Emerson Linder - personaggio per Icarus - run italiana [Terre Spezzate]

Emerson Linder, The Earther supporting Belters rights - #30

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: A. M.

Player's notes:

Motto: This was supposed to be a dream finally come true, and I'll fight to make it so. Never give up!
Work Group: Management
Descrizione del gruppo
“We bear the burden of leading and caring”
Within the Kowmang Mining Kowlective, the recruitment process for managers is more than a good practice, is something to be proud of. The company is always looking for highly qualified and specialized managers, but also allows employees who prove their skills, values and commitment to the company to climb up the ladder and gain a top spot. Managers run the shift schedule, perform reviews to examine who might get promoted or demoted and solve any problems that might arise among the employees. They are tasked with running the station and keep the operations smooth, productive and as profitable as possible, but without ever forgetting that Kowmang deeply cares for its workers and Icarus must be kept a friendly living environment. The hardest task is probably working in close contact with the Commissions sent by Earth and Mars, who are supposed to cooperate with the company to avoid any jurisdiction issues.

- Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

Teaser: Linder was born and raised on Earth, out of a wealthy family running a solid business. Life was simple and reassuring, back home, but E. had been fascinated by the Expanse since childhood: over the years the Belt was like a siren song, dangerous yet alluring, ultimately irresistible. The first step was disappointing the family, accepting a job at Kowmang, the second was convincing the (not very enthusiastic) spouse to move to Ceres. Both focused on their careers, for Linder the company was like the child they never had: worthy of attention, care and love. So, when project Icarus finally took off, “not joining” was not an option. Finally, Linder was going to have the chance to actually work with Belters, living among them, explore their culture: a long-standing dream about to come true. Unfortunately, being the spouse of a known racist, a “tumang” and a management employee doesn't help making Belter friends - despite Linder's strong belief in the power of cooperation between Earthers and Belters.

Relations: Linder and Frost (23) are married.
Valdemar is the boss, but has personal problems and should resign. Anyway, the two respect each other during the shift, but they are no friends. Soyinka (32)'s skill and personality are yet to be valued, but Linder sympathizes with the colleague. Kenzo (106) might be an interesting acquaintance if they had a chance to talk.
Maathai (6) also cares for Belters and they have become good friends, even if Frost doesn't like this. Stella (28) might be dangerous to have around, but seems genuinely concerned and anxious to help.
Kowalski (5) is a great element and there is a good understanding between them on what are the values at stake here on Icarus.

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