Anna Goodwin, The director of the press agency #76 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Anna Goodwin
#76 - The director of the press agency

Interpretato da: N. R.

Motto: Do you know what it means to tell the truth? It means to be in debt to those who do not want it to be told.
Gruppo: The Press
Teaser: You still remember what drove you to your work. The first time you had set foot in a graphic workshop, you were inebriated by the scent of freshly printed paper and the noise of the machines that produced copies of news, news which everyone would read and which would influence people's thinking. No one is able to understand the power of the press and the attraction that the ideal of truth has: this is a fortune just privy to true journalists. That girl now seems to be so far from you, relegated to a corner of your mind and forced to clash every day with another, older and more mature yourself. Closed in your study, illuminated by the light above your typewriter, you are intent on fighting a bigger struggle, where you seem to have won the responsibility of what must be written rather than the search for Truth without influences. Today, more than ever, that Girl seems so far that you doubt she's ever existed. The awareness that on the sheet the characters should be written in shades of gray, rather than in black on white, to really represent the world, is so strong to make you forget every disturbance. The world is made of compromises and you can not chase a dream.

KEY WORDS: regret, cheating, doubt, manipulation, truth

Legami: You are the director of the most famous Press agency in the city. Gabriel Fahrenheit always refers to you for advice. You always push Jane Snapshot Bradford to give her best, most of your services are based on her stolen pictures. Norman Baker is a good man and tries to do his job at his best. You have quite a few arguments instead with Rita the Voice Kaufman, that woman might not have understood who really commands in here. You found yourself dealing with a dispute between Violet Campbell and Nathan Ross. You're worried about your brother Archie Goodwin, you had wished for something different for him.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Press - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Press Gabriel Fahrenheit (83 ) interpretato da EnricoP; Norman Baker (81 ) interpretato da JCH; Nathan Ross (82 ) interpretato da LarsonK; Lynda Alger (79 ) interpretato da MatejaJ; Rita ''the Voice'' Kaufman (77 ) interpretato da MariaM; Jane ''Snapshot'' Bradford (78 ) interpretato da MarieW; Violet Campbell (80 ) ancora in cerca di interprete;