Derrick Gravehound, The loyal butler #6 [Keystone - ENG 1]

Interpretato da: U. F.

Motto: The house in which I serve is a temple, and I am its custodian
Group: Relatives and Servants of the House
Teaser: What is a House made of? Of stones, lime and brick? No. A House is made of tradition. Are the foundations only pillars planted in the earth? No. The foundations are strict rules, unaltered for any season, rules that can withstand any storm. These are values so clear that no fire can blacken them nor can any scoundrel tarnish them. Holding up the ceiling that protects our prestige is a lineage that nothing can corrupt or sully. The light you see does not come from the high windows, no: it radiates from the glory of those great men and women who have formed this family over the centuries. Of all this I am the guardian. Of all this I am the humble and inflexible custodian. Every morning, I open my eyes knowing that my every gesture will be devoted to maintaining the decorum of this house and contributing to the glory of my master, whatever necessary sacrifice it may cost. No stain can touch them. No clouds can obscure them. Our servitude is the instrument with which I carry out this mission, and rules are the weapons with which I perform it. Sharp and inflexible rules. A harsh and draconian discipline. A correct, immaculate conduct. This is the fabric that makes up every day of my life, this is the sustenance that feeds me and gives me strength. This is what I demand from every soul that sets foot in this house, be it the most miserable of servants or the most powerful of men. The filth and vice, I keep at bay like a guard dog snarling at an invader. In order to survive the eternity it deserves, this house must keep faith with the tradition that founded it. And to ensure that even the smallest drop of filth does not bother the grace of this house, there is and will always be me, until the day when God - and God alone! - chooses to deprive me of this task.

Relations: He works very well and in harmony with Elizabeth Rush. He often rebukes Abigail for her work and does not fail to punish Lily when necessary. As for Tracy Conner, he is strangely uncomfortable with her candid and curious personality. He meets the resident butler Alfred Hanson for the first time in the villa of Avogadro. He has a lot to say to Alfred about the style of organising the management of the domestic work. He often observes Leo Vaughan, it is certain that he wants to take his place. John Dyer is a long time friend of his.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Downstairs - Group: Relatives and Servants of the House - Nationality: British - Gender: Male - Player's Age: Adult - 28 years or more - Advices: An active character with a strong personality, he inspires reverential fear in his subordinates. He must be at the center of both the activities of the servants as well as the masters, acting as a pivot between the two worlds inside the house. It is possible that he finds himself involved in sordid affairs.

Altri membri del gruppo: Relatives and Servants of the House Gabriel Wooster (31 ) interpretato da Daniele C; Jean-Pierre Guillot Savarin (5 ) interpretato da Filippo S; Saverio Francesco Vegezzi (30 ) interpretato da Elio D; Lord Oliver Maxwell Scarborough (32 ) interpretato da Fabio C; Volker Beckmann (22 ) interpretato da Matteo T; Fanny Andrews (29 ) interpretato da Angelica Z; Emilio Fiori (13 ) interpretato da Kol F; Lord Henry Scarborough - Talbot (55 ) interpretato da Stephen D; Elizabeth Rush (8 ) interpretato da Serena B; Claretta Benvenuti (19 ) interpretato da Lea M; Tracy Conner (7 ) interpretato da Emmanuelle J; Leonard Warren-Hopkins (59 ) interpretato da Marik R; Hector Schmitz (1 ) interpretato da Dario Luigi Aldo U; Margaret Alice Murray (42 ) interpretato da Tanya I; Giovanni De Simone (23 ) interpretato da Mattia T; Lily Fisher (25 ) interpretato da Kim E; Lady Violet Scarborough (56 ) ancora in cerca di interprete ;