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Marcus Raven, The cynical guard - #59

Marcus Raven
#59 - The cynical guard

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: G. C.

Player's notes:

Motto: Nobody can be trusted
Work Group: Security Star Helix

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“People’s security is our purpose”
Kowmang is committed to providing a safe and stable working environment, and in order to do this it signed a contract with one of the top security providers. Star Helix personnel has been tasked with keeping the asteroid peaceful and quiet, which is no easy task. Tough shifts and people coming from every corner of the Sol System living together in secluded quarters make for a volatile mix. Making sure that employees respect their schedules and shift duties, and that there are no criminal activities on the station are the main assignments. Occasionally, Star Helix may be tasked with searching for a specific person charged with crimes on Mars, Earth or the Belt. Being a Star Helix officer means being able to notice every odd detail, to keep every situation under control and to enforce the regulations and security requests set by the company, by Mars and Earth, and by Star Helix headquarters on Ceres.

Teaser: Mankind is flawed, people are selfish and false, and a best friend can turn out to be the worst traitor of all. Raven was really hurt in the past by the someone the guard considered a best friend. Now M. well knows that nobody can be trusted. Life is hard and violent, and needs honest and straight people to feel safe and defend the truth. Every person can hide secrets, and Raven will uncover them, especially if the rotten apple is among cops. If Icarus needs a watchdog of watchdogs, here's one perfect for this job. Even if this leads to loneliness, or if Raven has to bear hateful glances every day and feel left out, the truth is more important, and honesty should be preserved. Raven's mission is to uncover enemies and corruption, to destroy conspiracies and traitors, to make Icarus clean and secure, especially during the Omega shift. This guard is loyal to the assigned mission, works hard and gets results due to persistence and determination. Raven could become a perfect leader, incorruptible and proud.

Relations: Frost is a decent person and a good cop, also to share a drink or sometimes a talk.
The relationship with Silva started out as sparring, then drinking together, but then they both needed a connection and got closer and closer.
Mackinney is a violent bully, whom only the boss can keep in check.
Nowak, a Star Security Helix rookie from the Alpha shift, is trustworthy and very honest, and if Nowak becomes a friend Raven could ask to keep an eye on any irregularities on the Alpha shift.
Suri was a best friend in the past, but treason is like a poisoned knife, it hurts over and over.
Moses is too lazy to be a good cop.
Lee should be watched closely.
Guerrero doesn't seem to be the right boss for this group, a leader should take more care of subordinate ones.
Castillo is the UN Marine Corps Captain and is a very strong leader, even if too racist with Belters and Martians. Raven met Castillo during the first missions and thought Castillo was a very honest person.

- Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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