittered engineer who bears an old grudge    //    #97 The Hermit    //    #98 The honourable Gunnery Seargent    //    #99 The marine on first mission    //    #100 The flirty and open marine    //    #101 The Warlock    //    #102 The frenetic, outspoken, obscenity-spouting Marine    //    #103 The troubled veteran    //    #104 The Face of the Company    //    #105 The Torchbearer    //    #106 The Half-Blood Prince     //    

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#1 - A. Salomon, The friendly supporter (personaggio interpretato da m. d.)

''Be positive and smile.'' - - Work Group: Mining Team - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Working on Icarus station is a big challenge and a really hard job, but also a world of different perspectives and interesting people. Salomon knows how to perform the job and how to behave to have his way around this chaotic life. Mining is really tough but paramount, and someone has to do it. The best way is to do it well and get along well with colleagues. Many other miners hate this job, but Salomon thinks it could be a great opportunity to cooperate and create ties. Always the first to support other miners, to help them find better solutions, and to avoid useless and dangerous quarrels and fights, this cheerful Earther is convinced that if there is harmony between the team, the work will surely be easier and lighter. Salomon is friendly and positive: always available to give addvice and to lend a ear to other miners' troubles, to try and find the bright side in every situation. Ironic and nice even when confronted with racist jokes, it’s very difficult to stay cross with Salomon. Even the worst fight soon ends in laughter over a good pint.

Relations: Donovan needs a good friend that could actually pay attention to the accident story, and Salomon is the right person to take care of this problematic miner.
Lagos always seems worried and needs to relax with some jokes.
Berg is too used to fight over everything, it’s better to help H. solving issues with words rather than fists. Kowalski is a good and efficient leader, and Salomon loves to work with this wise person.
Kohler is a good bartender, but piloting is the real skill there. It’s a pity that Kohler lost everything, and Salomon tries to relieve the barman's chagrins.
Guzman is a good engineer but is revealing other interesting skills: meeting and becoming friends could be a good idea.

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#2 - Bubi Donovan, The station's lazy conspiracy nut (personaggio interpretato da N. P.)

''We are just waiting to get fucked!'' - - Work Group: Mining Team - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Donovan has always been the team’s burden: even before the accident, this lazy ass of a Belter used to complain about the job. B. has always hated mining, but it got worse after witnessing the death of a colleague during the first days on Icarus station. Debris fall on heads and crush skulls… and B. should know, that’s what happened! Now Icardi is dead and Donovan is alive by sheer luck. Since then all the whining has become innocuous ravings about how the rocks attacked people _on purpose_, but everybody knows Donovan has always been rash. B. has become delirious about how ''someone'' is using Belters as slaves to mine whatever shit lives in the rocks - they want that for themselves! One day it's Earthers, the following some Big Pharma company, then a crazed AI; sometimes they all conspire together. They use Belters like tools to get something they want and make them mine the same thing that killed Icardi, ate Donovan’s brain and is going to fuck up everyone else! Donovan is curious and determined to find out who is involved, what is going on, and save everybody's asses and take vengeance on those responsible... whoever they might turn out to be. Medical staff said that the miner’s reaction was caused by the shock, and it soon will pass. So now Donovan is pitied by everybody, also because the poor thing is harmless: when not ranting, B. is very nice, gentle, kind, has never hurt a fly, and never stops smiling while eating anemic instant mashed potatoes. Donovan just wants to be helpful, tell what happened and warn everyone about what is going to happen. People caring for the miner just want Donovan to recover, and fast.

Relations: Salomon is the only friend and trustworty one on the team, which is surprising for an Earther. Berg is scary and often threatening, so it's better to keep a distance!
Donovan doesn't get half of the shit Lagos, who is obviously just a weirdo, talks about. Kowalski is a tough boss to please and has threatened of reporting Donovan to management. Agarwal and Donovan worked on Eros together and hate each other, luckily they now work on different shifts.
Since the accident Kalu has become Donovan's best friend.
Deeply attached to B. Moses, Donovan's rock and life partner, together they have achieved the shared dream of a big family, of which also U. Moses, who is always caring, Echo and Raisin, are part of. The latter is one of the most recent acquisition, chatty and pleasant, even if sometimes a little edgy. Ibanez, one of the preachers of the Cult they both are part of, is an old friend from Eros with a strong influence on Donovan. Dr Faulkner is the one who patched Donovan up after the accident, someone to go to for advice on anything.

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#3 - Jonathan Lagos, The penitent (personaggio interpretato da A. A.)

''Coherence tends to drive history to less tolerable directions.'' - - Work Group: Mining Team - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: It happens that an asteroid can change its trajectory, because of the stronger gravity of another planet. Human behaviour is often similar to the asteroid. Traumatic experiences were the gravity in J. Lagos' life. They are not logical, and so they're more powerful than any ideology. How many deaths can a conscience bear? J. Lagos knows it very well, and thus chose to work on Icarus Station. During mining and drilling shifts, J. builds the future by analysing the past, in order to avoid old mistakes. It’s very hard to have to keep your head down while being harshly berated by your boss, and to bear the load of this dangerous work - nonetheless, Lagos is more and more confident that the miners, and all Belters, need a non-violent way to achieve their rights.

Relations: Donovan is never going to learn from past mistakes, probably being too stupid, damaged and crazy. A similar mindset and brilliant conversation with Maathai formed a bond, but now this relationship is growing stronger and they have to come to terms with being a Martian and a Belter. Berg is as stupid as the asteroid itself, and sees the universe only in black and white. J. Kowalski is not a very supportive boss. Scolding and insults are often around the corner. Weintraub and Echo seem very interested in Lagos: the first seems suspicious and aggresive, the second is simply friendly.

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#4 - Hotaka Berg, The dull hard working miner (personaggio interpretato da R. A.)

''Space is made of rock.'' - - Work Group: Mining Team - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: Possibily fit and/or big body - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: There are those who fancy the stars, the openness, the deep cosmo; those who imagine themselves flying wild and free across the galaxies, exploring universes and going where no man has ever gone before. Most people, on the other hand, only experience the ugliest and hardest part of space: the heavy duties in the tunnels of the mining stations in the Belt. Screw the fancy space pilots: space is made of nothing but solid rock. And so is Berg. People didn't leave earth to fly, but to dig, to work, to fight, to fuck. Proving their worth is only a matter of hitting hard on solid walls. Nothing is soft and easy in this life, and Berg reminds of this simple truth in every action. Some say Berg's mind is dull as a rock as well, but what does it matter? Loyalty to work, friends and allegiances is the only thing that can keep you alive in this universe. And so is crushing opponents and enemies.

Relations: Berg blindly trusts the shift leader Kowalski, both on and off work.
Lagos is a funny character: a good fellow, but a little sloppy and absent lately. Berg sometimes thinks it takes just a kick to make an ass move, but Lagos is a friend, and deserves everyone's respect.
Donovan, on the other hand, is just a whining sack of wind and vinegar: one of this day Berg will seal that crying mouth shut with one fist or two. The same goes with Salomon, always lecturing about “peaceful talk and no violence”, what a wuss.
Some uppercuts and jabs have been crossed with Kassad but Berg is not made for the hardcore discipline of the trainer. A good official match could be the chance to prove that brutal force can overpower the fanciest training. Maybe Berg will have the chance to blast that Zarani redneck for good, and put an end to that smug insolent face. Another person who deserves to be put in place is the radio comm Ibanez: Berg doesn't like the anti-OPA propaganda that comes from the radio room.
Back on Eros, Berg met with captain Whedon: the rude miner still blushes when talking about their encounters.

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#5 - Jamal Kowalski, The competent mining shift leader (personaggio interpretato da F. G.)

''It's a hard job, but someone's gotta do it.'' - - Work Group: Mining Team - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: There's no point in denying it: work on Icarus is hard. Hard and dangerous. No one knows that better than Kowalski, the experienced and trustful chief of the Alpha shift. Kowalski wasn't born with the instinct of a leader, but having started mining work since a young age, Kowalski learned pretty quickly that only one thing matters: efficiency, and the safety that ensues. A mine is not a place to fuck around, gossip, shit talk, backstab or anything likwe that: you need to suit up, dig, and come back in one piece. That's all. This is a team leader's only objective, and Kowalski makes the best effort to achieve it. Whatever helps, is done: a friendly ear to a discontent worker, a diplomatic attitude between the management and the team, a proud stance against the ones who threaten miners' well being. Even the competition with the second shift team is kept to a friendly level. Kowalski might not be the strongest or the most charismatic chief around, but sure as hell very few are this competent and honest, and no one could ask for a better boss. A truly well-rounded hard worker, Kowalski is always seen around the station, busy talking to anyone, from workers to management: there is no one on the station who doesn't know the mining boss, and if someone seems to forget, Kowalski is the first to step in to get introduced: good manners, friendships and alliances can save your ass down there.

Relations: Wherever there are teams, competition grows: it encourages the workers to do better, and creates strong bonds. The rivalry with team Omega never exceeds to a outright competition, and Kowalski respects the colleague Agarwal.
Kowalski needs to keep an eye on Berg whose simple spirits often need a guidance, even when it runs full-throttle in the right direction. Lagos is a great miner, but driven by a sort of weaknees which makes Kowalski sad, and even angry sometimes. The hardest worker to keep under control is Donovan: too scared, too nervous, it feels like it would take just one more push to crack. Kowalski can count on Salomon, an efficient miner, always strangely in a good mood. Even a bit too much for a miner, actually. Kowalski works hard to keep in good terms with management: Linder seems the one who mostly understands the workers’ needs. Ortega is the Star-Helix member Kowalski knows best, and they are often seen talking.

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#6 - Syria Maathai, The martian environmentalist (personaggio interpretato da C. F.)

''Mankind never learns, it is cursed with the urge to conquer'' - - Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: As the shift's boss, Maathai is a confident, rational scientist; that’s how life should be approached, with a method as dry as Mars, the planet where S. was born, where nothing can grow. As a child, S. got fascinated by how humans were able to survive the inhospitable red planet without changing it. S. got into science and bothany, wanting to improve Martians’ life, but soon discovered it was an illusion: the big Martian dream was to destroy the real Mars, by terraforming it. S. thinks Martians are going to repeat the same mistake made on Earth: destroying the planet that made them great and independent. Maathai should have known better: that after all, Martians are just like Earthers: they are human. That’s the curse of mankind: never learning their lesson. S. is opinionated and blunt, to the point that S. has made no secret of such thoughts, resulting in being labelled a traitor to the Martian dream. But even as they think they are fighting the good cause against Earth, they are doomed to be as wrong as them.
Maathai might be cold and negative, but the truth is, this is no future. It is the past that keeps repeating itself, cultures dying, mankind struggling to survive.

Relations: Gabrys is just a weirdo with an obsession for naming things and a passion for drugs, but as long as it's not done during the shift and it doesn't affect their work or the team too bad (surprisingly, sometimes it has even proven to be... useful), it can be tolerated. Faulkner is a typical spoiled earther, too focused on ''here and now'' and too narrow minded about the future. Woo should stop chatting that much and work a little more without asking any more favors for so-called friends. Luna is a troublemaker who needs to be kept in check and reminded who is in control. Zarani has a similar vision of the universe as Maathai's; they get along well, but when they start talking, they can be absolutely boring.
Kassad needs someone from home to talk to and Maathai is not the judging type, so they chat quite often. Hates Dove, who was the first one to call Mathaai a ''traitor'', and is the embodiment of the Martian downfall. A similar mindset and brilliant conversation with Lagos formed a bond, but now this relationship is growing stronger and the other seems troubled by their own origins. Doesn't get along and had many heated discussion with Vodyakin about the ''martian dream''. Despite Linder being an Earther, they share a consideration for Belters' wellbeing and they have become good friends; this has caused some trouble with Frost a racist and jealous asshole. Higashi has called Maathai a traitor, but the commissioner isn't capable of even shitting without an order, imagine thinking for himself!
Keller is a sort of a friend. Maathai loves spending time together chatting and drinking.

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#7 - Toshi Gabrys, The weirdo lab geek (personaggio interpretato da A. R.)

''The machine is performing poorly. She must be sad. She told me.'' - - Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: It is obvious to everybody that Gabrys is a weird character. It's not just something with the outfit, the blank glare, the crazy choice of words... It's just... Gabrys talks to stuff. A full-on geek, a genius perhaps, very good at the job, but still a sideliner on the field of logic and common sense. Gabrys has a name for every device, and treats them more dearly than anything else. The same goes with the plants: the technician shows deeper empathy for the lab equipment than for any other colleagues, fondling the machines, whispering to the plants, and swearing that they whisper back. Some people believe this funny behaviour is just the effect of the recreative habits, claiming that alchool and drugs are a constant presence in Gabrys' day. But even if it was true, nobody in the lab ever complained about it - in fact, almost everyone notices that Gabrys actually has pretty good ideas when the geek is in ''high spirits''.

Relations: Gabrys thinks that Maathai is too pessimistic and nervous, and needs to chill: maybe they should sit and share a smoke or two one of these nights.
One of the engineers of the second shift seems to be very friendly with the machines: too bad Gabrys can't spend enough time with Hunt, except when the shift ends and Gabrys pays a short visit to the engines. Faulkner is always watching and evaluating every move Gabrys makes, as if working in a med lab buried in the bowels of a rock floating in space wasn't distressing enough... Stella is a party animal, they get along very well, have fun together and are both clients of Szyslack.
Another ''fun time comrade'' is Woo, whom Gabrys spends a lot of time ''having fun'' with.
Luna, on the other hand, is terrible to work with: always angry, blabbering racist nonsense and considering the plants nothing more than a tool for the job. Gabrys suffers the forced work cooperation with Luna a lot.

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#8 - Barbara Faulkner, The miracle worker with a bad reputation (personaggio interpretato da B. C.)

''When you feel true passion for your job, even being kicked out of your home planet for doing it properly can be bearable...'' - - Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: If life is really defined by what one does for others, then Faulkner can be already considered a hero. A tenth of the people living in the slums of New York owe Faulkner their lives, and the good doctor never asked anything in return. Faulkner is a good hearted (maybe too much), competent and generous doctor, who never refused to treat a patient in need, regardless of social status. However, the good doctor's charitable activities attracted unwanted attention, and Faulkner was suddenly discredited and treated like a fraud and a charlatan. With tearful eyes and a heavy heart, Faulkner chose to follow the passion for medicine and left Earth. Starting a new life from scratch was not easy, but thankfully medical skills are a rare commodity in the expanse and KMK showed up: they don't usually ask much about people's past and offered Faulkner a job on Icarus.

Relations: Gabrys is smart, but there is something strange about this colleague. People working in a med-lab should definitely be more focused. Maathai is slowly losing any connection to med-lab activities. All that rant talk about Mars and the martian environment is not helping anyone, and here no one cares about that dust bowl full of fanatics called Mars. Rozovsky is someone hard to forget, a very dangerous polititician who leaves scars on other people's lives. Russo is a kindred spirit, a little too rushed, perhaps. Faulkner patched up Donovan after the accident in the mines and now can't get rid of that crazed, racist, paranoid one.
Faulkner doesn't get along very well with Luna, but then again, who does? In the end, the two tolerate each other much better than the other teammates do. Has tried to get in touch with Woo but it seems like there is an impenetrable wall of diffidence between the two doctors.

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#9 - Fuji Kohler, A bartender who paid dearly for past mistakes (personaggio interpretato da A. A.)

''There are no anwers at the bottom of a glass, copeng. And I know what I am talking about...'' - - Work Group: Leisure Workers - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: A many -sided character not recommended for first-time larpers - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Literally born on a cargo freighter, Kohler learned how to set a course before even learning how to read. Flying a ship was literally a thing that ran in the family and most docking bay officials across the expanse remember dealing with a brazen and cocky pilot named Kohler. In a world crammed full of regulations, for Kohler setting foot in a cockpit was a taste of freedom, a sense of being in control of everything that matters in one's life. However, things change fast in the expanse, and a sad combination of events led Kolher to develop an addiction to alcohol and to a dramatic loss of jobs first, and ultimately the pilot clearances too. Kohler's personality slowly changed once forced on solid ground, and every trace of brazeness and arrogance were soon replaced by frustration, a dark sense of irony and intense moments of self criticism that sometimes descended into self-taunting. Kohler now sees the world in a darker shade, and is uncompromising towards other people's mistakes and failures. The cheerful, positively ironic and smug young pilot is still there, but now is buried beneath layers of guilt and frustration. Recently, Kohler mustered enough energy and focus to fight the addiction, and after staying sober for a few months, managed to find a new job. Kohler now works for a company that doesn't care much about a worker's past mistakes. Funnily enough, the job Kohler was assigned was bartending.

Relations: T. Zsyslack is in charge of the bar during shift one, and is also a top level moron who sees the station as some sort of personal backyard. One day or another Zsyslack's action will be the downfall of every leisure worker on Icarus, and that should never be allowed to happen. Kohler needs this job, and a reckless moron must not be allowed to jeopardize it. Kohler gets along well with Pavlov, who can seem harsh at a first glance, but is clearly competent and committed to everything that is work-related. They shared a drink or two, and found out they have a similar view of the world. Life on this station could even be bearable if not for Ibanez and his rag-tag nonsense cult. As if living bunk-to-bunk with propaganda-fed OPA fanatics was not enough...
One of the miners, Salomon, often comes for a drink. Kohler finds Salomon funny and interesting, it's easy to speak with this person. Kassad seems like a nice person, but also withholding.

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#10 - Tychelle Szyslack, The underground immoral boss (personaggio interpretato da F. R.)

''Tu can’t mess with my people, gringo. They mine. Only I can.'' - - Work Group: Leisure Workers - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: T. has always been the one to take care of T., getting by the skin of their teeth - ever since the very beginning on that shithole of Eros, to crawling to a safe enough spot on Icarus as a bartender. Growing up in a world of pimps, whores, smugglers, dope-heads and all-purpose drunks, was not easy, and T. had to rely on a deep survival instinct and resourceful amorality. This shitty life is mean and painful and makes you do things you may not want to, but you grow accustomed to it. One dirty fuckin' job after another, that’s how fuckin' life is, so that’s how fuckin' T. is. Szyslak knows that the only thing that can end you is death - otherwise just take the beatings and give some back, like a fuckin' Belter. Just don’t mess with T’s people, only T. can. Take equal part practical, opportunistic, thorough and ruthless, shake it with dishonesty and paternalism, a weirdly unique sense of protection, and the Szyslak cocktail is made. Cheers!

Relations: Koehler is one frustrated ass who just doesn't get that life is a shitty hole. Vega is an old acquaintance from Ceres who would be perfect to formally join Szyslack's little family. Kassad is a good worker, but Szyslack keeps a distance; Was madly in love with Mackinney but different opinion about life have driven them apart.
Has made no secrets of his resentment towards Guerrero blaming the Star Helix boss for some old grudge.
Dove is scary as fuck, but as long as the money gets payed, Dove is going to be treated like any other customer. Almost admires Stella for keeping up with all the entertainment; surely the technician is a good client, as is Gabrys. Eweli might be a new interesting acquaintance and possibly business partner. Likes talking to Valdemar.

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#11 - Augustus Kassad, The boxer fighting for a future (personaggio interpretato da C. B.)

''The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow'' - - Work Group: Leisure Workers - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: They say it’s all about perspective. Kassad’s history is no secret, and being dishonourably discharged from the MMC is a distinctive trait that makes this former Marine a loathed outcast for Martian people, and some kind of a hero for Belters. Working as a Trainer seemed like a perfect job: Kassad is still a very disciplined, tough and experienced fighter who takes physical health very seriously and really seems to enjoy training Belters and organizing boxing matches. Yet, A.’s personality is sort of a mystery, and although it’s unclear whether the Trainer is a very private person because trusting other people is an issue, or because of an unspoken sense of guilt, the only way to get to know Kassad is putting the gloves on and go up against the former marine in the ring.

Relations: T. Makimura is an old acquaintance: an asshole. Kassad tries to get along with both Kohler and Szyslack, who keeps a distance, but it's not easy. Vega is very nice, and they chat very often during work hours. Leandros was Kassad's Seargent Instruct back in the days, the gaze from every Martian is painful, but this one hurts the most. Sometimes Kassad needs someone from home to talk to and Maathai is not the judging type, so they chat quite often. Berg is a promising boxer, but the miner doesn't respect Kassad, or discipline in general, for that matter. Same goes with Luna, another plain racist. Anders is a better trainee, and a decent person to hang out with. Kassad is scared of Dove, who's been harassing the trainer since day one. Rozovsky recently took an interest in Kassad's training. Pan is a good person, they don't see each other that often, and it's a pity. Used to train Higashi, a committed and dutiful martian who now hates Kassad.

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#12 - Gillian Vega, The most requested hooker (personaggio interpretato da F. F.)

''What you resist, persists.'' - - Work Group: Leisure Workers - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Others' well-being is everyone's well-being. G. Vega has always followed this simple rule. Especially during work hours. Being one of the sex workers requires discipline and the ability to separate love and profession, besides being a charming and easy-going person, which is a natural gift.
When you are a Belter, maintaining good relations with important people is the only way to have their support. G. Vega’s behavior makes people feel safe . The customers are not only happy, but also satisfied to have someone to open up to, to feel comfortable with. Because of that, back on Ceres it was pretty common for Vega to be approached by someone who wasn't looking for professional company... drug dealing, obtaining and then selling customers’ confidential information, spreading controversial ideologies, those were all highly requested services. Criminals, smugglers, politicians, OPAs and crooks were often at Vega's door. An unwanted perk of being a hooker. But G. Vega always refused to get dirty and never opened that door. Now on Icarus, it should be easier for Vega to lay low and stay out of trouble, it's a small station after all.

Relations: Kassad is quiet, nice and understanding: the perfect person to confide in.
Vega fears Szyslack back from Ceres, who hasn't stopped pestering about ''working more closely together''.
Vega has a warm relationship with Cheng, one of the best clients, polite, nice and thoughtful. Not so kind was Dove, who tried to humiliate Vega during a sexual performance. Raisin is caring and discreet, Vega often confides in the friendly radar operator. The most important person on Icarus is Demeter, and they spend time together when they aren't busy with work.

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#13 - Walter Pavlov, The Bossy "Chef" (personaggio interpretato da E. B.)

''My gran could do better than this... and she's dead!!!'' - - Work Group: Food Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Many people say Pavlov is a hero, on Ganymede. Indeed, W. has all the traits of a hero: bluntly honest, loyal to colleagues and management. Moreover, the food boss saved the station from a critical massive food poisoning, realizing just in time that something was wrong with the system. W. was only doing what needed to be done, as always, but this skilled food engineer is the best in the whole solar system, and it finally showed. It's pretty clear that those chatty, lazy colleagues will never reach Pavlov's expertise, but maybe with some ass-kicking and some spot-on insults will wake up their frozen brains.
Pavlov is generally rude and rough, goes straight to the point, is politically incorrect, often sarcastic more than ironic, and never takes responsability for someone else's fault. Incompetence should always be punished, for everyone's sake. That's why yelling, mocking and bossing is part of Pavlov's job - admittedly, one that the food boss performs with a certain amount of amusement.
Pavlov's fame on Ganymede paid off, giving the Belter the best job position available on Icarus, with both the responsibilities and the wage that the ''Chef'' was looking for. Leading a food lab on a station like this is not an easy task, especially leading this bunch of pathetic idiots, but Pavlov will do it as flawlessy as always, and anyone can bet their life that W. will straighten those morons, and they will become the best team in the station.

Relations: K. Ishida is clearly a troubled person, there's something wrong in this belter's past, or brain maybe... in any case Ishida is pretty reliable, especially compared to the others. E. Kalu is always smiling and chatting with other workers, no drive or focus, this one needs to deal with reality sooner or later: the best way is to let E. discover there's nothing to laugh about during shift hours! J.Rahal is a real pain in the ass for the whole team, lousy, lazy, presumptuous, and incompetent. Zogby might be an inspiring advocate of Belter's rights, and that's fine, but if that ''beratna'' wants to steal Pavlov's job and lifestyl, Pavlov will make it a living hell for Zogby.
Sometimes Pavlov shares a drink or two with Kohler who is a sad soul whose golden days are long gone, but is also someone who had the guts to roll up the sleeves and start over. And this, at least, is worth some respect.
K. Soyinka and Pavlov met before Icarus, this one is a well-wala who worked in management for some earthen company on Ganymede. Leitmann is just annoying, always meddling. C. Silva is curious and nosy, always asking too many questions about the job... maybe Silva is tired of being a miner and wants to move to a different team?

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#14 - Samsara Zogby, The wannabe (personaggio interpretato da C. M.)

''Work doesn't dignify belters, but we receive food in return'' - - Work Group: Food Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: 'First the Martians, second the Earthers; we, the Belters, can't be working so much for so little''. Zogby's voice always sounds loud and clear, always has and always will. S. proudly works in the Food Lab, providing ''food for bodies'', but what this Belter does best is giving people ''food for thought'', trying to raise awareness of the inequity in the Belt, inspiring rightful outrage and taking pride in being a Belter. Zogby is the person everyone turns to if they have a work related problem, not unlike some sort of self declared union rep in the station. If there is a solution, Zogby will find it. That makes this unselfish beratna one of the most loved pgetting a higher job position would help a lot in negotiating with the management or dealing with other team leaders: that's why, even if the food boss Pavlov is competent and worthy, Zogby didn't give up on the ambition. Every belter should be entitled to ambition to improve and be the change they want to see in this shitty System.

Relations: Zogby has a good opinion of Kalu, the kind coworker from Tycho Station, but they always argue about the right methods: Kalu is all nice words and good manners, Zogby requires a stronger stance against problems. Zogby loves chatting with Ishida, and the time spent together is becoming the most exciting on Icarus.
Dislikes Pavlov, the boss' manners are awful and skills don't compensate for bitchiness. Rahal's whining is annoying and no Star Helix enthusiast will ever be Zogby's buddy.
Cruz is a good friend, that's why Zogby feels safe complaining about the energy distribution disadvantaging the food lab. One may argue that those two seem to argue a lot, and pretty fiercely, about this apparently silly matter.

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#15 - Kenneth Ishida, The determined widowed belter (personaggio interpretato da A. F.)

''The desire for revenge is a part of grieving.'' - - Work Group: Food Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: K. Ishida was very happy on Ceres. That was mostly due to being married to M. Volkov. Together, they didn't experience the fear to be victims of human error, propaganda lies and Earth and Mars arrogance. It was a simple and quiet life, even if with very poor means. One day Volkov left for Icarus, determined to change jobs in the hope of a more prosperous future. Some time after that, Ishida received an official notification:
“The Beratnas Gas offers its solidarity and sympathy to you and your family. Our deepest condolences”. No meaningful personal effects. Only a few words. Volkov died in a accident on that ruddy asteroid. No one should ever have to go through that kind of loss. All K. felt was just pain and consuming loneliness.
Grief is a merciless master. Ishida decided to work on the new Icarus, in hope of finding some kind of peace - closure, as they call it. But being hired wasn't easy, and a less determined person would've turned back, but not Ishida: determined to set foot on this rock, Ishida agreed to make a deal with a shady group. Ishida owes these questionable people a favor, but it doesn't even matter: what's important is that Ishida is finally working on Icarus now. The first step of K.'s grieving process is complete, now is time to move on to the next.

Relations: Ishida met W.Pavlov here on Icarus, in the first day when the management arranged the shifts. The boss is tyrannical and rude, sometimes very annoying, other times very practical. Rahal is a good colleague, friendly and very curious. Kalu is a good pal, warm and supportive, a person to count on. Ishida often feels like to be watched by Soyinka, and it's a little uncomfortable. Ishida likes Zogby, probably too much. It's not really convenient at the moment, because it could be a distraction from Ishida's job.

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#16 - Jaden Rahal, The ex cop who misses the old job (personaggio interpretato da M. R.)

''To catch the bad guys, you've got to think like a bad guy - and that's why all the best detectives have a dark side...'' - - Work Group: Food Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Life is unfair. It doesn't take a genius to get that, right? And yet, if you happen to be a genius, its unfairness hits you even harder, because the smarter you are, the quicker you realize how screwed and miserable humans are bound to be. That’s been Rahal’s burden in the past years: being too bright to be truly happy. Of course things can always get worse, and usually they do, that’s how one of the most dedicated and effective Star Helix cops was kicked out, and ended up accepting any minimum wage non qualified job to make a living. Rahal now works as a Food Lab operator, misses the old job and complains about the waste of potential that affects society. There was no real joy in this Belter’s life except for the thrill of the investigation, the heat of a difficult case, the intellectual challenge followed by the almost orgasmic satisfaction in uncovering the Truth… and now it’s all gone. Nevertheless, you can strip away a job from a natural born detective but you cannot take away the curiosity that drives a sleuth’s brain, and since serving nutritious kibble occupies less than 1% of Rahal’s attention, the rest is still obsessed with mysteries and secrets and investigation.

Relations: Pavlov is the worst team leader imaginable, Zogby is annoying most of the time. Kalu is quite ok, but maybe a little too cheerful. Ishida seems interesting and in need of help. Okita used to be a colleague, and now mocks Rahal all the time. Mackinney was a colleague too, but the two of them are still friends and Rahal often offers unrequested comments on security matters. Gresset has been a friend, and more, it was a long time ago, but Rahal's still holding a grudge. Rahal knows almost everyone coming from Eros, especially the ones who were questioned by Star Helix at some point in the past.

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#17 - Eliodoro Kalu, The good hearted food distributor. (personaggio interpretato da D. D.)

''Here is your meal, copeng, and may the universe fill you with positive energy.'' - - Work Group: Food Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Working in the food lab is one of the least prestigious jobs on Icarus. Yet nothing in the universe could stop Kalu from smiling. And why should it? Providing nutrition to people is almost a sacred activity! Everything about Kalu is quiet: an aura of serenity and nothing but kind words and gentle gestures come out of this peculiar worker. What's even stranger is to find someone like Kalu on a mining station, where working life in harm’s way and political pressure don’t leave room for much serenity. Kalu never loses the temper, has a kind word for everyone, and always manages to settle fight and conflicts. It’s hard to believe such a person comes from Tycho, a typical cove for nasty rascals. No one knows how Kalu managed to remain pure in such a tough and politically charged environment. Kalu couldn't be more different from the station's inhabitants: this particular Tychoian spends words and actions against the brutal methods of the OPA extremist fringes, and racism in general. But this is just one of the many contradictions that is E. Kalu.

Relations: The food lab sometimes is a shelter for people who want to talk about their problems. Donovan is one of these, and Kalu often lends an ear to the paranoia of the miner. Sometimes Pavlov, the shift boss, mocks Kalu for the overly kind attitude, and gets angry when the Tychoian is found chatting happily with other workers, especially about the Cult. Kalu doesn't mind.
Zogby has a good opinion of Kalu and they are friends, but they always argue about the right methods of conduct: Kalu is all nice words and good manners, Zogby requires a stronger stance against problems. Also Ishida is a nice person, whom Kalu gets along with. Rahal is a more misterious fellow, looking like someone who's always after something.
Ibanez is the preacher of a peaceful cult, but there is so much anger and violence in the radio operator's voice. Russo was quite known back on Tycho. It's nice to have the doctor here on Icarus as well: the station is always short of people devoted to good. Another fellow Tychoian is Miambo, but this religious and enlighted fellow seems to be tornand suffering: what help can Kalu give?

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#18 - Rhadamanthys Anders, The vengeful, scarred, operator (personaggio interpretato da M. M.)

''Still waters run deep.'' - - Work Group: Comms and Radar - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Every belter on Ceres had a fair share of pain, struggles and humiliation for just, you know, basically being a second class citizen of the System. Some go very political and loud about their shitty lives, but Anders is not that kind of person. Quiet, driven and stoic, it's clear that the past was never kind to Anders, but this self-reliant radar technician never complains, always focused on the job. Anders keeps away from the OPA, the Star Helix and anyone who displays any type of oppressive power, Anders has had enough of that... However, this stoic attitude comes with a price. Belters who took a more political stance often see Anders as someone who constantly betrays their own people - but these allegations seem to just roll off R. Thing is, when you suffer from a deep wound that doesn't heal despite time and efforts, those ridiculous scrathes don't mean a thing.

Relations: Raisin is always nice and gets along with everyone; has been proved useful more than once, solving bad situation as it looks like no one, not even on the comms, is able to resist that empathetic charm. Kassad is the trainer who helps Anders to blow off steam, they were both unlucky in life, it seems. Caron is a good worker: quiet, focused, not hot tempered. Ibanez is the opposite: exhuberant, endlessly talking, Anders has to reprehend the operator very often for using the radio for personal reasons, such as spreading the cult.
The Lead Manager ''Valdemar'' is always pushy and sometimes even aggressive, for reasons still unclear.

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#19 - Lance Ibanez, The snappy radio operator (personaggio interpretato da D. P.)

''Good morning Icarus! Today's news is: you still have time to repent!'' - - Work Group: Comms and Radar - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: Public speaking skills, quick tongue - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Sharp tongue and sharper spirit, Ibanez has something to say about everyone, and generally it's never something nice.
The radio operator is actually smart and competent, and very reliable when it comes to making the station equipment work. Too bad that communication with the external world is filtered by the moral lens of this religious belter. Always ready to lecture and to teach the ''right'' opinions to others, some think that Ibanez ended up in radio and communications to fulfill the dream of being a public speaker, or a preacher of some sort. Luckily, this dark and strong moral stance is mitigated by a smart wit and sense of humor, and the love for snappy jokes and gossip. Most people also notice that the radio techie is too friendly and forgiving towards management. What if all the gossip is actually a way to collect information to share with the white collars? That might not be true. What is certain, though, is that Ibanez contempts and rejects the violent methods of the extreme fringes of OPA, despite being a true Belter to the bone. That's because Ibanez joined a new spiritual cult that recently began to spread among Belters, preaching a non-violent way of life and a new hope for those who are now forced to consider the Expanse their only home. Belters don't need uprisings or political struggles, they need hope!

Relations: Ibanez's boss is Anders: it's not so bad working under this long face, even though Ibanez is often reprehended for abusing of the radio equipment. The other colleagues are not the best either: Caron is the person who most needs to hear a message of spiritual liberation, but is hidden behind a wall of rage and silence. Raisin is just noisy; Ibanez can't stand the colleague and is often vocal about it. Many follow the religious vision of Ibanez, but no one is more annoying than Kalu: the petty food lab technician behaves like a saint, halo and all. Someone should tell that angel-wannabe that we are all pacifists here, but evil will not stop in front of just a pretty smile! Kohler is a broken man, who could use a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. Befriending a bartender could be useful to the religious cause, too bad Kohler is stubborn as hell. Stella is just a useless earthling junkie playing belter. A colleague from the other shift, Campbell, seems to have good ears to embrace the peaceful message of the cult! Donovan is an old friend, their bond dating back to Eros. Ibanez needs to watch out for Berg the miner, who doens't appreciate the anti-OPA propaganda.

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#20 - Gareth Caron, The former marine haunted by the past (personaggio interpretato da E. R.)

''When will the voices quiet down?'' - - Work Group: Comms and Radar - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Every man or woman who served will tell you the same thing: it's hard to be something else when you give up being a soldier. The past haunts you with vivid dreams of atrocities, your mind gets filled with remorses and second-guessing. The ones who once respected you, turn their backs on you now. G. Caron knows this very well. After a tragic mission a couple of years ago, the former gunnery sergeant just wasn't the same, and could not honor the uniform anymore. But that wasn't the end of it: the soul was forever tainted by the past, and the scars failed to heal. The fear of flying is still there, and the sleepless nights as well. Now Caron tries to find some peace of mind as a radar operator on the rebuilt mining station. Handling communication with the outside world, trading messages coming from homes and families seems to bring some solace to this tormented soul. The shame in other martian's eyes is almost gone, and Caron holds a quiet and respected position in the new community. Perhaps this life could work out int the end. Perhaps Caron will be able to mend the wounds of the past... until the next time another nightmare will awaken the past.

Relations: On Mars Caron knew Higashi as a member of a family of dutiful martian militaries. When in the army Caron served together with Sobotka, and they both went through their share of hell. Caron had enough of it, and left the army to get hired on the Slingshot by D. Whedon but the two didn't get along.
Among the comm station colleagues, Ibanez is just a loud mouth: you can't find solace in all those empty words. Caron works well under Anders: a solid boss, keeping mind only to work, not distracted by silly gossips. Raisin seems to be driven by good intentions, but doesn't know when it's time to back off. Still, it would be nice to open up to someone, and the colleague is known to be a good ear but not a gossiper.

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#21 - Xandra Nowak, The enthusiastic rookie (personaggio interpretato da G. T.)

''Just say the word, I'll do my best!'' - - Work Group: Security Star Helix - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: X. Nowak joined Star Helix feeling right for the job: it's the best way to contribute to life in space. Most of all, X. wanted an opportunity: to be different, to have more chances, to be the good guy, to be the one fixing things when everything is crumbling into a mess. Now Nowak has this opportunity: the first real job as a Star Helix effective is to work in the security team on Icarus, a not huge but crowded staion, where the Kowmang Mining Kollective has set up a new extraction cycle after an accident blew up the former settlement, ran by Beratnas Gas.
Nowak is here to learn, both from direct experience and from other veteran Star Helix operatives, but also to work hard in order to prove that a motivated agent can rise through the ranks. To do this, Nowak understands the expertise of the more seasoned colleagues is needed: they know that in order to be effective, the rules need to be enforced, no matter what. Play by the book, be vigilant, be proactive... and everything will be fine. Nowak keeps repeating this mantra: maybe that will avoid the anxiety from the first field job. Can enthusiasm, commitment and a strong dose of optimism compensate for inexperience and naivety? It can, and it will! Let's hope one day the superior officers will stop treating Nowak as a newbie to be looked after, and will see an irreproachable, honest and dedicated cop who loves this job and serves Order and Justice. Eventually, Nowak's day will come...

Relations: Frost tries hard to be patient with Nowak's rookie mistakes, the Captain is very demanding! As it should be, anyway.
Eweli is a hard-core old school cop with plenty of stories to tell, and definitely knows lots of tricks, that's why Nowak often asks this veteran for some advice.
F. Miambo is the preacher of the religious cult and certainly is an enlightened person. It's also an old acquaintance, a wise one to turn to when in need of guidance about life and relationships.
L. Yu is a nice and fine bartender... and maybe being a sexworker makes it somewhat more interesting. Chatting and having a drink when Yu is around is always a pleasure. L. Hunt had some arguing with the boss, but the engineer looks like a nice guy, besides, it seems X. is the only Star Helix that Hunt doesn't find annoying. Raven, a Security Star Helix working the other shift, became a close friend, asking Nowak to keep an eye on any irregularities that might arise.

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#22 - Z. Ortega, The old fox (personaggio interpretato da P. Z.)

''Yeah, yeah... You're a free earther and I ain't got the right. But I got a badge. What've you got?'' - - Work Group: Security Star Helix - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Ortega has always known how to keep a station safe and secure: the good old fashioned way. Ortega is one of those cops who still like to soil their hands in the shitty mess that’s out there, regardless of how deep they need to go or how smelly that shit can be. Ortega did many things that could be regretted, but these days the cop barely notices to have a conscience anymore. Ruthlessness is essential for being a good cop, and those who think that playing by the book will get you to solid results in this line of work are either stupid as fuck, or hypocrites. A good result excuses any wrongs committed to achieve it, that's the unpleasant truth nobody wants to hear.
The job is just a part of Ortega's life: family and friends are also important, and those bonds are the stuff that really matters, at the end of the day. The Ortega siblings may be very different from one another, but they share more than just blood and they often go to the mat as if they had some serious business going on. What business that might be, it's a matter that Z. doesn't like to discuss, with anyone.

Relations: Z. and F. Ortega are siblings. Frost is the Star Helix boss on Icarus, you have to respect the boss, right? That said, Ortega is entitled to have ambitions, and to think that a Belter would do much better in that position. Z. also resents the boss for the team up with Okita: Z. hates the admireful look that blabber always has when they patrol the station together.
Eweli, is a tough veteran with an iron will, someone to deal with carefully. The miner team leader Kowalski often comes to Ortega to discuss about the problems and needs of the workers.

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#23 - Lionel Frost, The brainy and racist cop (personaggio interpretato da L. B.)

''I'm way too good for this shitty asteroid!'' - - Work Group: Security Star Helix - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Frost is an experienced and driven Star Helix agent, the Captain of the shift and, allegedly, a natural born detective. It’s not always easy for a true and proud Earther to adjust to the Belt’s lifestyle, but at least when this cop used to lead high profile investigations on Ceres, the job and daily routine were fine. It’s no mystery that Frost moved to the Belt to accommodate Linder’s career and aspirations: that was a voluntarily endured sacrifice made out of love, but a sacrifice nonetheless. Moving to a God-forsaken and shitty pit-hole of an asteroid was… Well, just too much! Now, both Frost’s career and marriage seem to be in a deadlock, and this self-confident cop’s life is turning into a nightmare. Brainy, aggressive and pushy, the Captain claims to be just a patriotic hard one, but Belters who fell into Frost’s radar use another word: racist!

Relations: Frost and Linder are married.
As captain, Frost is far from having an ideal team: Nowak is very green, but maybe there's still hope to turn this one into a good cop. Eweli and Lee are old school agents, just not Frost's school. Okita is annoying and not particularly promising. In the other shift team Capek and Raven are good and reliable agents, also for sharing a drink or a talk. Guerrero is not at all the agent Frost would have wanted as fellow captain. Nyman is one of the few kindred spirits on Icarus, a new acquaintance and possibly a friend, or more... Maathai should keep those martians hands away from Linder, even if they swear they are only friends. Bullied Cheng who's just another uptight, stiff Martian. Once a scumbag, forever a scumbag, especially a Belter one: that's why L. hates Mackinney so much. They fight every time they meet. Stella is a disgrace for Earth, infectious as a disease.

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#24 - Nigel Eweli, An old hunter about to hung up the guns (personaggio interpretato da M. C.)

''I've ground too much dust, friend. I will take care of the problem, but I had enough...'' - - Work Group: Security Star Helix - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: Not recommended for very young players. - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Eweli spent a lot of years serving in the Martian Congressional Police Force, and was indeed the embodiement of the perfect martian police officer. Then, over the years, all energy, passion and committment were slowly chipped away. After being honorably discharged from the MCPF, Eweli just wanted a small quiet corner, a place to find some peace and some fun with old friends. This particular place is a nice bar on Eros, and Eweli wanted to buy and run that place from the very first time N. laid eyes on it; but the owner wanted a lot of money to part from her lucrative business, and the savings were just not enough. So, even though Eweli was tired of chasing troublemakers and criminals, a job offer from the Belt suddenly made achieving that dream possible. Star Helix was willing to pay a lot of money to secure the services of a Martian veteran, and a year of work will provide more than enough to finally buy that bar and live a peaceful life. A tiny asteroid station should be an easy, almost boring assignment for a veteran cop, and that's what Eweli expects. But even here, one cannot simply forget things like sense of duty and respect for the badge, even when one is sick and tired of it, even if the mind lingers on the future: and the future is pouring fancy drinks to smiling people, without a single care in the world.

Relations: Nowak is a rookie, very similar to a young Eweli who chose to take the badge on Mars. Showing Nowak the ropes is surely a good way to give some meaning to all those years spent as a police officer on Mars. There is something strange about Ortega, and sooner or later Eweli will have to find out what. Dove is an old acquaintance from Mars, someone who follows orders no matter what. Having that officer on the station means trouble. Frost is a resentful, arrogant, self-righteous piece of shit, but one cannot question the captain's personality or position, or at least Eweli won't. Once heard Cheng's heated speech about individuality and thought Cheng was a weird martian; they have become friends since then. Szyslak might be interested in partnering up for that bar...

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#25 - Leeroy Guzman, The resourceful self-taught engineer (personaggio interpretato da F. F.)

''A mixture is always better than the sum of the parts.'' - - Work Group: Reactor Room - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: 'No Belter can ever be as smart as an Earther, because they lack a culture'', that's what those racist intellectuals say. Guzman fiercely despises that discrimination, and stands as a living example of a brilliant, self-taught and resourceful belter engineer. Back on Tycho Station, L. never had any chance to properly study science, despite showing a true inclination towards anything related to technology and chemistry. The Guzmans were a family of low level labourers, grown in a harsh environment where everything you needed you had to fight for. Always craving, always scavenging, Guzman learned how to build things from nothing more than scrap parts and debris. Lucky enough to find a job at Anderson Station's waste recycling facility, the young and smart L. Guzman got the chance of a lifetime: working as Assistant Chemist led to the opportunity of showing his talent to the supervisors. Indeed, the deserved and long-waited promotion was right behind the corner when Marama Brown's insurgents took control of the station, with everything that followed.
Guzman managed to survive the slaughter but was forced to leave the station towards ''greener pastures''. Finding a place in the Belt is not easy, especially if you have the skills but not an official qualification; ''diversifying'' was the key to gaining enough money. After all, working as just a mechanic left this resourceful belter plenty of time to work on some personal business activities. After many years of struggles, now Icarus looks like the right solution: Kowmang Mining Kowlective is fair towards its employees, but letting go of old habits can be hard.

Relations: Oddly, food lab's laziest worker Scott seems to be a close acquaintance. Cheng works hard but is so uptight as if thinking that martian brains are the best, but this is going to change... Stella has sometimes been proven useful as a technician - unexplicably, considering the amount of entertainments enjoyed. Considers Claymore a very good boss, even if L. gets harshly reprimanded sometimes. Cruz is still a mystery, but Guzman has a gut feeling that this one is more than just a frustrated Belter.

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#26 - Isaak Cheng, The stiff-ass Martian (personaggio interpretato da p. b.)

''Be anything you can be.'' - - Work Group: Reactor Room - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Cheng is a hardworking and motivated engineer, with a strong ethic and skills. There is something martial in the way I. is serious about the job; Cheng is willing to do what needs to be done and will follow through even when faced with setbacks. Not exactly warm and friendly, even if not for a lack of effort, the engineer is a good team player, able to work cooperatively with coworkers, follow directions but also lead the team if called upon. Even when trying, somehow Cheng lacks the ability of being pleasant and accommodating; it's not just the rough personality, it's the constant anxiety from having to prove to be competent, and maybe the self-induced isolation of someone who had to struggle to climb the professional ladder. A little coy, the Martian engineer is also very private, and all about the job: Cheng keeps away from other Martians and their politics, trying to lay low and not be judged for being born on the Red Planet. The Belt can be a very harsh and racist place. Therefore, it comes as a surprise when the shy and workaholic Cheng randomly turns into a vehement advocate for free will, for making one’s own destiny, and for building individuality without anyone telling what to do or what to become. Such intensity makes wonder whether or not I. has achieved such independency, and, most importantly, what's in this Martian's past.

Relations: Guzman is brilliant and capable, but is also a bully; for now, Cheng has refrained from any retribution, and tries proving the other one wrong. Wolf is kind of weird, competent, but also curious and ready to jump right into unproven theories. Cheng helped the colleague during one of such experiments. Was one of those restraining Cruz aftthe attack on one of the bosses; despite this, they got along fine, as neither of them is a great talker. Resents Stella as is barely functional and is wasting away. Loves hanging out with Vega and always has warm attentions for the sex-worker, paying or not. Was heard by Eweli speaking about freedom and individuality while defending Vega from Dove; the two have been friends since then, but Cheng is now scared of having caught Dove's unwanted attention. Happend to overhear Russo and Rozovsky speak of the peace process and joined the conversation. Frost is just a bully but is powerful and mean, and Cheng prefers to lay low. Myeong was a good, old friend back on Mars, then they had a huge fight and lost touch. Hunt is a competent technician on some sort of personal crusade, and Cheng looks like one of the few who earned Hunt's respect.

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#27 - Dwayne Cruz, The tough one (personaggio interpretato da V. B.)

''As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.'' - - Work Group: Reactor Room - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: When Cruz arrived on Icarus, the mood of this resourceful and quite popular Belter changed instantly. The friendly, strong and encouraging person that used to strike you with a stunning smile, inspire you with wise words or hit you with a witty joke, was gone. No one knows where Cruz's happiness went, and most of all why it was gone. Something snapped. Generally, Cruz tries to stay busy and do something: either working, training or blowing off steam with a punching bag. In their shift, everyone remembers the time Cruz punched one of the bosses right in the face because of some jokes about the belters who died here. Five men were needed to keep Cruz at bay that time. According to this Belter's friends, even if it's true that Cruz clearly lost cheerfullness and patience on Icarus, this change in behaviour began some time before arriving here, about two years ago.

Relations: Cruz met Petit briefly, and the Martian said so many racist stuff that the urge to punch that fucker was almost incontrollable. A Martian Marine was there to stop the fight, but that Duster will regret being in Cruz's way, sooner or later. Espera will pay for this. Good friends with Zogby, they share a mutual interest for the future of the Belt, but sometimes Zogby pretends to be angry because they don't send enough energy to the food lab. Claymore snatched the Team Leader position at the very last minute. Cruz didn't take it well, but things could change...
Cheng was one of those who intervened during the attack on the boss. The martian is no great talker, and even if it sounds weird, since Cruz is no Martian fan, they tolerate each other peacefully. Stella is just a coward, too scared to commit to something meaningful and is wasting away by any addiction available. Echo was an good old friend, but their relationship is a little cold right now.
Balas is a good friend, but they tend to disagree all the time.

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#28 - Bogdan Stella, The all-addiction addict (personaggio interpretato da A. I.)

''What am I celebrating, you ask? Don't you know? It's Good Friday Day in Latvia...What is Latvia? Hell if I know! Want a sip?'' - - Work Group: Reactor Room - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Before the Savior's Second Coming, Stella is determined to have many sins to atone for, and to enjoy life in any way possibile, whatever the consequences. B.'s Bible is the partying book, where on each day are listed many festivities worth partying for. Would it be for the Namibian independence, or for the Chinese New Year, every occasion, real or made up, it works for Stella. B. is the life of the party, wahtever the activity at hand: smoking all night, emptying bottles, doing crystals, sniffing from someone's belly after or before or while having sex. B. likes them all: drugs, men, women. Often at the same time. When not too high, Stella is smart and cunning, especially whenthere's a need for new stuff to get high on. Thanks to a nice brain, B. works enough not to get fired, despite being too lazy to waste any energy on something that's not the chance to get high. Generally Stella is lively, friendly and funny, but sometimes jokes or timing are largely inappropriate. Despite not being a renown OPA, B. can often get in a ranting mood when high, and publicly denounces how belters are mistreated. Stella deeply resents Earthers: B. used to be treated like shit back on Terra. At least now, shit is everywhere. Even if overly aware of these life's conditions, Stella doesn't do anything to improve it, as if too scared or lazy to commit to even try to change lifestyle. Sometimes Stella can get bitter and sad about the addiction, but this is just a downside that pushes B. to get wasted again and forget all about it.

Relations: Considers Guzman some sort of ''friend'', as is one of the unjudgmental few, who sometimes even happen to help in Stella's own ''quest''. Cheng is one uptight, judgy Martian ass, unable to relate to anything with an heart or a mouth, despite the effort in trying. Cruz is often mean, as if resentful for something Stella doesn't get. Claymore is one friendly face even amidst the substance induced euphoria, it's nice to be rewarded with appreciation from someone. Knows Donovan, a harmless crazy miner, and Ibanez, a pompous judgy asshole from the Cult. Likes poor Linder, and would like to help getting out of Frost's influence. This one is a violent, racist shitbag, the only thing that protects Stella from that bastard is being an Earther. Okita and Woo are so fun to be around! They know everyone, have been everywhere and always have something to tell! Likes hanging out at Szyslack place. Strongly hates Perrin and everything that the earther represents, even if the two were friends once. Met Whedon once, and got along very well from the start; they liked to have fun together. Adeyemi might be rich but does not behave like a spoiled brat and is so fun to have around! And that Gabrys is a blast: always bringing the craziest stuff to taste: they had the most epic trips together. Every workplace has its own grumbling party crusher, and on Icarus hunt plays that role all too well.

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#29 - W. Claymore, The unforgiving Team Leader (personaggio interpretato da A. B.)

''Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.'' - - Work Group: Reactor Room - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Claymore applied for a place in management, but ended up in Icarus' most dangerous department: the Reactor Room. However, the Company appointed the experienced and reliable Belter as Team Leader immediately - maybe to compensate, maybe because back on Ceres Claymore was the Human Resources Director of a prominent engineering company and knows how to manage personnel very well, handle tough situations and tough people who try to challenge authority.
Indeed, W. is a natural born leader, clearly used to be obeyed no questions asked and with a sort of military approach to discipline, so that the job is always carried out very efficiently: W. gives clear, gentle yet unforgiving orders. Subordinates may wonder what Claymore's reaction would be if somebody disobeyed or went against one of those orders. To this very day, it never happened.

Relations: Gets along with Guzman. Cruz is full of unjustified envy, and anger. This belter needs to calm down or there will be trouble. Cheng is a great worker, too bad that is also so uptight and that despite trying so hard, doesn't look to get along that well with the team. The martian can do teamwork, but on a personal level...well...keep trying!
Stella is barely functional, but seems to respond well when appreciated, a boss needs to beboth tough and nice depending on the situation. Claymore is in good terms with Valdemar. Hunt is a troublemaker that doesn't like how the Reactor Room is managed. Too bad Hunt might be the best technician on Icarus.

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#30 - Emerson Linder, The Earther supporting Belters rights (personaggio interpretato da A. M.)

''This was supposed to be a dream finally come true, and I'll fight to make it so. Never give up!'' - - Work Group: Management - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Linder was born and raised on Earth, out of a wealthy family running a solid business. Life was simple and reassuring, back home, but E. had been fascinated by the Expanse since childhood: over the years the Belt was like a siren song, dangerous yet alluring, ultimately irresistible. The first step was disappointing the family, accepting a job at Kowmang, the second was convincing the (not very enthusiastic) spouse to move to Ceres. Both focused on their careers, for Linder the company was like the child they never had: worthy of attention, care and love. So, when project Icarus finally took off, “not joining” was not an option. Finally, Linder was going to have the chance to actually work with Belters, living among them, explore their culture: a long-standing dream about to come true. Unfortunately, being the spouse of a known racist, a “tumang” and a management employee doesn't help making Belter friends - despite Linder's strong belief in the power of cooperation between Earthers and Belters.

Relations: Linder and Frost are married.
Valdemar is the boss, but has personal problems and should resign. Anyway, the two respect each other during the shift, but they are no friends. Soyinka's skill and personality are yet to be valued, but Linder sympathizes with the colleague. Kenzo might be an interesting acquaintance if they had a chance to talk.
Maathai also cares for Belters and they have become good friends, even if Frost doesn't like this. Stella might be dangerous to have around, but seems genuinely concerned and anxious to help.
Kowalski is a great element and there is a good understanding between them on what are the values at stake here on Icarus.

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#31 - Alexander Valdemar, The troubled manager (personaggio interpretato da L. V.)

''Ruling ain't easy.'' - - Work Group: Management - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: Stressful/demanding role - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: You may have privileges and a higher wage, but managing the entire station is no easy job: it means carrying a load of responsibilities on your shoulders that others can't even imagine.
A. Valdemar is the shift's Lead Manager and had to learn the hard way that this position is more about burdens than it is about honors. Mining and exploring radioactive areas may be hazardous and physically risky, but responsibilities and duties can cause such stress to the mind that one's life is at high risk as well - and Valdemar knows this very well, having personally been on the brink of a nervous breakdown for some time now.
Responsibilities can be overwhelming, and if you're not prepared or resilient enough, they can break you. It happened to Valdemar in the past once already, and it led to the easiest avalable solution: booze. Alcohol-induced dizziness has been an escape and a lifesaver, until it got Valdemar an official reprimand for drunkenness on duty. Another one followed recently, and now Valdemar is resolute in staying away from the bottle, since there surely won't be a third warning. Keeping sober and, at the same time, being friendly and amiable is something Valdemar isn't ready to manage, at least not yet.

Relations: Relates very well to Gallo. There's some sort of strange respect between Valdemar and Linder, while Soyinka is a ''well-wala'' and that's enough: Valdemar doesn't trust ''traitors'' at all. Often talks with Szyslack. Well-disposed towards Claymore. Guerrero is an old friend from Ceres.
Doesn't like the way Anders behaves and works, sparks fly when the two talk. Elliot is starting to be a pain in the ass, as the Earther is growing obsessed with OPA getting a foothold on Icarus.

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#32 - Kimberly Soyinka, The vengeful "Well-Wala" (personaggio interpretato da V. B.)

''All by myself, again.'' - - Work Group: Management - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: K. knows very well what it means to be a belter, a belter in need, on Ganymede. When you grow up as a poor child, it happens to desire to be someone else. Soyinka has always been fascinated by Earther style, luxuries, comforts. Being smart, stylish, brilliant, sensitive and with a good photographic memory was only a small, lucky addition to this Belter's determination. Soyinka found the streng to be resilient, and withstood the harassment from the other belters: Soyinka is definitely a ''well-wala'', ''planet-lover''. In other words: a traitor to the Belt. K. managed to find employment in a big Earther company's office on Ganymede. In just a few years, solely relying on skills and determination, Soyinka became the personal assistant of one of the most important Earther managers. Only a few more months, they fell in love and got married: a poor hopeless belter and the rich Earther manager! K. finally found out what it meant to rely on someone else, what it meant to be loved... until the accident on old Icarus. Witnessing life being wiped out of it first-hand threw the belter in deep despair, not unlike the teenage years K. wanted to forget: loneliness, disillusionment, powerlessness. But now K. Soyinka is ready to get back on the saddle on Icarus to find out what vanquished that dreamful life and giving the proper revenge ''all by myself, once again''.

Relations: Ishida tickles Soyinka's interest. W. Pavlov is a Ganymede's local hero: the food lab boss saved the whole station from a mass food poisoning. Valdemar is the shift's boss, and is always quite aggressive, as many belters are.
Nagata was a guest in Soyinka's house on Ganymede. Leitmann is a pokey, intrusive annoyance, and definitely the worst person to find on Icarus in times like these. Soyinka has a strong bond with Silva which is no surprise considering the tastes... They both could do really well togheter! Nyman is a very interesting person.

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#33 - Fyodor Rozovsky, The old-school experienced diplomat (personaggio interpretato da M. T.)

''Worlds are made and unmade by the right words.'' - - Work Group: Earth Commission - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: Adult/adult looking player. Experienced player - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: What makes a great, esteemed diplomat like Rozovsky is paying attention to detail, while also having the capacity to look at the bigger picture. F. is a master attiming and understanding the audience: the perfect proposal depends on when it is made and to who. F. knows that this type of job comes with no user manual: one needs an ability to compromise, flexibility, and no hesitation in asking for a favor or finding just the right people who can help with a certain matter - even if this gives you the reputation of being shady. F. is known for being a pacifist, one of the supporters of the cold war between Mars and Earth: Rozovsky well knows that an open, armed war would benefit no one, it would just offer easy preys to OPA. No matter what has to be done, or even sacrificed, starting a war would mean destruction for mankind: it doesn't matter what the jarheads think. The diplomat is outspoken on this stance, even if rumors say that the Rozovsky’s family business on Earth wouldn’t gain anything from an open conflict, and that is why F. is such a loud advocate for peace and stalling. Some even think that the old fox might have finally landed the wrong deal, getting such a shitty position on Icarus.

Relations: Trusts Nyman no questions asked, the two have been working together since the beginning of their careers and are now long-time friends. Elliot is bright and ambitious, but has still a long way to go; sometimes mistakes tactics for weakness, the nut will eventually learn. Castillo might be in charge of the other shift, but needs to be kept on a leash and constantly reminded that peace is at stake here. Spoiled brats like Perrin are the reason why Belters hate Earthers so much...until they learn their lesson. Likes talking with Russo about the relationships between Mars and Earth and surprinsingly also with private and coy Cheng, a martian met on the station.
Met Higashi on a previous assignment and was impressed by the Martian's integrity and martial attire. This one is a proud and respected opponent, nothing like that piece of dung that is Dove. Rozovsky hates this one fiercely, it's disgraceful how someone in such a position of power mistreats belters.
Rozovsky recently took an interest in Kassad, it's a training matter, of course. Faulkner is a remnant of the past who somehow showed up on this god-forsaken rock. Keeping an eye on Faulkner's current activities could be useful.

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#34 - Ultar Nyman, The watchdog (personaggio interpretato da G. T.)

''Let me speak with my fists, Sir.'' - - Work Group: Earth Commission - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Working for Rozovsky security isn't easy at all. Martians, Belters, OPA, even Earthers have threatened Rozovsky in the last years, so that means only the best bodyguard on Earth could be fit for the job. As Nyman has always said, being trained by the special forces to kill martian marines in a war that never started and then ending up protecting one of the people responsible for the peace, looked like a good opportunity, even if a little ironic. The initial goal was serving the UNN, and that still stands true. Nyman has never travelled so much and so far. Mother would have been so proud if she still lived, and father... Well, that bastard left U. in the orphanage. Maybe that's what taught Nyman not to trust anybody: blood, family bonds, homeworld, even beliefs don't mean a thing in profiling people and predicting their behaviour. Relentless, focused and ruthless, Nyman would trample over anyone to get what needs to be done: that's how the job is supposed to be performed and that's how U. likes to be on a professional level. On the personal level, though, Nyman is quite a mystery, but isn't it the way someone working for the Intelligence should be?

Relations: Nyman would do whatever it takes to protect Rozovski, the two have been working together since the beginning of their careers and are now long-time friends. Frost is one of the few kindred spirits on Icarus, a new acquaintance and possibly a friend, or more... Elliot is a nice person to work with, even an interesting one. Pan is a nice person to hang out with. Nyman draw the unwanted attention of Soyinka, who seems in desperate need of new friends. Salomon looks familiar.
Has an old, deep grudge with Silva.

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#35 - Gideon Elliot, A harsh self-made scientist (personaggio interpretato da M. P.)

''There is no such thing as a lost opportunity. If you let one slip away, someone else will take it.'' - - Work Group: Earth Commission - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Born on earth in a poor and rural community, Elliot soon understood stagnation would mean living a poor and humiliating life. So the only way to rise to acceptable standards of well-being was fighting tooth and nail to gain education, knowledge and skills. Climbing the social and political ladder on Earth was not an easy task, but Elliot's ruthless pragmatism and opportunistic view of the world proved invaluable. Elliot was lucky and far-sighted enough to learn how to pull the right strings and managed to start a scientific and political career. The scientific department is held in great regard within UN, and Elliot succesfully used every sort of ''grey area trick'' to win people's support and fuel a bright, skyrocketing career. Elliot repaid the trust of UN's top shots a hundred times, putting Earth's interest above everything else. However, seeing how things work in the Expanse left Elliot disgusted. Most of the belters just sit and whine about their misfortunes and about how life is unfair, but none of them actually does what it really takes to improve one's life. Elliot knows what it means to be born with nothing, and can't help but despise belters, who are only able to complain or resort to violence.

Relations: Nyman is a good officer who can be ruthless when needed, but lately seems a little too distracted. Just when extra care is needed to keep those belters in check. Rozovsky is literally a living legend in earth's interstellar diplomacy and is indeed worthy of the utmost respect. However, sometimes Rozovsky seems to grow a little soft about some issues, and needs to be respectfully advised and prodded by a younger colleague. Russo is a naive idealist, whose dangerous ideas must be kept in check. Vodyakin is another moron born under a shining star. Looks like that pampered dirtbag is the weak spot in the red planet's commission, and Elliot likes putting pressure on weak spots. Valdemar should keep both eyes open, before this rock turns into an OPA operation center. Too bad the manager seems deaf to all those alerts Elliot sent to the management office. Nagata is another spoiled brat kicked away from earth. This one thinks every human being is equal, and that's something easy to think, if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth. As soon as Nagata makes a wrong move, Elliot will be there to take advantage of it.

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#36 - Ananke Higashi, The dutiful Martian (personaggio interpretato da V. D.)

''Red dust is heavier than earth, that’s why Martian Marines can withstand anything.'' - - Work Group: Mars Commission - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Higashi grew up in a Martian military family, led by the example of an older sister. She taught A. everything about commitment and duty to Mars, to the family, to improving the life of the people on their planet. Thanks to her, A. is honest, even blunt, always aiming for the best result: A. believes in being accountable, conforming to the highest standards, leading by example, and bearing whatever consequences orders might bring. That’s why, when the older sister killed herself, A. didn’t believe that for a moment: she was involved in some confidential matter regarding Earth and was killed because of what she knew. The world threatened to come down on Higashi, everything A. believed in shattered, if it hadn't been for the deep commitment to the only family the marine was left with: the MMC and its values. In fact, Higashi is known for being honorable, loyal and dedicated, to the point of often feeling isolated even among the Marines themselves, and sometimes being looked upon as an arrogant ass. Integrity might well be A’s middle name, but flexibility nor compromise have a place there. Rigor might be a double-edged sword when looking for the truth that A. knows is out there, buried under all that earther load of lies.

Relations: Is abashed on how Vodyakin is steering away from such a family legacy and that the other doesn't understand how important is the MMC to everyone's safety, both from Earth and OPA. Higashi tries to lead the other by example, as the other's ideas are not going to help, are dangerously seditious towards orders and the establishment. Dove is scary also for Martians, and even if obeying, Higashi keeps a respectful distance -even if they met in the past, as the other is preceded by the fierce reputation of a hound on the prey. Despite not knowing Suri very well, it's pretty clear this one is just an earthling playing Martian. Higashi openly despise the colleague and believes that once a turn-coat, forever a turn-coat.
Maathai is a traitor to Mars and the martian dream, it's a duty to uncover the other's rebellious plots.
Higashi was stationed with T. Makimura some years ago, a good marine who doesn't know how to behave. Kassad has been one of Higashi's instructor, but has become a digrace for Mars. Knows Caron back on Mars from some personal business and is anxious for a confrontation. Grudgingly respects Rozovsky, for an Earther and a politician seems clean enough and able to keep a given word.

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#37 - Nikolay Vodyakin, A scientist who carries an heavy burden (personaggio interpretato da A. R.)

''My future will be shaped by my actions alone, not by someone else's expectations.'' - - Work Group: Mars Commission - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Being the nephew of an important independentist leader has never been easy, and such a burdensome legacy can become unbearable sometimes. Every aspect of Vodyakin's life has ended up being compared to what ''good old Nikolay'' had achieved at the same age. At times, Vodyakin has felt crushed by the need of being spotless and perfect just to keep the family name unsullied, but has held steady and never cracked. One could say quite the opposite actually happened, as Vodyakin developed a great stubborness, and political views that are completely opposite of those of the Ruling Martian Elites. Vodyakin believes the red planet's leadership lost track of the true martian dream: it is definitely not turning the republic into a military nation. Using most of the planetary resources to fuel an unsustainable arms race will only crush the dream of making Mars a paradise. Now Vodyakin is capable and motivated enough, but backing those ideas with strong political action requires credibility. So, Vodyakin chose to prove commitment and worthiness through a difficult assignment, thus asking to be sent to a political and operational hot zone. Ending up on Icarus feels like that request was bluntly denied, but you can never know what lies under the surface of an apparently easy task.

Relations: Dove is sheer terror in person, a true embodiement of the actual martial doctrine. Suri represents the purest form of the martian dream. Being too close to such a controversial person could bear political risks, but Suri needs to be welcomed and encouraged, not cornered and branded. Nagata also carries a burdensome family name. Being an earther will prevent Nagata from understanding Vodyakin dreams, but maybe sharing some thoughts with someone capable of understanding them could be useful. Leandros is that kind of martian you can talk to, someone who can see beyond propaganda. Doesn't get along and had many heated discussion with Maathai about the ''martian dream''. Higashi thinks to be better than anyone else, but has skeletons and shameful shadows like everybody's else. Elliot embodies the reason why most martians hate Earth. A rude, restless and arrogant person who sees othes like pawns or assets. Elliot needs to be dealt with, sooner or later.

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#38 - Cassius Dove, The hound from Mars (personaggio interpretato da L. L.)

''Men build too many bridges and not enough walls.'' - - Work Group: Mars Commission - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Perfect hair, clean uniform, shining badge. Before facing a new day, C. Dove always checks for everything to be in order in front of the mirror. That's why C. is called by friends “The Perfectionist”.
When working for the Martian Intelligence, C. used to lead a special group in charge of inspections with the goal of smoking out potential dissidents. Nobody ever had a chance to escape their inspections and interviews. Anyone guilty had absolutely no change of getting away with it. That’s why C. is called by colleagues “The Hound”.
There's a time to work and a time to evade. Dove finds satisfaction and pleasure in Belter hookers' arms, and treats them like little pets, sometimes like objects. That’s why C. is called by those sex toys “The Tamer”. It's a pretty pastime, but it doesn't alleviate the stress of Dove’s important job - maybe something stronger could. Now, Dove is reaching Icarus as the one in charge of the political Martian commission. How many other nicknames will C. get from new friends, colleagues and hookers? And, most importantly, which names will come from new enemies? In this line of work, it's pretty clear that if you don't make enemies, you're not doing your job properly!

Relations: Kassad is a shameful traitor and Dove makes sure the trainer remembers it, every damn day. Eweli was once a brave and motivated martian, but now is just a poor wretch trying to make up a decent living. Vodyakin could even be considered a good person, but Vodyakin's ideas and political views need to change. Dove managed to make Maathai leave Mars for good; if that dissident is not a traitorous OPA's friend, who is? Dove once mistreated Vega and, for that, was reprimended by a fool martian named Cheng. Dove knows Higashi from some previous business and is a proud Martian who Dove likes keeping closely around. Rozovsky is just a softie who only deserves to be pitied. Szyslack is one hell of a business man, who knows how to behave with paying customers, especially martians, always keeping a respectful distance. Dove loves chatting with Pan, and the time spent together is becoming the most exciting on Icarus.

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#39 - Myra Gresset, The charming son of a bitch (personaggio interpretato da C. C.)

''– Gresset, you really hit on everything that breathes, don't you? – Nah, copeng, breathing is overrated...'' - - Work Group: Space Travelers (civilians) - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Bullshitting your way through life is a form of art, because a smooth-talker is both an architect and a decorator, using words instead of plastic and metal and whatever to build a new version of reality, a better one. It appears that M. was definitely born an artist, a charmer who was always able to inspire trust, simpathy, lust, rage, friendship… according to what the situation required. Gresset’s social skills are kind of legendary among friends and colleagues, but many of them think that being a socially savvy person means just having an innate gift, and they are wrong. M. has worked on it since childhood, when life forced a young and physically weak Belter to cope with bullying and abuse. Refusing to be a victim of misfortune pushed Gresset to grow up quickly and to find a personal set of tools to be able to survive and make the best of this life: the tongue became a master key able to open almost every door, a disarming smile turned into a shield, wit and observation into the sharpest of weapons. Ultimately, “son of a bitch” stopped being an insult and became a proudly deserved dogtag, and even more… it became Gresset’s way of life.

Relations: D. Wheadon is a longstanding friend, they work well together and they complete each other. Gavras is usually no fun. Gresset has a weakness for Jensen, who's the loveliest person in the Solar System. Hume can be problematic at times, but it's the one you'd want on your side when shit hits the fan. Roux is a mystery... and it's hard not be fascinated by mysterious people met in mysterious circumstances. The Ortega Brothers, Z. Ortega and F. Ortega are an old acquaintance from Eros; and so is Rahal, a Star Helix Cop who has been a friend, and also something more for a while.

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#40 - C. Gavras, The regretful one (personaggio interpretato da G. G.)

''To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.'' - - Work Group: Space Travelers (civilians) - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: The most desireable moments in life, for one like C. Gavras, are very easy to get: all that is required is a little relax, some strong booze to drown the bad memories and the good company of a complete stranger who doesn’t know anything about you nor gives a shit about it.
They say that responsibilities are what makes us who we are, yet Gavras seems to be made for avoiding them. All considered, it’s not too bad to be a careless person who doesn’t like to ask questions or point out silly doubts, and who definitely doesn’t give a damn about almost anything - own well-being being included. Many people struggle their entire life to get better chances, dreaming and hoping, only to find disappointment, desperation and pain. C. lost every bit of ambition and hope a long time ago, on a cursed ship - now destroyed - where people relied on Gavras, trusting their captain would save their asses one more time. Being in charge is not Gavras’s business anymore, no matter what happens or how tempting the silly idea of being a hero might be: everything just turns to tragedy, eventually. C. lives in the present now, and does what needs to be done, nothing more, even if so many others think that is a damn big waste of potential.

Relations: Gavras likes Hume, one with feets solidly anchored to the ground. Easy one: gets an order, takes action. Totally different from Jensen, who looks like a cute little child lost in this huge maze full of shit they call the Expanse.
C. still got to understand the new one, Roux: one can’t say that much about someone who spends most of the time whining and complaining. One day karma is going to bite Whedon in the ass, and that day, Gavras wants nothing to do with it. Gresset is fun and easy-going, it comes easy getting along with this one.

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#41 - Felicity Roux, A random passenger unaware of consequences (personaggio interpretato da F. C.)

''Nothing will happen to you if you are in the eye of the hurricane, right?'' - - Work Group: Space Travelers (civilians) - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Actions have consequences. Father has always tried to scare Roux saying that since childhood, but those dreadful consequences never actually turned out to be real. Probably there was no time in his busy life to actually educate his children. Father also used to call his offspring a disappointment and a naive brat, but that's not what Roux saw looking in the mirror: that was a brave, independent person, samrt, craving for freedom and self-reliance. A ''leap of faith'', that's what Roux decided to go for, in the end: a life change, a way to really become that person in the mirror. People, expecially the self-confident ones who are in power, always underestimate the ones they consider week, spoiled and unimportant; and maybe actions do have consequences, but not the ones expected. So far, consequences have been a big fat ''Fuck you all'' from F. to everything and everyone belonging to the old life. Now it's time to build a new one, with no strings attached.

Relations: This whole crew is a stranger to Roux. Two of them, Gavras and Hume are so irritating that F. gave up trying to communicate with them in any way, and Gesset looks like a weirdo giving Roux mysterious looks full of interest. Not everyone looks so fucked up though: Whedon is quite fun to be around, and Jensen had good words to give in some bad moments. Roux feels more peaceful when they’re around.

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#42 - Loop Hume, The Muscle (personaggio interpretato da D. D.)

''It looks like the only one here making an effort not to kill you is me, and I'm getting bored.'' - - Work Group: Space Travelers (civilians) - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Backstory : You are a tough, expert veteran who left the army because you disagreed with the officers in a mission. Being ruthless and having a clear, practical mind helped a lot when working as a soldier for hire, bouncing from place to place all over the System, carrying out any job available – no matter the danger, just having an eye on the wages. Life as a mercenary perfectly fit you for many years: you work, you get your hard-earned pay, you enjoy all the comforts you can buy until you're dry, then you move on to another job. Life is easy as long as you don't have morals and you know how to take it: nothing will surprise or scare you, and most importantly, hurt you. Except, when it does, everything changes. After a long time spent recovering, you (or what you had become after ''the hit'') needed a job and joined the crew. It was clear to see that you struggled with the past, and acted moody and grumpy from time to time; the new member performed the tasks without flaws or complaints, and yet sometimes you were off, far away, or suddenly shaking, or speaking just a little too slow. But the crew didn’t care about any of that and never asked: that’s why you never left them, and probably never will.

Personality : You’re a tough guy who has seen too much and lived too much. Probably your memories hurt you more than you pretend to feel. You are feeling somehow lonely.

Whedon likes to tease and mistreat you , and that's fine, as long as the trouble is being paid for. You know Whedon thinks you’re stupid, but if Whedon doesn’t cross the line you’ll behave. Until you lose your patience.
You usually don’t like newcomers: Roux has recently arrived. You don’t trust Roux and you don’t like to be surrounded with people you don’t trust.
The only one you really give credit to is Gavras , the old veteran who knows how hard life can be. You two understand each other. Gavras gives orders, you follow the orders. That’s it.
The other one, Jensen, is just too lovely. You really don’t understand how someone like Jensen has survived in this world. Maybe because people like you have given Jensen the protection. And yes, you like Jensen. Too stupid, too needy. But a good guy.
Gesset is definitely too elusive: big blabbering mouths are the first to die, usually. Whatever, you couldn’t care less.

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#43 - Romeus "Rom" Jensen, The caring one (personaggio interpretato da T. L.)

''Together we stand, divided we fall.'' - - Work Group: Space Travelers (civilians) - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: If you ask around, anyone will tell you it is pretty rare to meet a person as lovely, caring and easy-going as Jensen, who really is the heart of the crew on the Slingshot. A sincere “Just keep it up, ah?” at the right time is enough for Jensen to comfort the guys pushing through their limits. The crew is like family, they are everything that matters in the end: Jensen just follows the flow, and helps in any way when shit hits the fan, no matter what. The secret to staying positive even when the situation looks awful is a combination of good moods, loyalty, trust and maybe a bit of candor. And love, of course - love for friends that Jensen is not afraid to call brothers, but also for Belters, people that desperation and need turned into brothers, even if they don't know each other, even if they don't realize it yet. Connecting to people is the true meaning of life, and trusting one another is the most precious gift. Jensen simply is the definition of ''a good guy'' to the bone, proud of being a member of the Slingshot and a Belter, and willing to get a better tomorrow for the whole crew, and for every Beratna.

Relations: Jensen loves the crew, each member for different reasons: every one of them is a brother to R., and like brothers do, Jensen always gives the best to make everything alright for them. Spends a lot of time with Hume lately, who looks even more grumpy than usual, and is trying to help out the newbie, Roux, who’s having trouble getting used to space life. Whedon seems mean, a bastard, but has some soft spots and Jensen is a forgiving person, even to those who mistreat fellows. Jensen noticed how Wheldon treats Hume, and this must come to an end.
Gavras is a tough one, and probably a good leader, even the veteran pretends not to know that. If somebody needs constant cheering up, that's Gravas, and R. is more than happy to provide it.
R. always shows big respect for Gesset, and appreciation too, nobody makes you laugh as much as that lovely son of a bitch.

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#44 - Astrid Wolf, The weird scientist (personaggio interpretato da E. c.)

''I must understand!'' - - Work Group: Scientific Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: It’s a difficult life, but scientists have the key to uncover the secrets of the universe. How many theories will have to be studied in depth to find those hidden treasures? How many projects will have to be carried out to find the causes of otherwise inexplicable events? Wolf became a scientist exactly to find an answer and be remembered in the future as the one who uncovered the truth behind improbable theories. Even if other students before and other colleagues after Wolf won’t believe these theories, the truth is out there and it’s not for everyone. Scientists on Icarus should be interested in discovering the hidden information of outer space but, despite A.'s good intentions, the team seems bored by Wolf’s theories and ideas. That’s unacceptable and disappointing. Why are they so blind? It's probably best to stop trying to discuss the theories with people and start experimenting them. Should Wolf become famous, it wouldn’t certainly be thanks to colleagues' support but to a personal open mindset and skills. Determination and courage are the way to go. Curiosity and mind flexibility are the tools. A positive attitude and an innate talent complete the person who will discover the deepest secrets of the expanse.

Relations: Aki  and Wolf are best friends, perhaps more than that: Aki might be the only one inside the lab that could understand Wolf theories and stance.
Nagata is the boss of scientific lab but can't understand Wolf theories.
Keller is the second in command and uses this position to be the worst bully ever.
Leon is lazy and unprofessional and doesn't understand anything.
Cheng is a good engineer and was useful in the past in Wolf experiments.
Luna is racist and noisy, but a very good botanist, useful for Wolf's experiments.

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#45 - Thomas Aki, The special one (personaggio interpretato da G. F.)

''The reason is obviously mine'' - - Work Group: Scientific Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: The universe is made of hard matter, but everyting is seen through subjective perceptions. If someone is intelligent and skilled but no able in public relations and diplomacy everything is ruined. It’s how the world and the entire universe go on. Real intelligence is difficult to recognise under layers of introverted reasonings. Aki is really talented but completely unable in personal relations with colleagues and other people, also is assuming and snooty, so often colleagues mistreate T. ignoring theories and arguments and also make silly and humiliating jokes to laugh on this weird scientist. Aki lacks social skills and doesn't understand this attitude, neither irony or sarcasm. Sadness and loneliness follow Aki but in spite of this circumstance T. has never stopped to keep on with a good job and a precise method of reasoning. Aki loves to speak clearly and logically and knows well that it’s not easy to be the special one that can solve universe enigmas. Aki is meticulous and precise, no matter if this leads to loneliness and continuous disappointment.

Relations: Aki and Wolf are friends, perhaps more than simple ones, as Wolf is the only one that could recognise Aki's genius and understand really the depth of science matter.
Nagata is the boss of scientific lab but continues to understimate Aki.
Keller is the second in command and uses this position to be the worst bully ever.
Leon Is always kind and ready to give words of help.
Aki had some problems with Okita in the past because of searching some components for experiments. Obviously Okita wasn't able to understand the importance of those experiments.
Woo works in the med-botanic lab and is really kind with Aki, helping in many experiments and trials.

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#46 - Isaak Nagata, The overwhelming remorse (personaggio interpretato da M. S.)

''And when life gives you lemons, make lemonade... with vodka.'' - - Work Group: Scientific Lab - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Nagata’s five senses differ from the ones of other human beings.
The first is the sense of duty, and it's fundamental to fill in the gaps of other scientist colleagues, achieve objectives and set an example.
Cunning is the second sense. Some people think intuition is a gift, but Nagata always believed it's an exercise in perception, showing it off while leading an important RnD team on Earth in the past.
The third is the sense of justice. Nagata learned that during the exile in the Belt. Belters, Earthers and Martians have the same red blood in their veins, and therefore they are all equals.
To face bouts of depression, Nagata had to find and develop a fourth sense: humour. The scientist found it at the bottom of a bottle, and developed it through crunching powerful drugs. It’s true that with a big smile on your face life just surprises you every day.
Last but not least is the sense of guilt. It is the most important of all. It grew up from a serious mistake in Nagata’s past, living at the scientist side ever since, despite no one being emotionally equipped to carry the guilt for so long. And now Nagata is on Icarus station, leading a new team of scientists, and needs all these senses again, especially the last one.

Relations: Wolf is a clever colleague, but impatient. There are too many mistakes in the hurry, and Wolf did already one.
Aki claims to be recognized as a brilliant researcher. Too much self-esteem can sometimes be dangerous.
Keller is a good second, maybe too attentive, sometimes too surly. Nagata would drink and chat with Keller.
Leon is always kind and ready to give words of help.
Soyinka is the belter spouse of an earther friend on Ganymede, guested Nagata in his/her house when in need, and is a good belter with no hatred towards inners.
Voyakin is a kindred spirit, but is also a person who brings unwanted attention.
Back on Earth Nagata had the chance to meet Connor: the two worked in the same facility for a short time, but it didn't lead to a very close relationship.
Laing is quite weird and seems interested in getting to know Nagata better, maybe for professional reasons, or maybe to feel less lonely?
Elliot has all the negative traits an Earther could possibly have, and being in the Earth Commission made Elliot a dangerous person. Like a shark, Elliot is always on the move and always searching for prey, and prodded Nagata more than once showing a brazen racism.

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#47 - Freya Keller, The Second Best (personaggio interpretato da G. T.)

''There are moral winners in life, more important than real ones.'' - - Work Group: Scientific Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: The one who arrives second gets lost, misses the last challenge, the one that counts.
The condition of the second is a curse. It’s that of who cannot feel fulfilled and always sees someone's shoulders to overcome. Anyone can go fast, but if there is one that makes more, you are behind.
F. Keller spent a lifetime stubbornly collecting second places in everything, despite being a very capable scientist, a very brilliant and motivated researcher on Eros.
Keller has contended with the science education and with the work, and has learned that getting first rarely depends on abilities only. For a Belter meritocracy is difficult to find by the simple fact that those who judge are mostly subject to emotion or racism.
The others that got first weren't smarter than Keller. They weren't more capable. They were very just richer. Or coming from Earth. Or both. Keller left Eros to come to the godforsaken asteroid Icarus in hope to be, at least here, the first. But now, even on Icarus, F. is second in command of the first scientific lab shift. Keller will do everything to prove he is the best. If anyone gets wrong, F. will be the ''first'' to notice it.

Relations: Wolf and Aki are awfully chatty, to the detriment of job. The first spends too much time following the weird theories. The second wishes too much to be the best, when the best is someone else.
Leon is always kind and ready to give words of help.
Nagata doesen't straighten them too much, and Keller feels entitled to criticise those colleagues. Nagata has a strong sense of duty, but sometimes is too much soft. Nagata could lose focus and fail if Keller there wasn't.
For Keller it's rare having a friend. Maathai is one of these and seems one of the few able to understand Keller's concerns.
Shadid considers Keller as a brilliant researcher and a scientist perfectly adequate to do different studies on variuos matters. They talk a lot about how things are sourced in the past, like the universe, nuclear reactions and wars.

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#48 - Noel Leon, The Mirror (personaggio interpretato da A. C.)

''What does a mirror look at?'' - - Work Group: Scientific Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: So it goes. If an anthem for the whole mankind will ever be written, those should be its words. So it goes. For always, in war or good fortune, during feast or famine and even in the cold reaches of the expanse, humanity finds a way to ignore the marvels and the horrors of the world to focus on itself and do what it does best: endure and making no sense. Leon is just that kind of person: it seems that nothing can shake the good spirit of this cheerful researcher. For all the other scientists, Leon’s steadfast smile is the still point of a turning asteroid, since N. is always eager to engage in pointless but hearth-lifting conversations or to hint at that little joke that can turn the tides of a gloomy day. And if Leon can make the expanse laugh, who cares if the researcher is a bit lazy during the job, deadlines can wait. So it goes.

Relations: Nagata is always brooding and really needs to be cheered up Keller is an arrogant but not so bad as everyone thinks after a while Aki could use a friend, if only the shy scientist wasn't so close with Wolf, the only colleague that Leon can't really stand.

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#49 - Drago Whedon, The selfish "Captain" (personaggio interpretato da F. d.)

''The only Karma I know, is a bitch for sure, and a very good one'' - - Work Group: Space Travelers (civilians) - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: If there ever was one piece of floating space shit, that one would be D. Whedon. When the universe made someone as good and lovable as the older brother Captain Whedon, it probably made sense to spit out someone like the younger one. Rotten to the core, they say, D. is the younger of the two Whedon siblings, and the second in command on the ''majestic vessel'' named Slingshot (which was actually majestic something like 50 years ago). D. is openly greedy, ambitious and often in contrast with “The Captain”. D. doesn’t like responsibilities, but enjoys the power the name “Whedon” gives, at least when it comes to the ship's crew. Even if D. often likes to tell how differently the Slingshot could be run, it is a relief not being the one in charge and having to make all the difficult decisions; after all, this leaves plenty of room to do all the shady, profitable services that Whedon is so keen to provide and perform. After all, a life on a space cargo means not facing the consequences of one’s actions, moving from an asteroid to another, almost never having to face those that D. screwed up. The yin and the yang, all that karma bullshit never bothered Whedon anyway.

Relations: Gresset has always been reliable, they have been working together for a long time now. Gavras is fuckin' boring, but doesn't discuss orders, just follows them, and for some reason the rest of the crew likes this grumpy one. Hume is all muscle and no brain. Whedon likes to tease and bully the muscle, sure that the other won't get half of that shit. Sometimes thinks that Jensen farts rainbows, too lovable and good to everybody and anybody. Roux is a recently acquired friend. Has a debt with Ortega ever since a stop in Eros. Every time the Slingshot stops on Eros, Whedon has a fling with Berg: Whedon likes it rough and the miner is just what's needed. Once hired Caron thinking that having a martian pilot would make the ship ''cool as fuck''. That didn't work out, since the pilot was scared of everything, one moping crewmember is enough on board. Met Stella once, the two partyed together all night long.

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#50 - Patrick Okita, The gossip hub (personaggio interpretato da S. D.)

''You'll never guess what I just heard!'' - - Work Group: Security Star Helix - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Being stationed on Icarus was like winning the jackpot! Small place means no trouble, righ? Patrolling a station like Icarus leaves lots of time that can be filled with chatting and exchanging info – after all, isn’t gathering intel part of the job too? Okita has never been the sharpest tool in the shed, but what this chatbox lacks in brains, makes up in words. Name any person, place, job, activity, Okita has seen and done them all. P. has been everywhere, seen everything, done it all... and more. Given any chance, Okita will tell you all about it, whether you want it or not. Some of those adventures may be blatantly impossible, or simply impossible to believe, but the chatty cop rarely shuts up about them, and generally reacts badly to anyone openly doubting them. The stories are grand, embelished, outlandish. Does it matter that they aren’t entirely substantiated? No. Does it matter that the story probably didn’t even happen to Okita? Also no. Does it matter that without all of the bullshit anecdotes and gossip, Okita is just a house of cards? That's a different story, one that not even P. likes to talk about - at least not peacefully.

Relations: Frost is an effective agent, but looks so unhappy and troubled that Okita wonders what's wrong with the Captain, and talk about it with other people... a lot. Rahal used to be a colleague before being discharged, and probably had it coming. Mocking Rahal's situation is just too tempting. Raisin and Adeyemi are always chit-chatting and ready to hear new stories, which Okita loves telling!
Aki is a weird and strange person from sci-lab always searching for components for strange experiments. Maybe it's better to refuse all requests. Okita easily gets influenced by Ortega and Frost: relying on the agressive and experienced colleagues usually pays off.

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#51 - Gabriel Woo, The Ace of Spades (personaggio interpretato da L. G.)

''Life is not a matter of holding good cards, but playing a poor hand well.'' - - Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: God does not play dice with the universe; He plays an obscure and complex variant of poker in a pitch black room, with blank cards, infinite stakes, and with a dealer who won't tell you the rules and just smiles all the time. Woo is well aware of that and had a life torn between the twists of fate and the occasional smiles from Lady Luck. Born on Ganymede, this doctor didn’t learn the tricks of the trade in some academy, but in the rusted cargos of smuggled ships, patching up people with makeshift tools. There, Woo also found something that made life worth living: gambling. But the life of an unlucky gambler can get damn hard at times. Until now, Woo has managed to survive. Of course, the doctor owes some favours to a bunch of criminals, terrorists, fanatics, cops, smugglers and other potentially dangerous and possibly psycho people, but this never really darkened Woo’s mood. The next adventure awaits, both exciting and scary as shit!

Relations: Woo can't stand the ever-annoying Maathai: that martian environmentalist is just too damn serious all the time.
Friend with Gabrys: they spend a lot of time smoking and drinking and getting wasted together.
Has tried to get in touch with Faulker but it seems like there is an impenetrable wall of diffidence between the two doctors.
Luna is mostly an annoying grumbler, but speaks the truth, harsh as it is, and one can only agree and be thankful that someone loudly tells it like it is.
Gets along well with Raisin.
Adeyemi is always around when possible, they share interesting stories.
Back on the moon Woo crossed paths with Scott.
Aki is a weird scientist but interesting and skilled.
The miner Sun has formed a loose circle that often gets together to drink or get high with whatever is available. The group consists of: Woo, N. Zarani, M. Campbell Adeyemi, Waybourne, Baz and their favourite bartender Yu.

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#52 - Xenon Luna, The hateful technician (personaggio interpretato da M. F.)

''You breath oxygen? So much in common already.'' - - Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: It's easy to get resentful and bitter if life is no bed of roses. Father died working hard for a derisory wage, mother died because of appalling living conditions, brother was murdered in a brawl with petty criminals, and little sister died at 5 because they had no meds. ''Life in the expanse is hard'' they say. Yeah, sure. Only if you're a Belter, though. Luna has never seen any Earther or Martian suffer from such conditions, or lack basic medical care. Why is that? Luna knows the answer lies in the madness of people who think they are gods. There is no God, and those people are simply insane and should be removed from positions of power because they're just plain dangerous.
Luna's job is to ensure that everybody in Icarus gets their breathable air: ''belters, earthers and martians alike''... as Luna likes to loudly remark every now and then. This technician is always full of hatred, mostly towards any privileges or race discriminations, but off-duty X. blows off steam fighting in the ring, or exercising in the training area, to get back the composure and concentration needed for the delicate job.

Relations: Kassad and Iris are damn Martians and shouldn't be trusted, nor considered welcome here. The same should be valid for Maathai, but the team leader is not so patriotic, luckily. Maathai seems obsessed with strange ideas - doesn't stand for martians at all costs, and that's a good thing.
Working with that nutjob of Gabrys is a punishment: always out of it, high on drugs, petting plants like they were little kids rather than the essential core to the survival on the station. Gabrys drives Luna crazy, and the tension between the two leads to trouble in the lab sometimes.
Woo is an awful person, but still the best in this damn team.
Leon is a drinking buddy. The two are top-notch grumblers, but when they are off-duty in the Cafeteria, they stop complaining and enjoy talking, probably about something different.
Wolf is really weird but with interesting theories.

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#53 - Misha Raisin, The empathetic, chatty radar operator (personaggio interpretato da v. b.)

''Now, you poor thing, hear what you should do...'' - - Work Group: Comms and Radar - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: People in deep space often feel alone: mankind was not made to float in empty dark space. Loneliness, that’s what M. is convinced of hearing and seeing both in the people on the comm and those living on Icarus: the need for human contact. Since popping up on the station from Eros, Raisin has proved to be extremely competent and empathetic, understanding other people’s mood, helping with difficult landings, calming down spirits and so on. Word is M. is a great listener, a friendly and trustworthy ear without being a gossiper (well, at least not on purpose). Always trying to be helpful, always caring, Raisin is sensitive and sensible, even if sometimes M. gets anxious and nervous, as if carrying the burden of those lives out there: then M. starts talking, chit chatting about anything with anyone around, not caring for annoyed, empty stares or distracted answers. Despite this, everybody on Icarus knows that if they need a friendly ear and discretion, Raisin is the one to go to.

Relations: Anders is not the warm type, but is driven and focused. Raisin respects and helps the boss as much as possible. Doesn't get along with Ibanez who keeps ranting vocally about the Cult, and also beacuse the Belter has a strong, bad influence on Donovan. Caron keeps quiet and is nice, but sometimes looks empathetic as Raisin is, can relate and is always trying to help. Recently married B. Moses who is caring and affectionate and whom Raisin truly loves, even if sometimes a shadow crosses the eyes and it's hard having such a big, noisy family. Donovan has been severly damaged by the accident and could get everyone in trouble with those theories. U. Moses is also part of the family and is nice and lovable. Communicates with Campbell and N. Zarani through messages; they are nice, good lads who are trying to learn the job and to adapt to the station's life: Raisin wants to help them. Adeyemi confides in Raisin. Same goes for Vega who often needs a true friend. Okita has always some interesting stories to tell, the cop may make up most of them, but it's only because in need of a friendly ear. Gets along well with Woo. Knows T. Kwan from Ceres: kind of quiet, usually doing the job, doesn't like questions.

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#54 - Trinity Kwan, The troubled operator (personaggio interpretato da G. W.)

''I will make it, will I?'' - - Work Group: Comms and Radar - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: 'It's a fresh start, and you should be happy, shouldn't you? At least you freely choose it. Did you? Moreover, being a Comm is not as shitty as being a miner, or a sex worker. Isn't it?'' A new life, starting from scratch! That's the reason why Kwan applied for this job on Icarus. T. is fit and clever, was trained as a soldier and then specialized in shipments and ground radar & comms. Focused and thorough, Kwan will show them all the skills acquired... with no complaining, and no unwanted attentions: low key, that's how life should be from now on. The past is not a matter to discuss, because a Belter is the first one to loose the job when things go wrong (isn't it?), and T. has always been more skilled than lucky. Of course the former job wasn't to die for (was it?), but it was still better than this one. Maybe. Sometimes Kwan's memories seem confused, sometimes it looks like the operator didn't even work or live in the Belt before arriving on Icarus. But the past is the past (isn't it?) and Kowmang didn't care about it, so nobody should. The only thing that matters is to start over and be a happy human being again.

Relations: Vasiliev is a good person for sure, who respects Kwan's silences and doesn't ask a lot of questions. A strange but a good boss, and clearly likes Kwan.
Finding Raisin on Icarus has been a surprise. After that whole mess Kwan asked Raisin for help, and now they are togetheronn the same team and shift. Is the new colleague trustworthy?
Rozovski is a familiar face but Kwan can't pinpoint the time or the place they have crossed paths. A gut feeling tells Kwan no to trust Rozovski.
Frost was a bastard and racist cop on Ceres, who was quite known both for skills and bad reputation.

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#55 - M. Campbell, The bright-eyed young farmer (personaggio interpretato da A. Z.)

''Fresh out of Ganymede, copeng!'' - - Work Group: Comms and Radar - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: This character suits better a young player, or one looking young. - Shift: Omega

Teaser: How big is the sky? This belter thinks that maybe one day, Campbell and N. Zarani will find out – or not, it’s the journey that counts, and theirs has just started. Landing a job at Icarus station alongside a best friend has really felt like the beginning of real life, and Campbell couldn’t be happier of having left behind the bland farm station, the longing, the loitering, even the unbeaten flight simulator score at the arcade! Icarus bursts with all the life and excitement Campbell and Zarani have never found on Ganymede: everywhere they look there’s a button to switch, a call to make, people to meet, stuff to talk about! Loyal, positive and curious, Campbell is quite sure that the boys from Ganymede will befriend a lot of cool people in no time. Best of all, they are in charge of themselves for the first time! And working in Comms is the best: if there’s a place where they could actually find aliens, it’s definitely here: like the new religious Cult says, there must be something coming, and Campbell is enthusiastically convinced it’s going to be a new life form.

Relations: Raisin has taken Campbell and N. Zarani under some sort of tutorage/friendship; they communicate through messages. Loves to hang with Adeyemi, who's so cool and knows so much stuff... but Campbell's best buddy N. Zarani doesn't seem to like Adeyemi as much. That Ibanez from the other shift is such a charming and passioned one! Too bad that they don't have enough time to discuss their spirituality. Miambo fits the purpose anyway! J. Zarani and Kwans best friend N. Zarani are siblings. J. was never fun, though. The miner Sun has formed a loose circle that often gets together to drink or get high with whatever is available. The group consists of: Woo, Zarani , Campbell , Adeyemi, Waybourne, Baz and their favourite bartender Yu.

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#56 - Kaspar Vasiliev, The weird genius (personaggio interpretato da C. C.)

''Are relationships what actually make us human?'' - - Work Group: Comms and Radar - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: K. Vasiliev has always been a weirdo, even before the Asperger’s diagnosis. This syndrome is a serious condition, but unfortunately people think it's a disease to be made fun of. K. was an intelligent teenager unable to understand others' normal, who tried hard to be part of this regular life, the same regular life that despises diversity. The result was to be frequently bullied, dog eats dog, they say, and this quote is true on Earth, as well as everywhere else. To escape this harsh reality, Vasiliev turned to a virtual world. Computers became best friends: online gaming, chat and other virtual spaces were tools through which K. was able to be a confident and brave person, and a functional one even on a social level. It was not surprising that Vasiliev got a job in the communication technologies sector. How many lovely friends to dialogue with! Virtual voices with virtual names. Nobody could hurt anyone. All of them were just interesting personalities, expecially one: L. Yu. They met each other in a sex chat. Romantic relationships can be particularly tricky for people like Vasiliev - but one must try and overcome limits, so their last goodbye was a promise to get together in person on the new Icarus Station. And now, after this leap of faith, Vasiliev feels this is a completely new life: didn't expect to be in charge of the shift, and wasn't sure about meeting in person with Yu, so everything looks like a challenge.

Relations: Yu has a pretty voice, is kind and pleasant. Vasiliev tries to spend time together as often as possible.
Kwan doesn't ask a lot of questions, and so Vasiliev loves working with this subject. Sometimes Kwan is harsh on the outside, but what about the inside? There's something strange about that Belter.
Zarani is too noisy, young and inexperienced, Campbell is no better. Vasiliev is well aware of having a serious problem to face. B. Moses is nice, and seems interested to get to know Vasiliev better.

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#57 - Nova Zarani, The inexperienced young farmer (personaggio interpretato da G. S.)

''We're gonna have some much fun, copeng!'' - - Work Group: Comms and Radar - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: This character suits better a young player - Shift: Omega

Teaser: The best thing about finally getting out Ganymede Station, escaping Father's clutches, is to do it with the best friend one could hope for, joining big sibling (J. Zarani) on a huge, exciting mining station like Icarus. N. Zarani and M. Campbell have grown up together, daydreaming about visiting the Belt - so joining the company on Icarus was obviously the best thing to do! Who would have thought that J. wasn’t going to be thrilled about this surprise visit… But hey! If J. is too grumpy to see how awesome all of this is, that’s not N.'s problem. As far as Zarani is concerned, everything here just begs to be discovered, to be talked about, to be tried! Working in Comms&Radar is super fun, they meet new people every day; and the station offers a lot of entertainment, too… even though, sometimes fun ends up being too much fun and it turns into crossing the wrong people, like that mountain of a miner who felt offended by a little remark – and now wants to drag N. to the mat. And meeting people is fun, but… N. is not even sure if counting on Campbell right now, since M. spends a whole lot of time with that scientist. Sure, Adeyemi is experienced and maybe interesting, and knows a bunch of stuff, but why can’t Campbell talk about crazy theories about aliens with N., like they always did? In any case, it's important to stay positive, enjoy freedom and the endless possibilities of being finally in charge of their life!

Best friends with M. Campbell. Little sibling to beloved J. Zarani, they grew up very close. Raisin has taken Campbell and N. under some sort of tutorage/friendship; they communicate through messages. Vasiliev is a weird boss, so serious and unassuming, but also does strange stuff to make everyone stay away. The boss is the boss, anyway. Is jealous of Adeyemi who has grown too attached to Campbell. The big angry miner Berg from the other shift has a nasty eye on Zarani after an incident at the bar, and has challenged him to a fist fight. Nasser looks like a badass, and proposed to show N. some moves to prepare for the fight, which might not be a bad idea if Zarani decides to pick it up.
The miner Sun has formed a loose circle that often gets together to drink or get high with whatever is available. The group consists of: Woo, N. Zarani, M. Campbell, Adeyemi, Waybourne, Baz and their favourite bartender Yu. Stiegsen is a rugged and grumbling man, but also one of the best cooks who ever set foot on Ganymede. Moreover, it is good to see a friendly face around.

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#58 - Bellator Moses, The Warden (personaggio interpretato da F. S.)

''“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.”'' - - Work Group: Security Star Helix - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: As humanity lies scattered through the stars, as society crumbles under the weight of mistrust and injustice, some ties still bind, something still holds up: family. A deep, unconditional love for a small tribe of two siblings and several spouses drives Moses, who takes care of their unity and their well being as if it was a sacred duty. Perhaps, this same desire for order and stability made B. join Star Helix, even if the job of a cop, in the forsaken reaches of the expanse, is more about safeguarding privileges than protecting rights. In an attempt to cope with this, Moses slowly became attached to the team as it was a second family. Still, trying to nurture and keep together not one, but two dysfunctional families is a full time job and often B. lacks the time to fullfil other duties, something that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Star Helix command.

Relations: U. Moses and B. are siblings. Always tries to understand and heal the deep wounds in the soul of Raven, only to get harshly dismissed. Is probably the only one that trusts and respects Lee. Moses is both scared and fascinated by Guerrero. B. was ill-treated by Mackinney several times, but this only strenghtened Moses' resolve to help that rabid dog. Is married with and loves Echo, Donovan who shares the dream of a big, loving family, and recently with Raisin: caring and loving, they grew attached to each other pretty quickly. Mackinney is always violent and bullying, but is also a troubled soul who has been scarred and needs love.
Vasiliev is so serious and unassuming, then does strange stuff designed to push everyone away: maybe Vasiliev needs love and easy friends. B. is determined to give support.

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#59 - Marcus Raven, The cynical guard (personaggio interpretato da G. C.)

''Nobody can be trusted'' - - Work Group: Security Star Helix - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Mankind is flawed, people are selfish and false, and a best friend can turn out to be the worst traitor of all. Raven was really hurt in the past by the someone the guard considered a best friend. Now M. well knows that nobody can be trusted. Life is hard and violent, and needs honest and straight people to feel safe and defend the truth. Every person can hide secrets, and Raven will uncover them, especially if the rotten apple is among cops. If Icarus needs a watchdog of watchdogs, here's one perfect for this job. Even if this leads to loneliness, or if Raven has to bear hateful glances every day and feel left out, the truth is more important, and honesty should be preserved. Raven's mission is to uncover enemies and corruption, to destroy conspiracies and traitors, to make Icarus clean and secure, especially during the Omega shift. This guard is loyal to the assigned mission, works hard and gets results due to persistence and determination. Raven could become a perfect leader, incorruptible and proud.

Relations: Frost is a decent person and a good cop, also to share a drink or sometimes a talk.
The relationship with Silva started out as sparring, then drinking together, but then they both needed a connection and got closer and closer.
Mackinney is a violent bully, whom only the boss can keep in check.
Nowak, a Star Security Helix rookie from the Alpha shift, is trustworthy and very honest, and if Nowak becomes a friend Raven could ask to keep an eye on any irregularities on the Alpha shift.
Suri was a best friend in the past, but treason is like a poisoned knife, it hurts over and over.
Moses is too lazy to be a good cop.
Lee should be watched closely.
Guerrero doesn't seem to be the right boss for this group, a leader should take more care of subordinate ones.
Castillo is the UN Marine Corps Captain and is a very strong leader, even if too racist with Belters and Martians. Raven met Castillo during the first missions and thought Castillo was a very honest person.

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#60 - Seth Lee, The Atoner (personaggio interpretato da V. C.)

''“And here, shipmates, is true and faithful repentance; not clamorous for pardon, but grateful for punishment.”'' - - Work Group: Security Star Helix - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: No place is distant enough to keep someone safe from the whispering demons of remorse and regret, not even the forsaken rocks floating in the cold, uncaring space of the Belt. Lee ran as far as one could, to the blue shores of Earth and the crawling sprawls of Ceres, and yet the demons were already there, waiting. Many times S. tried to change a life no longer bearable, only to fail over and over again. As a last resort, Lee used the privilege of earther origin to get inside Star Helix. It was a way to force change - or to die trying.
Now Lee is a cop. And a good one, too. Somehow, it’s like Lee knows the way criminals and terrorists thinks better than they do. And yet, despite the undisputable value of Lee’s skills, the other members of the team keep their distance from the brooding agent. Perhaps because of the dark past which Lee never says a word about. Or, perhaps, because of the earther origin.
Lee doesn't seem to be too bothered. There is something else on the cop’s mind. On Icarus, the old demons will be waiting. Will S. be able to stay on the atoner's path?

Relations: Frost is a driven cop and probably a good captain, surely someone in need of a friend or two in the station. Mackinney is a violent thug, but the boss keeps P. in check. Moses is the only Star Helix agent that truly respects Lee.
S. strongly despises Raven, since that violent and cynical thug represents the monster Lee could have become.
Has mixed feelings towards Guerrero: S. likes the boss' determination but not M.'s methods nor the strange talks Guerrero sometimes gives. Tries to ignore Mackinney: one day the two will have a showdown, but Lee wants to delay that moment for as long as possible.

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#61 - Masoud Guerrero, The Crusader (personaggio interpretato da A. T.)

''“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”'' - - Work Group: Security Star Helix - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Before mankind began its colonization of the solar system, the cosmos was a place full of wonders, dreams and mystery. Now, it is a sewer crowded with vermins of the worst kind: smugglers, drug-dealers, deserters and cowards. Now, someone has to clean it up.
Guerrero is that one. This violent Star Helix chief officer never goes soft on criminals, often using both brutal and effective methods, as if M. had a personal grudge against them. No one knows the true reasons behind this fierce hatred, since Guerrero keeps Guerrero’s own counsel and is harsh and demanding towards other agents. Yet, in some rare occasions, even M. lets the guard down and, for a brief instant, speaks freely. In those moments, Guerrero burning words are of high ideals and of a better future for the whole Belt.

Relations: Mackinney is a violent thug, a faithful rabid dog on a leash: grateful, terribly loyal and incredibly useful. They have a strong bond. Frost might even been a top agent as they say, but the Earther is clearly not suited to work on Icarus. Moses is lazy and a pain in the ass but Guerrero perceives as a duty to protect that caring cop from the other agents when they cross the limit. Raven is a good agent but crosses the limit too often, expecially with other Star Helix operatives. Lee is capable, but that Earther is surely up to something.
Valdemar is an old friend from Ceres. J. Zarani should have kept the smartass sarcasm where the sun doesn't shine: Zarani is going to regret making fun of someone like Guerrero, sooner or later. Word is out to the team to keep a close eye on the bothanist and the lab: everyone has secrets swept under the rug, and Guerrero willl shake that rug clean.

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#62 - Paul Mackinney, The rabid faithful dog (personaggio interpretato da M. Z.)

''C'm on, get closer... meet my trois amigos: leftie, rigthie, and head butt '' - - Work Group: Security Star Helix - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: To really understand criminals, you have to think like one, or better yet, use to be one. It takes an asshole to catch another one. And P. is a fuckin’ badass. Violent, all-time bully, has turned a shitty life for the best, becoming one of the “good guys”. More precisely, the worst of the good guys. Like a faithful dog who’s never going to bite the hand of his master, Mackey is never going to betray Guerrero 61 the one who showed P. that there was more to life that beating people up - like beating people up for the right reasons., and getting paid for it without risking anything. Some fuckers only understand punches, and Mackey is the one for the job. Fiercely hates those scumbags, as they remind P. of how life used to be too much. That’s why P. Mackinney hunts them, like hunting a reflection in the mirror so that it can never get out again.

Relations: Owes everything to Guerrero, to whom obeys blindly, feeling a strong sense of gratitude and debt. Anyone on the team who might feel like discussing Guerrero's intentions can speak to Mackinney's fists. Grudgingly gets along with Raven and Lee, but the only one who got Mackinney's trust is the boss. Bullies and mistreats Moses, a lazy, useless arse, who should just run to that big family and hide under a bed. Shit runs deep in the blood, Mackinney only waits for younger Miambo to misstep; has ''interviewed'' the terrorist's spawn often. Was deeply in love with Szyslak, but they have drifted apart. Rahal used to be a colleague and a friend, now they're just friends. Got into a fight with Silva that earther is trouble. Hates and fights with Frost anytime they see eachother. After being reported to management for misbehaving, met Shadid; for some reason the two have bonded, Shadid has a soothing influence over P. who is very protective. Often buys Pan services, as a sparring parnter as well as for the sex.

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#63 - Galena Perrin, The spoiled Earther "royal" (personaggio interpretato da S. C.)

''Gold doesn't mate with shit.'' - - Work Group: Earth Commission - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: To be born from a rich and important family on Earth means to have an advantage in this world. Many claim this privilege has to be constantly checked,that you have to earn it. For G. Perrin, that's just not true. To be born lucky, cunning and clever shouldn’t be considered a crime. Life is short and it must be enjoyed to its full extent, after all. Parties, cars, and -why not?- drugs, were all habits Perrin had. The family fortune was a result of the parents’ work, the most important investors in the extraction business. Beratnas Gas on Icarus was one of the investments. For every glass of expensive wine, Perrin would laugh at the thought of Belters' sweat making G.'s luxurious lifestyle possible: those Belters would never taste that expensive wine. Then, the Beratnas Gas disaster came. It was a tough blow on the Perrin family's finances and on G.'s life. In a couple of years, the family's finances almost dried up, so Perrin got a job: a high profile one, thanks to helping hands high up the food chain, of course.
''It's time to prove you live up to your name. You will go to work on the new Icarus station. Even if it is no longer ours, you will be an official in charge of checking that everything is in order''. This was the last video-message that Perrin received from the parents before embarking for the asteroid. Thanks a lot Mom and Dad... Thanks a lot... assholes.

Relations: Castillo is an orderly boss that wants everything going like clockwork. Castillo cynically shows disappointment about Perrin's role on Icarus.
Stella is an old acquaintance, but the two hate each other now. Rozovsky has got eyes on Perrin, and those aren't kind eyes.
Miambo's father was the worst terrorist in the Belt. An old proverb says: ''Same blood, same sins''.
U. Moses is friendly despite their different origins. Chatting comes easy.
Petit poses as a pedant teacher, but sometimes this Martian has good suggestions. Perrin had a disagreement with Russo. Since then they have kept arguing about racial issues.

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#64 - Nathan Castillo, The strong captain (personaggio interpretato da F. C.)

''Earth is the mother of all people'' - - Work Group: Earth Commission - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: In this universe of chaos and anarchy, mankind needs strong leadership and drastic, resolving actions. Earth was the cradle of civilization, and should be loved and respected. The ones who denigrate or damage Earth should be punished, and considered an enemy. Lousy Belters and fucking Martians don't understand that without Earth and Earthers they would be nothing at all: they probably need a strong and hard lesson to understand who's in charge. Castillo is a captain of UN Marine Corps and leads the Earth Commision on Icarus during the assigned shift, but while this righteous soldier wasted a lot of time and opportunities for noble reasons in the past, now it's the time to finally be ambitious and to aim for higher assignments. Castillo is the perfect marine, and deserves to become a general one day: Castillo is waiting for nothing less than proving to be fundamental is ending the Martian rebellion. Peace is for the weak, and Castillo has never been weak: right now, N. is also getting tired of being patient. Belters are either disgusting space cockroaches or terrorists, and Martians have to be busted and defeated. The universe must be explored and owned by the right people, Earthers of course. And the scum that will try to block these plans will pay in blood and tears.

Relations: Rozovsky might be a legend, but sometimes actions are better than words: someone should teach a lessons to whoever crosses Earth's path.
Perrin is too spoiled and fragile to work in the Belt, better go back to G.'s rich family or grow up, fast!
Russo is a criminal and half way there to be called a traitor in Castillo's opinion, and should not be here. Better watch out for this doctor's actions. Raven is a good, strong and honest guard. Castillo can trust this person.
Demeter is the only Belter that could become a good mate to relax and have interesting conversations. So nice and smart!

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#65 - Alice Russo, The former doctor without borders (personaggio interpretato da I. Z.)

''Human rights must be for everyone, otherwise they should be called privileges.'' - - Work Group: Earth Commission - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Many believe that doctors and nurses working on asteroids like Tycho Station, should just perform surgery and patch people up, no opinions or speaking up. Not doctor Russo! You take an oath as a doctor that everyone should be taken very seriously, and Russo absolutely did that from day one. Unfortunately, sticking to those ideals didn't turn out well in this doctor's carreer.
“If any of us, any of us humans, is currently suffering, is sick or hungry, it has to concern everyone. Ignoring the suffering of a human being is always an act of violence, and among the most cowardly.” Those were Russo’s last words before being involved in smuggling meds on Tycho Station. There was a radiation accident, and Belter workers were badly exposed and surely condemned to die. Russo didn't wait for any official approval, moved a cargo full of meds destined to an Earthern facility, and dispensed pills to contaminated people.
The doctor was caught, stood trial and lost the license as a temporary measure. Luckily some of the UN top officials are actually decent people, who still appreciated what Russo did for Earth over the years: the former doctor was assigned to a consulting job, and sent to Icarus as a punishment, or more likely as a test. Now Russo is considered both a hero and a traitor for what happened on Tycho Station. It depends on the way you look at it.

Relations: Faulkner is one of the few Earthers on the station who really understands what it means to be on your own. Surprisingly likes talking with private and coy Cheng and -unsurprisingly- with experienced Rozovsky about the relationships between Mars and Earth. Silva and Adeyemi are curious and noisy; Russo even reported the latter's behaviour to management.
Kalu is also from Tycho, and Russo is happy to have that nice and chatty Belter around.
Russo had a disagreement with Perrin. Since then, they have stayed clear of any discussion about race. When Russo received the assignement it was pretty clear the going to Icarus was a punishment, but it didn't look like it until Castillo showed up as the one in charge of the commission. Clearly, the captain was the punishement!

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#66 - Bartholomew Petit, The scientist supremacist (personaggio interpretato da V. M.)

''Those that break the rules and regulations are scum. But those who abandon their comrades are even worse than scum.'' - - Work Group: Mars Commission - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Born in a family or renowned scientists and true believers in the Martian dream, Petit was raised and trained to follow the family tradition. Loyal to the Red Planet, brilliant and motivated, when B. finally completed the training there were no doubts about the field to commit to: the development of emerging technologies for use by the military. Some years ago on Ceres, Petit met the one scientist who managed to truly impress this uppity Martian for the first time: D. O’Malley, a researcher stationed on old Icarus Station. They became good friends because their field of investigation was similar - and even if O’Malley was a Belter, Petit respected her work and her dedication to science. Petit wasn’t -and still isn’t - used to be disappointed, so when O’Malley stopped sending news about her project, B. got furious, then worried. It took a while to figure out that something bad had probably happened, and that’s when an unfamiliar feeling kicked in: sadness. Since the accident, Petit has been obsessed with O’Malley's last days and studies, so when the chance to visit the new Icarus popped up, B. asked to be part of the Martian Commision. Unfortunately, Kowmang's silly policy filled the asteroid with the scum of the Sol System - probably OPA hotheads included. Petit's ideas about the inferiority of Belters has costed the Martian scientist some trouble since the very beginning of this mission. Petit doesn't like those sloppy belters, can’t stand their lack of a real education, and is deeply sickened by their arrogance. Petit doesn't lose any chance to show Belters Martian supremacy and to point out their inadequacies, whatever the cost.

Relations: Hayfeld is a name you somehow remember from your past, but you are absolutely sure you never met that earther in person. Maybe that name was connected to some kind of development or acquisition of new technologies, but you are not sure.
Perrin doesn't seem very good at this job. You could teach a thing or two.
On their first day on Icarus you were attacked by some hothead Belter named Cruz when you were speaking about your opinion of belters. Cheng had to intervene to divide you. The Marine just did what was expected, of course, but you still would like to buy a drink to the Cheng and enjoy the company of a true Martian. Also, Cheng could be good asset to help you understand what happened to O’Malley.
Leandros is in charge of the Omega shift: a respected captain, of course, but too soft, diplomatic and open-minded
Suri was born and bred on Earth, that’s why you cannot fully trust this “soldier”. But Suri has ties with Star Helix and could be a good asset for finding the truth.
Dove is a legend on Mars and is the one to look up to on this shitty asteroid, too bad “the hound” is in charge of the other shift and the occasions to talk are scarce. Iris is still a mystery to you.
Moretti and you became friends a while ago and begun a strong relationship.
Frienemy with Van Dez. 81 doesn't understand why 66 is so obsessed with Icarus

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#67 - Keith Suri, The idealist (personaggio interpretato da S. M.)

''We must follow our inner nature'' - - Work Group: Mars Commission - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Suri was born and raised on Earth, and grew up with the dream of being one of those few brave people who fight for a better future, to make a difference. An idealist, you could say. Unfortunately, this Earther realized all to soon that the beautiful blue planet was no place to follow those noble dreams, privileges are taken for granted by the people and damned politics corrupt every good deed. Over time Suri began to despise Earthers, lost friends because of the loud critics to their lazy and arrogant way of life, struggled with self-loathing, and in the end decided to leave.
Suri left UN agency and cut off every root, became and Earth immigrant on the Red Planet and joined the Martian army: believing in the great dream of a proud and prosperous Mars. Even if suffering had to be endured because of the rightful prejudices about Earthers, the marine was enthusiastic, effective and wishful to become a motivated and ruthless soldier. Now K. reaches Icarus Station as a Mars commissioner although the double origin (or maybe being chosen for this job because of it) and wants to prove how loyal a converted immigrant can be. Martians are morally superior to Earthers, not to mention fucking Belters. And even if Suri is mistreated both by Martians and Earthers, this Marine will continue to fight for Mars ''Till the rains fall hard on Olympus Mons!''.

Relations: Vodyakin is a kindred spirit with a great potential, but such a burdensome family name could bring trouble. Higashi is just as prejudiced as any other martians, but voice is, the commissioner family is not so honorable. Adeyemi is a noisy stalker, too curious to be up to something good.
Raven was the best friend before Suri decided to leave Earth and join MMC. Raven wasn't able to forgive Suri for that.
Petit mistreats Suri because of K. origins but often asks for information and listens carefully to Suri arguments.
Leandros is in charge of the Omega shift, pacifist, diplomatic, maybe too paternalistic.
Suri a friend of the Vazquez: the family: the marine's parents are hard-core martian veterans, and they promise their son will follow their steps.
Many Martians know the story of Van Dez, once a promising scientific officer and now a deserter rotting in the most secluded corner of the Belt. What can possibly have reduced a good soldier to a broken husk ?

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#68 - Hercule Leandros, The patronizing and wise captain (personaggio interpretato da M. M.)

''In a war where mankind's very survival hangs in the balance, it's up to each of us to make a difference.'' - - Work Group: Mars Commission - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Leandros is in charge of the Mars Commission during the Shift, a choice justified both by the many years of service in the Martian Navy, and the Captain's legendary composure, better fit for a diplomat than a soldier. And indeed, this proud Martian is more than a damn good soldier with a lot of experience who turned out to be one of the best Sergeant Instructors in the MCR Armed Forces: a listener, an observer, a tactician and, as strange as it may sound, a wise and caring parent-figure, the Captain is all of the above. Of course, such a personality could also be quite patronizing and annoying. Whether or not the Captain puts on a perfect poker face or a condescending smile, you can tell there are no doubts whatsoever in that efficient mind, or at least nobody has ever been able to spot them, so far. Mars is the only goal, and order, discipline and perseverance are all it takes to get there. That’s all other people need to know about Captain Leandros.

Relations: Leandros, as Seargent Istructor, trained T. Makimura, Espera, and unfortunately A. Kassad, what a disgusting disappointment that promising Marine turned out to be. Vodyakin is a spoiled brat lucky enough to be born with an important family name. With such a huge asset, Vodyakin could really be a gamechanger for Mars. Petit is a respected scientist and a true Martian, but maybe too much of a nationalist to work peacefully on Icarus.
Suri was born and bred on Earth, so K. could be an interesting source. Leandros remembers many young soldiers from the time in the military: among them, a young Vazquez was one of the most promising rookies.
Many Martians know the story of Van Dez, once a promising scientific officer and now a deserter rotting in the most secluded corner of the Belt. What can possibly have reduced a good soldier to a broken husk ?

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#69 - Fobos Miambo, The preacher with rotten roots (personaggio interpretato da M. D.)

''I hope to be remembered by my children as a good parent.'' - - Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: Demanding role - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Miambo: a loaded surname to carry with a bit of dignity.
It’s very hard to have one of the most important and known OPA terrorists, Anjani Miambo, as a father: he disappeared two years ago, but his reputation did not.
F. Miambo is torn. On one hand there are memories of an attentive, caring and loving father, on the other there’s the official news about a savage, bloodthirsty terrorist that has caused death and mayhem. The truth, as usual, probably lies in between. F.’s life follows these opposite tracks: Miambo wants to be a good doctor to cure diseases and save lives, but also has to be strong enough to look into the eyes of the people who only see Anjani Miambo in F., and move on.
Recently, a new hope began to root, and then thrive inside Miambo's heart: a new Belter religion that promises peace that seemed unattainable has finally led to some kind of long deserved serenity. Becoming the second preacher of this cult on the new Icarus Station was one of the best decisions that F. has ever made. Now Miambo prays for forgiveness for OPA members, for the victims of terrorist attacks, but not for Anjani’s soul. Not yet.

Relations: Nowak is a good and positive guy from Tycho, a Star Helix rookie often looking for some suggestions on how to face a hard life, and how to tell the good from the evil.
For no other reason than the surname, Miambo has been often ''interviewed'' by Mackinney a violent thug who shouldn't be wearing a uniform. Silva is noisy and doesn't get that F. wants to keep as much distance from Miambo Senior as much as possible. Adeyemi is a fuckin' stalker.
Miambo is blessed to have met Kalu again on Icarus: the fellow Tychoian might be a positive example to follow.
Constantin is a great doctor, but an arrogant human being. Perrin is spoiled, arrogant and sometimes violent, but Miambo wants to face this Earther sooner or later.

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#70 - P. Leittmann, The clever and nosy smart ass (personaggio interpretato da P. R.)

''Come on pal, I'm sure you know a couple of stories worth telling...'' - - Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Leitmann can be easily defined as an ''sponge for information'' whose ''thirst for knowledge'' sometimes clashes with other people's privacy. While always respectful of medical privacy, Leitmann always tries to pry into other people's lives, usually out of curiosity. A smart attitude, a silver tongue, two prying eyes and a job as medical assistant was all it took to gain a grasp on what was happening on Ganymede. However, those days on Ganimede are long gone, as Leitmann ended up finding life on that huge greehouse dull and boring. Sure, being part of the medical team made everyday life a lot easier, but administering routine treatments to the same people and listening to the same complaints over and over really tested Leitmann's patience after a while. Then something happpened, and Leitmann left Ganimede overnight for a six year tour as medical staff on many different cargo freighters, exposed to different and interesting people and situations. When the opportunity to work on Icarus came up, Leittman swiftly took it. A newly opened mine on a contested asteroid with a troubled history is definitely a place where one can find something interesting.

Relations: Pavlov is an old acquaintance from Ganymede, and a true hero. Pavlov's actions are the only reason why Ganymede is still populated. Seeing Soyinka around was a real surprise. Everyone thought Soyinka hit the jackpot by marrying a rich manager, so why the hell is Soyinka still working? And why here? This company really hires everyone, as they even brought onboad Scott the laziest ''ne'er do well'' who ever set foot on Ganymede.
Strangely enough, Dr. Constantin is not happy with Leittmann's poking around with gossips and stories.

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#71 - D. Constantin, The respected doctor (personaggio interpretato da A. M.)

''I might have just the right thing for you...'' - - Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: According to D. Constantin, working as a doctor on a mining station is as demanding as mining itself. Injuries, sickness, diseases and paranoia are on the daily menu, and being able to provide the right meds for everyone is not an easy job. Everybody needs you, and your mission is not letting anyone down. The bright side is that this role is well considered, and Constantin has prestige even among the other colleagues in the lab. It's a respect that's almost reverence, and a god-like aura seems to surround the doctor. Constantin takes advantage of that, and is very arrogant most of the times.
But recentely, people have begun to notice a shadow on the doctor's face: a heavier burden than usual is bringing Constantin close to the edge.

Relations: Iris is the boss, to whom Constantin is always ready to give advice and support.
Of the many scientists working this shift, Connor is a weak and pathetic being and Constatin makes sure to show that to everyone.
Also Miambo is not much of a doctor, full of self-doubt and insecurity. Leittmann is a prying nosy pest whose mouth should be sewn shut eventually, and there is no real sympathy from Constantin. Zarani is someone who understands the cycle of life, and the doctor likes that. Constantin sees Zarani's tough outer shell is nothing but a cover to a soft heart, but Constantin could be a good mentor.
On Eros Laing is well known as a brilliant scientist: Constantin believes that such a mind is wasted here on Icarus.
Constantin has a good relationship with management, especially Shadid who is eager to listen to advice and suggestions. The sweet care of Demeter is the only relief from pressure in the doctor's busy life.

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#72 - Jupiter Zarani, The self-righteous sassmaster (personaggio interpretato da F. V.)

''The sturdiest walls guard the softest of hearts'' - - Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: “But can you grow strawberries in space?” That’s Zarani’s go-to line to end almost any argument, in case the ruthless and relenting teasing, sassying and commenting hasn't got the job done yet. J. can grow anything in space, thanks to a childhood spent working with a large family on Ganymede, and the years of academic training. Most people don’t realize they’d be dead without good botanists, their precious dream of conquering deep space crushed by their inability to care for a seed in the ground – and Zarani is here to remind them just that. Humanity continues blindly, on and on through the millennia, driven by something that for J. just looks like mass hysteria. In the meantime, having a little fun with drugs seemed harmless enough – until J. realized it doesn’t cure the disease of life. Zarani is probably doomed to care too much about everything and everyone, especially little sibling N. Zarani, who wasn't supposed to be on this station and is certainly going to end up in harm's way if J. doesn't look out for that little naive ass...

Relations: Big sibling to N. Zarani, who needs to be monitored, along with Campbell, N.'s closest friend. The two of them ran away from families and Ganymede to come work on Icarus. Iris is the perfect victim to Zarani's teasing, always nice and calm, sarcasm bouncing back like on a rubber ball. Zarani has asked Iris out for an informal drink out of curiosity, and has been surprised when Iris wanted none of it. Knows Scott from the time back on Ganymede when Scott was a hard laborer on the farm: Zarani has seen Scott being nice to Iris in the food lab and thinks that's suspicious, considering Scott's past. Constantin is a wise and expert scientist, and Zarani could learn a lot under such a prestigious tutorage, if J. wanted to. Guerrero is a jughead who got heated after a sarcastic remark, and now won't stop looking for any excuse to send people snooping around the lab: Zarani is having a good share of fun dodging their clumsy attempts.

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#73 - Samira Weintraub, Someone who's looking for answers (personaggio interpretato da V. P.)

''I am glad it cannot happen twice, the fever of first love. For it is a fever, and a burden, too, whatever the poets may say.'' - - Work Group: Mining Team - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Weintraub sometimes jokes about having three different lives: the last being a Miner on Icarus station, and apparently a very enthusiastic and committed one. The two previous ones were: being a well adjusted Earther with a good life and a family, first; and then a stone-broke human wreck on Ceres, saved from misery and self-loathing by meeting L. Madaki and remembering what happiness means. That's all S. likes to share about past times, but this new life really feels like a breath of fresh, newly recycled air, as if being on Icarus energized this Earther to reach a full potential again. The new job and the pointed interest on Icarus' present and past are the focus of Weintraub’s life now, and of course having Madaki’s support and affection… even if they are not the lovebirds they used to be back on Ceres.

Relations: Silva resembles the old Weintraub too much for the two to get along, that's why S. never capitulates when the other one tries to start a fight. Madaki and Weintraub were in a happy and strong relation when they arrived on Icarus. Agarwal is a tough boss, but toughness and competence are not the same thing, isnt'it? There's something weirdly interesting about Lagos, like a constant aura of disaster surrounding this belter. Kenzo is a new acquaintance, one that S. is trying to nurture. Sun is a moronic junkie.

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#74 - L. Madaki, Unadapted to Icarus (personaggio interpretato da A. Z.)

''Love can solve everything'' - - Work Group: Mining Team - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Madaki had a life, some time ago, a nice and quiet life back on Ceres. It wasn't that exciting or special, but it was quite a good one. When L. found S. Weintraub in the streets, homeless, the Earther was a wreck with no purpose and no joy in life, and needed serious help. Madaki had always been a kind person, and knew from experience that sometimes all you need is a little gentle push to get back on track, and a little lovin' to find balance in this life. That's how it started with Weintraub, and then they just fell in love. Madaki listened and cared about Weintraub's tragic story, felt for the loss that the poor Earther had to endure and wanted to be there to help no matter what. Weintraub got better, and Madaki felt that encouraging the partner to finally find peace would have made their life together finally perfect. That's why leaving Eros and the old job to get both hired on Icarus station to find some answers looked like a good idea. But now that they're here, that's a living nightmare. Of course, Madaki has asked Weintraub to move back to Ceres, but Weintraub doesn't care much about L.'s opinions anymore. That was the moment when drugs and alcohol started to show some appeal, once again.

Relations: Agarwal, the boss, has already said Madaki should work more, and caught L. pretending to be ill twice. Weintraub is the reason Madaki came to Icarus, they used to have a strong and intimate relationship back on Ceres. But now it's different. From the very first day Sun has shown to be a kindred spirit, and the person to turn to when Madaki feels down and unhappy. Sun also has a lot of friends, and L. really needs friends and entertainment right now! Baz seems an interesting person.
Silva seems understanding, and fuels Madaki's resentments for the situation with Weintraub.

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#75 - Pavel Sun, The Void (personaggio interpretato da P. M.)

''Only the shallow know themselves.'' - - Work Group: Mining Team - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: It takes a certain degree of effort to remain shallow when exposed to the unfathomable infinity of space. Sun applied all possible energy to this end and always avoided deep thought as much as other people avoid empty restaurants, not out of stupidity but with a canny resolve to be happy. This miner’s life is constantly swinging between the dullness of work shifts, often exacerbated by legendary hangovers, and the hollow pleasure of leisure hours, be that drinking, dancing, singing, fighting, gambling, doing drugs or making love.
It goes without saying, Sun is surrounded by friends. Many enjoy hanging around with this cheerful miner and P. welcomes them all, under only one condition: no serious conversations, life is already boring enough as it is.

Relations: Sun doesn't get along that well with the other miners: both Silva and Agarwal are so dull, boring and serious all the time, while Weintraub is plainly a pain in the ass. Only Madaki knows how to have some fun.
Luckily for Sun, the miner has found others, outside of the team, that do enjoy a good party. They have formed a loose circle and often get together to drink or get high with whatever they can. The group consists of: Woo, N. Zarani, M. Campbell Adeyemi, Waybourne, Baz and their favourite bartender Yu.

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#76 - Cain Silva, The scarred vengeful Earther (personaggio interpretato da R. C.)

''You'll get what you deserve. Truth is going to get out.'' - - Work Group: Mining Team - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: When life takes everything from you, there is only one way to carry on: becoming bitter, cynical and vengeful. Too curious, always digging with a good nose for a juicy story, back on Earth Silva thought there was more to be told in that messy story about the old Icarus station, that “accident”. Then came betrayal, losing the job as a journalist, losing the hard-earned reputation, and ultimately even losing the people C. used to call “friends”. All of those things made Silva a new person. Being forced to leave the Blue Planet for the Belt, Silva bitterly laughed when, out of a job, ended up on Icarus, joining a mining team despite being smart and overqualified. That’s what a ruined reputation does, even on the Belt: thanks for that, mother Earth. It's rumored that C. got the job in the mines only thanks to some connections ''upstairs''. As a miner, Silva is hardworking, but at the same time complains about how life has turned out to be. The Earther has been changed into a Belter, the worst kind: those who are bitter and angry.
C. is scarred, spiteful, doesn’t hide an arrogant sense of entitlement and the need to take revenge on those who ruined what used to be a good life.

Relations: Can't understand why or how Weintraub can appreciate this shitty life. Often tries to bicker with the colleague, and the other's refusal to join the fight only makes things worse. Madaki is finally discovering the truth about life and expectations on others... this is making them closer, even if you don't approve the relationship with Sun. Agarwal seems really interested in their wellbeing and Silva likes the boss, even if sometimes get reprised for that bleak attitude. Has a strong friendship with the well-wala Soyinka which comes by no surprise, considering Silva's liking for Belters. Got into a fight with Mackinney, they both hate each other ever since. With Raven Silva had started sparring, then drinking, but then they both needed a connection and got closer and closer. Whenever possible goes sparring with Yu to blow off some steam. Knows Russo and Pavlov by fame. Would like to know more about Miambo senior, but so far, junior F. Miambo is uncooperative and discreet. Silva is plainly hostile towards Nyman.

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#77 - Hellen Agarwal, The proud miner (personaggio interpretato da G. P.)

''Belters are the system's backbone, miners are the Belters''' - - Work Group: Mining Team - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Everybody has their own place in the universe, and so do Belters. They are workers. Speculating about how this came to be could be interesting, but pointless. Right now, everyone should realize that without belter workers, the whole Sol System would have collapsed by now. Who would break the ice to provide water? Who would mine the caves for precious minerals? Who would dig the rocks to build stations and new colonies? Belters are born for mining and they should be proud of it. On the other hand, Inners should understand that ftreating workers fairly makes them more productive, happier and less violent.
Agarwal is the perfect miner and started to work at 14 on an icebreaker ship, worked hard for years, and now takes pride in the outstanding experience and knowledge gained. In the spare time H. reads a lot of books, and knows about history, philosphy and politics: discussing those topics is one of this Belter's favourite things. But Agarwal also knows how hard it is to make the workers' rights respected: if only everyone could understand their place and respect each other, humankind could conquer the whole universe. In the meantime, Agarwal tries to inspire awareness and peace, and never looses a chance to shine as a mining team leader: proud of the burden of taking care of both the extraction levels and other miners' well being.

Relations: There is a feud with Kowalski: it's all about honor, and proving who is the best miner's team leader. The two of them respect each other and this has been and will be a fierce competition. Worked on Eros with and hates Donovan a lazy ass Agarwal reported to management back then. On Icarus, this one got involved in a tragic accident, so now the miner is also paranoid. Agarwal doesn't envy Kowalski having Donovan in the team. L. Madaki is way too lazy: the miner got caught twice pretending to be ill in order get out of work shifts. Weintraub looks like a more engaged worker, but something doesn't fell right with that one. Sun needs a change in attitude.
It's not easy to find someone who shares your political views, but Agarwal found a good mate in A. Balas and they spend a lot of time having very interesting discussions on how OPA should operate, speculating about politics, history and philosophy. Even if Silva is a hard working miner who might have seen a fair share of injustices to become that bitter, that can't be an excuse to behave like the Earther is better than anyone else or to fuel fights among the crew.

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#78 - V. Connor, The meek and weak scientist (personaggio interpretato da A. P.)

''If you're not born with the heart of a lion, you can't grow one yourself.'' - - Work Group: Scientific Lab - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Every colony is run not just by the strong-armed, hot-tempered, quick-to-act workers: sometimes a meek and humble fellow needs to provide brains and accuracy to manage the facility. Connor is that fellow. A reliable scientist, hard worker, a bit of a brainiac if you will: definitely an Earther you can count on. The only problem is that sometimes people tend to not even notice that Connor is there. In the science team, Connor's voice is rarely heard, and prefers to work without much contact with others: a lesson learned years ago, when bullies were a constant problem. The solution was easily found: all work, and no talk. Behind the big brain, a shy spirit hides. After all, science is much more interesting than people, or politics. Connor is a truly harmless geek - but everybody knows that it’s the calm ones who must feared. Who knows what schemes and projects unfold behind those quiet eyes?

Relations: You would never imagine such a nerd indulging in pleasures such as booze, yet Connor is often seen at the canteen, where there seems to be a sort of acquaintance with Ortega.
Connor keeps away from Adeyemi, and had to report the nosy colleague's behaviour to management once.
Connor doesn't trust Echo either: despite being a good scientist, the drugs can be dangerous for such a troubled mind.
On the other hand, Laing is a genius, a real scientist: visionary, daring, outside the box. Connor envies that intellectual bravery.
In the lab team, Connor simpathyzes with Van Dez, a broken spirit life evetns forced to a weak but decent position.
Everybody notices how Connor gets very nervous in the presence of Dr. Constantin, who provokes a sort of dread and awe.
Kenzo is the manager that Connor sees as a sanctuary, and to whom the scientist often goes to report harassment and misbehaviour by other colleagues.
Back to Earth Connor worked briefly in the same facility as Nagata: the two met each other, but didn't develop a deep bond.

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#79 - Votan Echo, The disenchanted OPA activist (personaggio interpretato da F. P.)

''The road to hell is paved with good intentions.'' - - Work Group: Scientific Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Echo is a well known OPA activist, but a very mild and mostly political one. Educated and very gifted in dialectical reasoning, this skilled technician used to be one of the most prominent representatives of the Movement up until a couple of years ago, but not anymore. At some point, Echo backed off for personal reasons and quit the position of OPA spokesperson, but kept being part of the organization. A sad bitterness gradually took over, changing a personality that used to be energetic, positive and idealistic. Some say it was grief: the death of a brother can deeply change you. Some rumors say it's the drugs: indulging in vices can definitely drag you down. But, aren't drugs usually a way to cope with, or escape from something else? People can speculate all they want, only Echo knows the truth, and apparently doesn't want to share it.

Relations: Married to B. Moses, Donovan, Raisin: they share a polyamorous family. During lunch hours Echo and Nasser have recently became acquainted to each other. Apparently Lagos shares similar political views and Echo tried to befriend the miner to exchange thoughts. D. Cruz was an old friend, but their relationship is a little cold right now. Van Dez is an esteemed colleague and an interesting person with a much more interesting past, it seems. Adeyemi is like a child asking questions all the time, it's kind of cute... sometimes. Laing might be a bright scientist, but acting bored and dissatisfied with the job doesn't make for a good chief for the team. Guerrero is an old acquaintance, it's been a while since the two of them had a talk. Connor looks like a very nice person, although a bit judgemental sometimes. Adeyemi is a goodhearted lad who is Raisin's friend and is very interested in how their family works. Shadid all of a sudden took an interest in Echo.

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#80 - Richard Laing, The visionary chief scientist (personaggio interpretato da C. M.)

''Always forward.'' - - Work Group: Scientific Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Laing always looks far - farther than the human eye can see, in fact. The gamma-ray telescope received as a present for the 8th birthday triggered the youngster's mind to a relentless curiosity that never ceased. Day by day, since then, that curiosity has driven every choice and action: academic studies, travels, frantic job searches, all family patrimony converted into professional assets. Finally, a good position: R&D Chief Scientist for a very experiment-driven shipyard. It was on Eros, and that job lasted long enough for Laing to get some social life. Then something happened, or maybe that job wasn't fulfilling. Truth is, the few acquaintances made over those years never saw Laing again after that: R. vanished into thin air... only to show up some months later here on Icarus. Even Laing doesn't know if that curiosity will ever grant some rest, some peace.
Laing's mind always seems detached, distant, bound for the stars - but it's actually always working, constantly studying and calculating a way to reach the farthest boundaries of the universe itself.

Relations: Adeyemi is a little stalking perhaps, but curious, smart and very interested in R's studies, always trying to be helpful, the two get along very well. Connor is a very reliable scientist, and Laing is happy to be in the same team, but believes that the earther has much more potential than this. Also Echo has a very high potential, but seems deaf to Laing's repeated suggestion to drive all that energy towards science instead of politics. Van Dez seems very motivated and experienced, an excellent aide who often carries out most of the practical things. Nagata is an interesting person and a good scientist, with something buried in the past that arouses Laing's curiosity.

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#81 - Dylan Van Dez, The broken one (personaggio interpretato da P. B.)

''Pain makes us see the hidden, join the broken. Look and listen. See the flowers.'' - - Work Group: Scientific Lab - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: They say it’s easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend. It is true. And yet, there is something even more difficult, something impossible: to forgive an idea, to forgive an utopia, to forgive a motherland. Van Dez was a Martian scientific officer. A good one. During a mission, the probe in which D. was flying was hit by friendly fire. A careless strike ordered by some distant admiral. The probe’s fusion core was damaged and the radiations took their toll on Van Dez. The scientist got sick. Fatally sick.
Back on the red planet, D. began to question everything about martians values, ideals and methods of action. Then Van Dez realized. Lies. They were just lies.
The scientist then fled Mars to spend the last few years somewhere in the belt. Will Van Dez find a new home or a new cause, lost amidst the stars? Or will D. try to settle the scores with the past, once and for all?

Relations: Connor Van Dez respects this meek scientist.
Echo is not to be trusted, as with all idealists.
Laing is not suited to be a leader. R. tries to see too far and Van Dez knows what that kind of visions brings.
Adeyemi has a young spirit and a great curiosity. Z. will learn know suffering. Very soon.
Myeong was a promising technical officer, back on Mars, but still blinded by the Cause.

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#82 - Z. Adeyemi, The stalker (personaggio interpretato da M. F.)

''That's so cool! Tell me everything! Hey, wait, I'm coming with you!'' - - Work Group: Scientific Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: This character suits better a young player - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Coming from a rich, privileged family of Ceres, Adeyemi has had every advantage possibile: an education and money. Maybe that's why Z. has many dreams and passions without ever truly committing to or fullfilling any of those: one day it's OPA wannabe, one day dressing up like an Earther, another one dreaming of piloting a spaceship or discovering a new planet. Curiosity helped Z. become a scientist, but also made it a miracle being able to graduate. Desperate for something to happen in life, Z. left Ceres for Icarus, looking for ''an adventure into space'', like in the old books. Adeyemi is a little naive, but also aware of what happens all around. Z. is not blind and tries to see the good things in life, always looking for something interesting, challenging - even something that might finally become love and put this restlessness out for good. That's why Z. wanders around the station, always asking questions, poking around, trying to make new interesting acquaintances, eavesdropping on stories, adventures, dreams, in the hope of finding a way in life. Quickly being labelled the station's ''stalker'' has not made this task easy, but Z. keeps trying, least boredom catches up!

Relations: Connor keeps a distance and Z. doesn't get why. Nothing like Echo, one of Raisin's partners, who is always nice and likes explaining Z. how their family works. Laing is smart and committed to a big dream Adeyemi will never have enough of listening to! They get along very well. Can learn much from bright and wise Van Dez, who is experienced and proud. Raisin has become a good friend to whom Adeyemi likes talking, and is very interested in how their huge family works. Almost idolizes Stella who knows how to party and have fun, somehow managing to avoid getting in too much trouble. Likes hearing Okita and Woo's stories, when they are able to meet. Is always trying to get Miambo to talk about being part of a terrorist's family. Waybourne should stop moping and get on a ship again! Doesn't get why Suri and Russo don't like talking about themselves and keep a distance. N. Zarani is always stiff when they are together, and to think that Campbell, Zarani's best bud, has become such a great friend! Someone reported Z. to Kenzo who didn't treat the belter nicely. The miner Sun has formed a loose circle that often gets together to drink or get high with whatever is available. The group consists of: Woo, N. Zarani, M. Campbell Adeyemi, Waybourne, Baz and their favourite bartender Yu.

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#83 - Fredrick Iris, The positive flower child (personaggio interpretato da L. B.)

''There's courage in being soft'' - - Work Group: Med-Lab Botanic Lab - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Nice and accommodating, Iris could very much be the most calm, patient and accomodating person in the whole Sol System – definitely not your typical one from Mars. Iris is on Icarus to focus on the job: taking care of the people on this rock. Constantin convinced Iris to be the best fit for the leading position, but Iris is having so much trouble with everyone in the team, that's not so sure anymore. After all, taking charge of the team was never about personal ambition, but the decision was made out of a true and selfless interest for everybody's well being. Iris is a honest, open and nice person who really wants to believe in the good in people. So, even if no one seems to take Iris’ directions seriously, there must be a reason behind their bad moods. Between getting back at someone and politely shutting up, F. will always take the second route. People never show their true colors, Iris knows that. But everyone has a breaking point, eventually.

Relations: Constantin is one of the smartest people around and Iris is lucky to have the doctor in the staff. Constantin even praised Iris to the management once and pushed F. to be the boss of the shift. Zarani has taken Iris' for his personal chew toy, probably because Iris tries to ignore his taunts.
Luna, the other shift's LSS manager, is a racist troublemaker and there's bad blood between the two. Kenzo from management is keeping an eye on Iris after the team repeatedly bypassed Iris and asked management stuff instead of asking the rightful boss. Colbert and Iris were best friends when they were kids on Mars. Petit seems to be watching Iris in an odd way every time they share a room, it's kind of creepy.

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#84 - Natsumi Scott, The ill-fated lazy ass. (personaggio interpretato da M. B.)

''Just leave me alone, y'all!'' - - Work Group: Food Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: They say the universe is indifferent towards humans, but Scott seems to be born under a bad star. Since the youngest age, life granted nothing but kicks in the teeth, for whatever reason. School dropout, lost jobs, abandond by friends, issues with authority, drug problems. Scott never found a place to call home and someone to call family. But whose fault is it, anyway? Scott doesn't shine as the brightest kid in town, and what is lacking in common sense is not made up in commitment: often lazy and sluggish, Scott dodges hard work whenever possible, and the easier life can be, the better. Even once people finally give up and leave the kid alone, the circle starts right back up: Scott pokes someone, they get pissed off, and back into trouble again. If someone thinks that working at the lowest level of employment in a mining station in the belt is a good way to stay out of trouble, they might need to think again: Scott still has to learn this simple truth. Nothing major has happened to Scott on Icarus, but how long will this last? How long before fate strikes this unfortunate soul again? Scott is just waiting for the right chance to get out of this miserable condition, and prove to be worth somehing: the wheel of luck must turn one of these days.

Relations: Scott might seem the laziest dumbass on the station, but when the boss Moses commands, Scott always follows the orders. The worst thing of the kitchen shift is sharing the lab with Rahal, even if rarely: that prying fella is on to something, you could swear.
Not to mention Stigsen, that fanatic madman, always behaving like we are at war or something, always on the edge.
Scott is often seen withGuzman, the engine operator. Leitmann could be a useful ally on the station. Nasser was a convict, so another expert on human misery and misfortune. The chef Waybourne is boring, and it's clear that doesn't like having Scott around very much. Iris is one of the very few people who is actually nice to Scott when they see each other at the canteen, so Scott is happy to give Iris extra treats. J. Zarani clearly doesn't think Scott has changed since the time Scott worked as a hard laborer on the Zarani farm, and seems to be keeping an eye on this poor soul.
Back on Ganymede Scott crossed paths with Woo; M. Campbell has been an occasional partner in petty crime, before the best pal N. Zarani convinced Campbell to stop hanging out with Scott.

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#85 - Fujimaro Nasser, The rehabilitated convict (personaggio interpretato da A. D.)

''Everyone deserves a chance to change'' - - Work Group: Food Lab - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: When your own mother betrays you, one could even forgive and forget, but when she insists in stabbing you behind your back, then love and affection could vanish. That's what happened to Nasser. Born on Earth, but from a poor family, Nasser was forced to grow up in harsh conditions. Bad companies led young F. to commit some petty crimes, like theft and minor drug dealing. When the police caught Nasser in the act during a small robbery, the judge decided for maximum penalty, without considering the extenuating circumstances. Nasser was deported to a high security detention colony. The only silver lining there was the chance to learn how to work in a food lab: that was crucial in finding a job on Icarus station, once free. Icarus could be Nasser's second chance to a good life away from Earth. Problem is, when you have spent years learning to be tough and aggressive, watching your back, putting on an arrogant look that screams self-confidence, it shows. Nasser looks exactly like a convict, or a soldier: even if Nasser is looking for a simple and quiet life, the old ways might be hard to die.

Relations: Waybourne always finds a way to get elusive when Nasser is around.
During lunch hours Nasser and Echo have recently become acquainted.
Scott is an idiot, but in prison Nasser met much worse, and the two get along quite well. U. Moses is a likeable boss, and Nasser loves to spend time with this nice person, and not only during working hours. Stiegsen complains about Moses everyday, but Nasser doesn't care too much.
Nasser has overheard N. Zarani talk about being challenged to a boxing match, but the kid looks nothing like a fighter: Nasser proposed to show Zarani some moves, half out of curiosity, half out of pity.

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#86 - Urania Moses, The lovely food lab boss (personaggio interpretato da C. M.)

''You must be weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.'' - - Work Group: Food Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Lots of people tend to dodge responsibility, even when in command of a team on an asteroid: Icarus is full of fools to the brim, more commonly referred to as "scum of the universe''. But that's not for U. Moses, the lovely food engineer from Ceres. Moses has always been critical of those who use force to command, exactly like OPA does. Strength can make people obey, but can't make them understand: brute force never leads to anything good. That's why U. prefers to be a good boss, pleasant and polite. Moderation and kindness make authority irresistible. It is of little relevance that some people think Moses gained a boss position on Icarus only thanks to the influence of Martians and Earthers. Those rumors are spread out of ignorance and possibly envy, only because this Belter has never shied away from exposing OPA's contradictions and being open and loud about the dangers that radicalized OPA members could bring on the whole Belter community. Let them talk: being kind and soft doesn't mean you can't be brave or tough, if need be.

Relations: Clearly Waybourne has never set foot in a food lab before, and this will inevitably make things harder to manage. Also having Stiegsen aroud with that resentful attitude is going to make things a lot harder...
Moses' sibling-in-law Donovan is lazy and has gotten worse after the accident, becoming paranoid and talking about made-up theories... but just needs love and affection. Scott is a piece of work: lazy and a pain in the ass, but at least obeys the orders.
Luckily there's Nasser in the food lab. This cook is helpful, orderly and thorough, and a pretty pleasant person.
Even if Perrin is spoiled and sometimes arrogant, chatting and discussing with this Earther about polical topics is interesting. B. Moses and U. are siblings.

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#87 - Leone Waybourne, A gloomy cook who wants to be elsewhere (personaggio interpretato da G. M.)

''The only two things I ever had a talent for are cooking and caring after a ship. Now I hate the first as much as I miss the second...'' - - Work Group: Food Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: There was a time, not so long ago, when company managers or independent captains would sell their mothers for a chance to have Waybourne among their crew. Anyone could easily understand why just after a couple of hours next to L.: Waybourne is a rare natural talent who really loves caring after a ship, and more than once L. pulled a couple of tricks to keep a reactor or a sensor array running even in the direst conditions. But then, rumor has it Weybourne made a serious mess: suddenly there were no open positions or jobs on any vessel, not even a shitty cargo. Waybourne felt lost, and even though L.'s iconic professional and positive attitude towards life was still there, a sense of failure clouded over every single day. Until one day an old friend, moved by compassion, pulled some strings and got Waybourne a job in a company that doesn't care much about rumors, or past mistakes. L. is very grateful, but happiness is a different thing: happiness is to be out there among the stars, making engines purr at your gentle touch.

Relations: Yu heard the story about Waybourne's misfortunes so many times, and yet never denies a smile. It is rare to find such a professional or patient person these days. Nasser is an ex-convict and there is something in those eyes that makes Waybourne shiver. Thankfully Moses is a decent person who makes things easier for all colleagues, while rumor has it Pavlov is turning the other shift into a living hell. Stiegsen looks like a rugged survivor from another time, and should really take this job a little less seriously. Adeyemi has good intentions, but should stop trying to get L. to fly again. Waybourne has a difficult task in the lab: to keep Scott out of the way, since nothing good ever comes from Scott's work.
The miner Sun has formed a loose circle that often gets together to drink or get high with whatever is available. The group consists of: Woo, N. Zarani, M. Campbell Adeyemi, Waybourne, Baz and their favourite bartender Yu.

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#88 - Takashi Stiegsen, A frustrated survivalist and nutrition expert (personaggio interpretato da M. W.)

''Keep up following that moron's lead, and soon the miners will be so weak they won't even be able to lift an empty glass...'' - - Work Group: Food Lab - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Stiegsen learned the hard way what are the important things in one's life: food and water. The memories of each blockade imposed by earth or mars, and the ensuing rationing and food scarcity, are still etched in Stiegsen's mind. When you remember days spent scraping off lychens from evaporation pads just to have something to eat, your life takes an essential and pragmatic twist. Stiegsen grew up as a stern, rough and practical person, focused on what really matters for survival. Eventually Stiegsen managed to put those traumatic days behind, left that nightmarish station and spent some years on Ceres, Eros and Ganymede studying bothany and nutrition. The dream was to gather enough funds to open a small food company, to ensure a constant supply of healthy food to the Belt, but in order to do so Stiegsen requires lots of money. So T. left again and started working as a recycle specialist or food operator across the belt. Some time ago, impressed by Kowmang's good reputation, applied for a job on Icarus, and spent a lot of time negotiating for a shift boss position. But when Stiegsen reached the asteroid, that position had been granted to someone else, someone who may not be as competent as Stiegsen.

Relations: Moses is the shift boss, but lacks both skill and leadership to be a leader. Maybe this position was granted by friends in the right places or secured through bribery. One thing for sure: that position was not earned. Weybourne clearly hates this job, and this gloomy attitude is starting to get on Stiegsen's nerves. Pan is someone Stiegsen met some time ago, and learned the hard waty to be wary. Vodyakin is a name showing up from Stiegsen's past, a name hard to forget. There is something strange with Valdemar, as Stiegsen can smell a flawed leadership from miles. Stiegsen talked to Gallo many times about the boss position, but all those words fell on deaf ears. Zarani was one of the first people Stiegsen met on Ganymede, a friendly face who undestands hard work and appreciates a good and balanced meal. It is good to have a friendly face here on Icarus.

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#89 - Logan Yu, The winking bartender (personaggio interpretato da E. B.)

''Let's make a night you won't remember, I'll be the one you won't forget!'' - - Work Group: Leisure Workers - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Icarus Station is not heaven and work is hard, but Yu always tries to find the best way to enjoy it and let customers have fun. Leisure workers are charming, nice and very patient, and Yu takes pride in being one of the best, and an expert at satisfying all requests with a warm smile - sometimes even anticipating. Perfect as a bartender, good as a sparring partner for boxers and gym trainer, caring as a sex worker, many people want to spend their free time with this lovely belter. Every bartender knows that one of the job's fundamentals is to be a good listener, and Yu is very brilliant at making people feel at ease and cared for. This is the best job anyone could wish for, gym, drinks, massages and chats: what else is there if not entertainment and positive vibes? Even when the stories are boring and the customers aren't nice, Yu bears with everything patiently and keeps the rest of the feelings for moments of introspection and meditation. Yu is enthusiastic and sunny, funny and likeable, always interested in others' stories and gossip. Call that perfection.

Relations: Gallo is a boxe enthusiast and often arranges friendly matches with Yu: the manager is the ''face of the company'', a pretty delicate job. Waybourne is a dedicated worker, but also one of the reasons a shift can turn into an headache: Yu listens to those misfortunes with an understanding smile. Silva trains whenever possible, the earther has a lot of rage to let go of. F. Ortega is a talented colleague and a good friend.
Yu met Vasiliev through a sexy chat some years ago. Here on Icarus they are close and spend time together, speaking and whatnot.
Nowak is a Star Helix rookie and a very nice and enthusiastic person that gives off an excellent vibe.
The miner Sun has formed a loose circle that often gets together to drink or get high with whatever is available. The group consists of: Woo, N. Zarani, M. Campbell Adeyemi, Waybourne, Baz and their favourite bartender, Yu.
Pan is a gym master but usually doesn't have many occasions to spar with Yu. Demeter is a nice boss, very charming.

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#90 - Franklin Ortega, The smirky bartender (personaggio interpretato da E. D.)

''Oye kopeng! Tough shift uh? I just have what you need to relax... To pochuye ke?'' - - Work Group: Leisure Workers - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Ortega's strongest feature has always been social skills: being a smooth talker, a damn good listener and a very easygoing and generally nice person resulted in a series of good jobs, mainly in casinos, bars and clubs back on Eros, serving drinks. “Not the sharpest tool in the shed” is how family and friends sometimes describe F. in a mocking way, but the “BBB”, Best Bartender in the Belt, doesn’t care: because no boss ever complained about the sales, because customers tend to like and trust Ortega, but mainly because everyone should be aware of their merits, and the Ortega siblings established long time ago that F. was the friendly one and Z. the smart and tough one. Life on Icarus is not bad, a lot of old friends coming from Eros are now working on the new station, and new friend and customers are yet to be made: with a smirky smile, a piece of sound advice, or simply a nice sense of euphoria served by Ortega’s capable hands to get rid of disappointment, pain or drag!

Relations: F. and Z. Ortega are siblings.
Connor often visits the canteen, but never indulges in liquors and other pleasures. Yu is a friend and they get along pretty well. Pan was a temptation since they became colleagues, it's a charming person, hard to resist to. Demeter is a nice person, but not the best boss that the department could have, nothing personal... it's just a fact.

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#91 - S. Pan, The nonjudgmental Belter (personaggio interpretato da V. P.)

''The world needs more love, and I will learn whatever you desire better than you do.'' - - Work Group: Leisure Workers - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Oh, love and sex. The magic words that make the worlds go round, no matter if you are Belter, Martian or Earther: the keys to open any door, earn money and find solutions to any problem. Pan learned desire's language a long time ago and now can play with it ont he job, both as a gym trainer and as a sex worker. Bodies speak, sometimes louder than hearts or minds can. Pan has friends everywhere, but of course in this line of work one has to stick to a code of conduct: falling in love means you're out. Pan doesn't want to hurt their feelings, but business is business. That also goes the other way around: learning to keep your distance is essential not to get hurt. Pan has a strong interest in Martian culture, even if they usually dislike Belters, and also has a soft spot for troublemakers. Nobody is perfect, and Pan is generally fascinated by ambitious people determined to adance in life at any cost, even if that means violence and breaking the law. One has to fight to get better, to overcome limits… that’s the only way to reach happiness in this life.

Relations: Nyman is a usual customer, when they work different shifts. Kassad is nice and competent, and clearly needs some friends.
Gallo is one of Pan's trainee and not the easiest to handle, given the manager's top position. Stiegsen is a rugged troublemaker with a shady past, someone to be wary of.
Mackinney is a violent thug who is a regular, but as long as Pan gets paid for bruising in sparring and sex, it's fine. Ortega seems to have a soft spot for Pan. Dove tries spending more time together, sometimes turning a bit rude. Demeter is a fine boss, but they don't share a lot on a personal level: Demeter is too fascinated by the idea of universal peace and acceptance.

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#92 - P. Demeter, The loyal boss (personaggio interpretato da M. M.)

''I'm here to let you have fun'' - - Work Group: Leisure Workers - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Some people are scared of differences, but not Demeter. A deep curiosity towards human nature drives this Belter and eventually led P. to become a sex worker: being able to meet such a different range of particular creatures, getting to know their attitudes, thoughts, behaviors, fears, desires and aspirations. What a marvelous and rich canvas! One you can’t possibly be bored of. Love is the breathe of universe, sex is its motor. The ability to combine sex, pleasure, fun and a job providing a nice wage was the key to Demeter’s happiness and fulfillment. Appreciating how interesting and diverse humanity can be doesn’t mean one should love and appreciate everybody: hotheads, violent people, racists and OPA extremists are not Demeter’s favourite human beings. People may be angry, scarred or in pain, but fighting fire with fire is simply stupid. That’s why, when Demeter heard the first rumors about a new spiritual message of peace and acceptance beginning to spread among Belters, immediately decided to attend the meetings of this Cult. P. still believes every trouble could, and should, be solved in front of a good drink followed by kind words, acceptance and comforting human touch. And yet now a more spiritual perspective is making its way into this Belter’s life, even if hope can be an alluring and yet dangerous feeling.

Relations: Constantin is a busy doctor and often a client. Ortega is a damn good colleague, a smart and funny one.
Demeter has a strong relationship with Vega, and they spend time together when they aren't busy and shifts allow.
Pan is a good colleague, no problematic at all during work hours, but they don't have a lot in common on a personal level, and they usually struggle about the way they look at the world. Yu is very charming and attractive, a perfect co-worker.
Sobotka is a Martian marine who used to be a customer every now and then.
Castillo is the captain of UN Marine Corps and leads the Earth Commision during Omega shift. Not a pacifist for sure, Castillo is anyway a very interesting person and Demeter loves to chat and have fun with this marine. The relationship became very deep.
Scott is the worst food lab worker ever: lazy and problematic, caused so many troubles also with Demeter's co-workers, so Scott is maybe the only person that P. hates on Icarus station. Shadid works in Management and is a lovely person who sometimes seeks counsel and company.

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#93 - Sasha Moretti, The doubtful engineer (personaggio interpretato da M. G.)

''First understand who you are; the rest will follow'' - - Work Group: Reactor Room - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Moretti sees the Belt for its own extraordinary beauty and potential, filled with unique planets and asteroids. no matter what people can say, it's a breathtaking place. Earthers can’t even imagine its beauty, and Martians are too ignorant to be able to understand it. Too bad sometimes life drags you away from your origins - you have to cope with it. Nevertheless, Moretti loves to work on Icarus station, the chance to meet different and interesting people is great. Earthers and Martians are a bit too pretentious, while Belters are often funny and interesting, despite their unfavorable condition. Earth and Mars should care more about life in the Belt: it's a valuable resource that needs skilled and motivated workers for better profit and results. Too bad no one making big decisions in the Sol System is interested in Moretti's opinion. Moretti doesn't share these thoughts with anyone: S. is a good engineer but only has a few very close friends friends. With those, the bond in incredibly deep. Very introspective and maybe over-thinking, Moretti dreams of a bigger purpose in life, even if the engineer is probablly still far from understanding what it could be. Smart but careful, Moretti is very interested in others’ ideas and theories: S. is looking for the right one to resonate with a personal quest.

Relations: Baz and Moretti often gossip about the other engineers, the stuff is too juicy not to share, even if tehy don't know each other very well.
Balas is an activist for the Belter cause.
Hunt is a talented and skilled professional engineer, very proud of the job.
Hayfeld is skilled and talented but seems to bear a heavy burden.
Petit and Moretti have become close friends.

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#94 - Angus Balas, The voice of the people (personaggio interpretato da F. F.)

''Martians and Earthers are two side of the same evil coin'' - - Work Group: Reactor Room - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Everyone knows what happened to the First Icarus. They speak about an incident but Balas knows the truth: Martians and Earthers never want to spend anything on belters' safety. It was a radiation fallout. It was THEIR fault. Balas has seen it before, in the Delta Station, where there was a radiation sickness that started slowly killing off belters. Balas' crippled leg, caused by the radiation, was a good reason to avoid fighting them with bare hands, but Balas has a loud voice and a good brain. OPA is Balas' people, Balas' family, they saved A. several times, when the oppressors tried to get to Balas on Ceres. Icarus became A.'s home. Here, Balas will write several articles, will make speeches. Here, Balas will teach the youngest revolutionaries to be replaced in the future, as anyone has to bein a real revolution, eventually. Balas is the voice of freedom in a world that martians and earthers own, against belter's rights. ''Speak up, belters. The universe is ours''.

Relations: Agarwal is a good person with similar views, you both spend time talking about politics and philosophy.
Balas is trying to help with his/her drug addiction. Hunt is a colleague who sold every bit of soul to management. Hayfeld is really vulnerable for being an Earther. Cruz is a good friend, but they tend to disagree in important matters.

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#95 - Lovary Hunt, The skilled, cool headed engineer (personaggio interpretato da E. P.)

''While everyone else here is busy taking care of stupid things, I will keep this reactor running. As usual.'' - - Work Group: Reactor Room - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Hunt has always been considered like some sort of ''Mr. Fixit'', and one of the most competent engineers in the expanse. Rumor has it Hunt even turned down an invitation to relocate to Mars as a highly skilled technician, and someone says Hunt was one of the few that have been personally contacted by Icarus top managers with a very tempting job offer. All those who worked with such a skilled engineer tell the same story, as Hunt is good natured, chatty, polite and likeable. However, this is true only during off-duty hours, because as soon as Hunt punches the clock and enters the Reactor Room some strange sort of change happens. On the job Hunt is stern, serious, systematic and relentless, and when it comes to caring for the reactor, no excuses are allowed. Lives depend on that machinery and nothing below perfection is tolerable for Hunt.

Relations: Guzman sees the reactor room as some sort of personal playground, and this has to stop. Star Helix team leader Frost took a dangerous one-sided decision and took some space in the Reactor room for their use and this is cannot be tolerated, the management will hear about this. Nowak seems to be a really good rookie who seeks order and justice, it's nice to chat with Nowak. This one's enthusiasm reminds Hunt of the golden days of youth. Balas uses the reactor room for lectures and propaganda speeches about what doesn't work in the expanse and how Opa will miracolously fix everything. Does anyone understand how critical work in a reactor room is? Hayfeld is competent and skilled, but lacks focus and seems broken. The crazy lab tech from Alpha shift, Gabrys always strolls around the Reactor Room when the shift ends, talking to the machines, touching them and leaving notes. This pisses Hunt off and it has to stop. Every task Baz has to perform takes forever to complete, this is the slowest colleague Hunt ever met, and also one who seems completely out of the element. Claymore is in charge of the Reactor Room, and the results of such ill-advised decision are for everyone to see. Stella is some sort of party animal who only does the minimal amout of work to avoid being fired, while Cheng is someone who works hard, and maybe the only one who truly deserves to work so close to a nuclear reactor.

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#96 - Carlos Hayfeld, An embittered engineer who bears an old grudge (personaggio interpretato da M. M.)

''If you think that playing by the rules will get you far in life, think again. Playing by the rules only gets you screwed harder and faster...'' - - Work Group: Reactor Room - Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Before turning into an embittered and resentful outcast, Hayfeld was a brillant, optimist and hard-working engineer and researcher. He was part of an independent think-tank on Earth, and together with other talented scientists, C. devised a clean and efficient way to improve reactor core shieldings. That invention could have changed Hayfeld's career, but something happened and the engineer's life was ruined. Hayfeld was discredited by the UN scientific community, and nearly siphoned every credit available into a personal crusade to find out who was responsible of such a horrible demise. Hayfeld's obsession slowly destroyed every trace of optimism, replacing it with a burning desire for revenge, and over a few years a brillant engineer turned into a cold and calculating schemer whose sole driving force is revenge. Bitter and isolated, the only job position Hayfeld managed to find is on this forsaken rock, floating around in the Belt.

Relations: Baz acts strangely, and is definitely hiding something. Hunt is a talented and skilled professional, a painful constant reminder of how Hayfeld was just some years ago. Balas constantly tries to meddle with Hayfeld life, and such intrusions are not welcome. Gallo is the manager who gave Hayfeld a second chance on Icarus, something that will not be forgotten. Moretti clearly misunderstood Hayfeld and failed to see the desire for vengeance. In that colleague's eyes Hayfeld is just a poor and broken wretch.

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#97 - Diana "Dee" Baz, The Hermit (personaggio interpretato da T. B.)

''It is not what you look at, it is what you see'' - - Work Group: Reactor Room - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: This is a challenging character that could be played in many ways, such as dramatic, tragic-comic or pathetic. It's up to player to decide. - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Too often, Baz is one of those people with a strange look in their eyes, movements slowed down and lack of coordination. Baz is frequently read as a drug addict, but also a friendly and very funny company when you want to go partying. Of course, Baz doesn't take drugs at work, because the nuclear reactor is no joke in this station. When Baz seems sober, there is a strange depth in Baz's eyes. Balas, one of their coworkers is trying to help Baz with the drugs issue.

Relations: Balas, is trying to help Baz with the addiction problem. Hayfeld is constantly keeping an eye on Baz's activities, but to what purpouse?
Madaki has been friendly and seems like a nice person.
Moretti is very difficult to be read. Could be a good friend but something is not clear.
The miner Sun has formed a loose circle that often gets together to drink or get high with whatever is available. The group consists of: Woo, N. Zarani, M. Campbell Adeyemi, Waybourne, Baz and their favourite bartender Yu.

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#98 - Jinn Espera, The honourable Gunnery Seargent (personaggio interpretato da M. M.)

''Your idea of lack of justice means lots of innocence'' - - Work Group: Space Travelers (Mars marines) - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Gunnery Sergeant. With a very demanding Martian Marine mother, Espera was raised to become a soldier. The expectations were high and J. barely fulfilled them. Clear-headed and logical, Espera often got in trouble for questioning the orders of the higher command: that could be because when you grow up challenging the authority of your Admiral mother, you get used to it. Espera has a ''parent-like'' attitude towards the squad and a strong sense of camaraderie, even if some of the young privates are too innocent to understand the schemes behind war and MMC. The Sol System is filled with idealists who believe in truth and justice and devote their lives to fighting for it, but reality keeps letting them down. Espera is one of those, but rather than giving up on goals, Espera replaced what used to be a shining armor with a full plate of pure cynicism. J. realizes to live in a dark, cruel and brutal world and chooses to fight not because there's any chance to really make a difference, but because it's the right thing to do.

Relations: Friends with Sobotka, even if Espera dislikes the methods, this Martian was a good sergeant. They are very close, so close they even talked about Espera's mother. Overprotective with Vazquez, because everyone should remember how hard is the first time on a mission. Colbert is a good soldier, but behind that extroverted personality lies some kind of issue and at some point it should be addressed, for the sake of the Squad.
T. Makimura is a long-standing friend, the best. Myeong is a strong and reliable soldier, one to be respected. Leandros was J's Seargent Instructor and somehow a legend among recruits. When high profile Martian Petit was attacked by some hothead Belter named Cruz, Espera had to interveen to stop them.
Many Martians know the story of Van Dez, once a promising scientific officer and now a deserter rotting in the most secluded corner of the Belt. What can possibly have reduced a good soldier to a broken husk ?

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#99 - V. Vazquez, The marine on first mission (personaggio interpretato da A. V.)

''We're on the express elevator to hell, going down!'' - - Work Group: Space Travelers (Mars marines) - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: This character suits better a young player - Shift: Omega

Teaser: For first class marine V. Vazquez, the pledge to the flag was the easy part, and boot camp was a summer vacation. Vazquez is a hell of a soldier: trained, ready, sharp and strong. But when reality kicks in, that's when shit hits the fan. There is no shame in that: the first mission is hard for everyone, even for the most dedicated soldiers. Every veteran remembers their first day: the first step on the shuttle flips a switch in your brain, and you realize that this is not a game anymore. This time, bullets will kill for real. What if the enemy sees your hesitation? What if you prove you cannot handle it? These are the thoughts that haunt Vazquez’s mind on this mission, the very first one. Coming from a family with a long military tradition, Vazquez cannot afford to fail and let them down. That legacy must not be stained. When Vazquez gets nervous words start to flow on their own accord and it's not uncommon for the Marine to blabber about the demanding parents, tragic romances, childhood nightmares and dreams and so on... But when V. accidentally revealed that some friends who died on Icarus are still waiting to be avenged, the squad looked at the soldier in a weird way, Vazquez stayed silent and never talked about that matter ever again.

Relations: V's parents are both decorated martian marines, and Suri is a good friend of theirs. Espera is always supportive and protective, but Vazquez can't understand if that's real appreciation or just a way to keep the team together. Corporal T. Makimura mocks and bullies Vazquez all the time. Colbert seems to be a good marine, but maybe not much of an example of a good uniform. Myeong on the other hand is a hard-core paragon of what a true martian should be. Sobotka is a bit scary: you can still see the horrors of war on the private's face, and the scars they leave, and Vazquez doesn't want to become that type of soldier.
During training on Mars, Vazquez remembers drill seargent Leandros as one of the wisest militaries.
Many Martians know the story of Van Dez, once a promising scientific officer and now a deserter rotting in the most secluded corner of the Belt. What can possibly have reduced a good soldier to a broken husk ?

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#100 - A. Colbert, The flirty and open marine (personaggio interpretato da E. R.)

''I can't sleep. Play with me...'' - - Work Group: Space Travelers (Mars marines) - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: If you cannot remember the last time you slept in your own bed, it might be because you’re a grade A flirt, or because you drank too much. Either way, that means it was a smashing night! For Colbert, living life as a revolving door of hookups and parties might be enough to balance out the harsh reality of a military job – and if that doesn’t work, there’s always the chance one of your comrades will give you a good reason to crack a joke. Colbert craves attention, gets a boost from being in combat, among people, but isn’t very good at dealing with the attention and excitement once it gets there. Being funny, loud, outrageous and flirty might just be a stronger armor than the one Colbert suits up with in combat…

Relations: T. Makimura used to be a friend. Vazquez is scared, but that's normal: some well addressed jokes should be enough to break the tension. Myeong is an annoying, self-righteous bitch. Espera deems to be perfect, but nobody is! Sobotka needs to be cheered up or this marine will end up dragging everybody down. Dove is a living legend, but Colbert never met ''the Hound'' in person, so far. A. and Iris were best friends when they were kids.

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#101 - D. Myeong, The Warlock (personaggio interpretato da L. S.)

''“What I possess, seems far away to me, and what is gone becomes reality.”'' - - Work Group: Space Travelers (Mars marines) - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Mars demands any possible sacrifice from its children and Myeong was ready to give everything for the red planet. D. was skilled, smart, committed and zealously patriotic, equally suited to be either a soldier or a technical officer. Unfortunately, personal inclinations are a luxury for spoiled earthlings, something never taken in consideration by the ruthless MCR war machine and Meyong was chosen to be a marine. Always keen to duty, Myeong eagerly accepted the Republic’s orders, yet something broke inside the newly recruited private. Always logical, sarcastic and at times painfully bitter, D. carries out any assignment meticulously, verging on perfection, but without that ardent passion towards the motherland that once gleamed in this soldier’s eyes.
Still, Myeong hasn’t completely lost faith. D. still believes Martians to be superior to any other race, and will prove how Myeong is superior to any other martian.

Relations: Vazquez is an excellent soldier, but needs guidance.
Colbert, on the other hand, is a joke and brings shame on the whole MCR army.
T. Makimura is a damn good Marine, no matter how much of a fuckhead the Corporal might look, the heart is in the right place.
Sabotka fully deserved to be downranked and Myeong won't waste any occasion to take a revenge.
During the training, always admired Van Dez, even if now the scientist is a broken deserter.. Has an old grudge with Baz.
Was friend with Cheng back on Mars, then they had a huge fight and have not seen each other for a long time.

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#102 - Tharsis Makimura , The frenetic, outspoken, obscenity-spouting Marine (personaggio interpretato da A. Z.)

''Dear Frederick, thank you for your nice message, but I am actually a MNR Marine who was born to kill whereas clearly you have mistaken me for some sort of wine-sipping Earther dick-suck. I happen to be a death-dealing, blood-crazed warrior. Peace sucks a hairy asshole, Freddy. War is the motherfucking answer. Thanks for your message and good luck with your 5th grade exam'' - - Work Group: Space Travelers (Mars marines) - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Odd personality notwithstanding, Makimura is a highly capable and effective marine. Usually in high spirits, the Corporal really enjoys drinks and brawls, pilots very aggressively, loves to scare the shit out of people, swears and curses in the most creative and outrageous ways, and makes a point of constantly bullying the rookies, though in a friendly way, sort of...
Generally speaking, Makimura’s main concern seems to be mocking just about anything around: a goal that T. accomplishes with ease and finesse. Making fun of everyone doesn’t make this Martian a joke, on the contrary. While others sometimes poke fun at the over-the-top behavior of this boisterous marine, Makimura is still considered to be an irreplaceable member of the squad, a surprisingly smart soldier and a damn good officer, both by comrades and superiors.

Relations: Gunnery Seargent J. Espera is a long-standing friend, the best. Vazquez clearly needs guidance, a tough one! Myeong is way too perfect, and no fun to mock or bully, but Makimura does it anyway. Sobotka, on the other hand, is a goldmine of bitter laughs, but that miserable marine should get back on track soon, like yesterday! Everybody is supposed to like Colbert, even Makimura used to, but not anymore.
A. Kassad has a familiar face, a disgusting one. A. Higashi was stationed with Makimura some years ago, is stiff and too honorable to be true. Everybody knows who the ''hound'' is, and Dove is somehow a legend. H. Leandros was the Seargent Instructor back in the days, the best one a Marine could have.
Many Martians know the story of Van Dez, once a promising scientific officer and now a deserter rotting in the most secluded corner of the Belt. What can possibly have reduced a good soldier to a broken husk ?

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#103 - Sol Sobotka, The troubled veteran (personaggio interpretato da M. C.)

''I will stay, in the mess I made'' - - Work Group: Space Travelers (Mars marines) - Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Sobotka used to be a confident and very demanding MMNR sergeant. Lots of recruits remember that one time S. made a private do 300 pushups under simulated Earth gravity because the Sergeant had spottet a stain on in her uniform. A bright career lied ahead for this promising and committed soldier, always ready to execute orders as well as making tough decisions in the blink of an eye. But during a particularly demanding mission, Sobotka failed: the Seargent was downgraded to private. That mission still haunts the Marine in horrifying nightmares, and the after-effects of a diagnosed PTSD syndrome are still very much there, even if it's being treated. Back when it happened, some close friends suggested Sobotka should quit the Army and find another job to serve the Martian Republic, but that was just completely unacceptable: once a Marine, always a Marine! Truth be told, the path to overcome those inner demons is yet to be completed - but now that Sobotka is back on a mission it's time to tackle them for good. Unfortunately, no matter how much S. wants to be the soldier that everyone used to appreciate before the incident, recovery takes time and patience... but patience never was the Marine's stronger suit.

Relations: Friends with Espera. Sobotka tried hard not to despise T. Makimura, but it's a lost cause, the Corporal is an asshole.
Sobotka makes fun of Vazquez all the time ''shitting your pants Soldier?'', but a Marine should be ready even at the first mission, while the rookie clearly isn't. Demeter used to be a sex worker on Ceres, and S. was a customer everytime the marine happened to be on the asteroid. It was a different time, though, and a different Sobotka, back then. While still a sergeant, was particularly harsh toward Myeong. In the past, Sobotka served with Caron, who now left the army but still works in comms. Moretti looks like someone S. used to know, but the Marine is not quite sure of it. Weird, uh?
Many Martians know the story of Van Dez, once a promising scientific officer and now a deserter rotting in the most secluded corner of the Belt. What can possibly have reduced a good soldier to a broken husk ?

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#104 - Noel Gallo, The Face of the Company (personaggio interpretato da L. M.)

''One may wonder: who names a space station Icarus? What kind of asshole possess that much hubris, that he dares it to burn? Well, that would be me, because I strongly prefer hubris to fear.'' - - Work Group: Management - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: Demanding role. - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Kowmang is a friendly enterprise and Gallo is the perfect friendly face to represent it. One of the founders of the company, Gallo invested time, money and heart into the Icarus Station project, and now that this huge bet is ready to pay off, this demanding and perfectionist manager is here to run it, and to see it succeed. Nobody knows who’s hiding behind that mysterious and charming smile, because Gallo is kind to everybody yet close to none. Whether this voluntary isolation is a personal policy or a work-related precaution, it must feel uncomfortable to be at the top of the pyramid, alone. The top manager on the station doesn’t seem to care that much: focusing on Icarus and its economic results is all that matters, which is why Gallo personally inspects every inch of the station, often pays visits to the Scientific Lab, and always double checks every piece of information. Being thorough is a virtue, of course, but people wonder if Gallo can actually trust anyone…

Relations: Gallo and Valdemar are very close friends who support and trust each other. Shadid is a cheerful precence in the team, much appreciated by Gallo. Kenzo has an odd personality and sometimes forgets where the company comes from and which values it shares, which could be problematic. Linder is the opposite of Kenzo, if only Linder and Valdemar could get along everything would be much easier. Gallo respects all the members of the Martian and Earther commissions, but Leandros and Russo are the most easygoing in their respective teams, and Gallo's favourites. Pan and Yu are the trainers Gallo usually works out with, but without any personal involvement, of course. Hayfeld is a broken man, but also a top level technician. Getting such a high profile worker on Icarus was a masterstroke. Stiegssen keeps complaining, and is starting to seen more as pain in the ass and less as an asset.

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#105 - Ryan Shadid, The Torchbearer (personaggio interpretato da M. S.)

''“It matters not how fast light may travel, darkness shall always be there awaiting its arrival.”'' - - Work Group: Management - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: Kindness can bloom even on the most secluded asteroid of that bleak and void segment of space called Belt. R. is one of the rare individuals whose sense of empathy and compassion has not been swallowed by the eternally hungry emptiness of space. Always calm and peaceful, as Chief of HR Shadid is very protective of the workers’ wellbeing and supportive towards any changes that could bring improvements to the station. But just telling this part of the story would make R. no justice, because there is no such thing as a one-sided coin. Because there are two sides to every sky. Because, sometimes, Shadid remembers.
When it happens, R. screams in anger and has violent panic attacks, but what demons trouble Shadid’s mind, no one knows.

Relations: Gallo is a very even-tempered boss, but why is the manager always so apparently controlled on a personal level? Mackinney has often been reported, but ever since their first encounter the two have strangely bonded and Shadid has a soothing influence on P.
Dr. Constantin is a good link between management and the labs: a smart and reliable individual indeed.
Kenzo is a sneaky and servile wannabe earther that can not be trusted.
Keller is a brilliant and very creative researcher. Shadid considers the scientist perfectly adequate to carry out different studies on various matters. Recently took an interest in Echo and the two of them chat every now and then. Demeter is a darling and a dedicated team leader, Shadid holds the sex worker in hight esteem and sometimes seeks counsel.

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#106 - Lucius Kenzo, The Half-Blood Prince (personaggio interpretato da G. N.)

''“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.”'' - - Work Group: Management - Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

Teaser: When humanity first sailed to the stars, it forgot to create new words to describe those strange emotions born from the space age. One of such words, one of such sentiments, is the terrible and bitter nostalgia for a place never once seen, that can poison the hearts of those living in the Belt. It’s a common disease, like a plague of the soul, and yet we have no name for it.
Kenzo suffers from this illness. Although of earthen descent by father's side, L. was born on Ganymede and constantly dreams of blue Terra, compulsively collecting everything related to the ancestral cradle of mankind. Kenzo firmly believes that pure humans can only be found on Earth. Not only they are physically superior to those born in space, but earthers also seems to be the only ones with a stable mind in a solar system verging on madness. Martians are nothing more than fascist warmongers and Belters, well, they are filthy and grotesque criminals or terrorists, merely a parody of mankind.
Kenzo dreams, one day, of being able to set foot on Terra and being able to withstand that merciless gravity.

Relations: Gallo is not at all a typical Belter, which is good, but why doesn't the boss seem to trust Kenzo? Adeyemi is one problematic belter, has been reported two times and reproached by L. Iris needs to be monitored: people in this boss' team keep asking for directions to management rather than their own boss, which is just annoying and highly ineffective.
There is something strange about Shadid and Kenzo doesn't trust that strange HR chief.
Kenzo has a soft spot for Connor, the scientist who often comes to report troubles and harassment. Linder looks like a pretty interesting person.

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