Labuan, The wild hunter with a loyal heart #5 [Against All Flags - EN 1]

#5 - The wild hunter with a loyal heart

Played by : E. P.

Motto: In the jungle we all hunt and we all get hunted.
Group: Mission's group
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Libertalia was founded in 1682 by Mission, Tew and Caraccioli. Mission's group includes the core crew that has been with her since the foundation: Quinn, Ace, Kraken, Sentinel and Tortuga. They were joined in 1688 by three Malagasy whose village was destroyed by the British: Kimera, Lizard and Labuan. Last to arrive is Tew's daughter, Storm, who moved from Tew's group to Mission's one in 1693.

Mission's group is defined by the fact that it has been in Libertalia the longest. Its relationship with the other groups is from this point of view which is rather privileged, but possibly based on claims that nowadays are no longer relevant.


Growing up in nature taught you that the worst enemies of humans are not animals, but other humans. And especially the hateful British, who destroyed your home and killed your family. You are ready to make them pay for a lifetime. Now that they have attacked your new home, Libertalia, it is time to flush them out like pigs. The free sisters can count on your agility and quick strikes. Be careful, though, that the desire for revenge does not lead you to make rash choices.


You, Similay and Salazar have had an important adventure together.
You, Kimera and Lizard grew up together. Salazar, for a time, has been with you.
Karma is like a mother to you; you defend her in combat and listen to her advice.
You have helped Similay in the past.
Kraken has taken a liking to you and trains you in combat.
You sense in Quinn a great sorrow and would like to help her.
You and Indigo have faced each other in the past: she is skilled and impetuous in combat.

- - Group: Mission's group - Nation: Madagascar - Character's Age (playable by anyone): adult - Keywords: Dedication Knives Implacability

Other members of the group: Mission's group Mission (1 ) Played by Jonathan B; Tortuga (10 ) Played by Alessandro A; Storm (2 ) Played by Salme V; Lizard (4 ) Played by Thomas K; Kimera (3 ) Played by Lucy H; Kraken (8 ) Played by Bunea S; Quinn (6 ) Played by Bérénice M; Sentinel (9 ) Played by Kristof M; Ace (NPC) (7 ) still looking for its player ;