Emma Haller, The renowned actress -- L'attrice di successo #84 [I ribelli della montagna 2]

Emma Haller
#84 - The renowned actress -- L'attrice di successo

Interpretato da: M. B.

Motto: Drama is a poem of which every action is a word.
Gruppo: Borghesi
Teaser: Born from Ludwig Haller and Juliet McAllister, Emma became quite a notorious actress during the years of Fascism in Italy. Sanctioned movies needed beautiful German stars and, despite her being only a half-blooded German, she took the full opportunity for her career to be launched. Ok, this involved playing mainly in B-grade propaganda movies, but it still granted her discreet fame and a considerable cash inflow. She established herself in Rome, then moved northwards to Bologna when winds of war blew over the capital city. What she now is doing here, in a forlorn village in the mountains, is quite a mistery to everyone, yet Emma has become a villager of sort. And these days, a pair of extra hands is more than welcome, no matter which stage they come from.

Legami: Emma often asks Livia Franchini about her pregnancy and is kind to her. A lot of people in the village look luxuriously at her, especially the Podestà Giulio Castaldi.

Provenienza: Abitanti di Montelupo - Gruppo: Borghesi - Sesso: Femmina - Età del giocatore: Adult - Consigli: INTERNATIONAL PLAYER - Archetipi: Balanced

Altri membri del gruppo: Borghesi Duilia Barilatti in Montanari (22 ) interpretato da Raffaella B; Giacomo Valvassori-Peroni (29 ) interpretato da Bernardo C; Daria Vassalli (17 ) interpretato da Rosamaria M; Enea Gianotti (27 ) interpretato da Jacopo G; Alvaro Trenti (9 ) interpretato da Francesco d; Natalia Viganò (32 ) interpretato da Maria Sole S; Giulio Castaldi (28 ) interpretato da Amos M; Don Umberto Cattani (11 ) interpretato da Federico M; Livia Franchini (16 ) interpretato da Gaia B;