First Officer Pauline Johnson, The ATA pilot -- La pilota ATA #49 [I ribelli della montagna 2]

First Officer Pauline Johnson
#49 - The ATA pilot -- La pilota ATA

Interpretato da: M. C.

Motto: The air is the only place free of prejudice
Gruppo: Fiamme Verdi
Teaser: It doesn't matter who you are, according you are able to do your job. This is the rule for the Air Transport Auxiliary. Weren't you able to fit the high standard of the Royal Air Force? Don't worry ATA is not so demanding concerning its members: injured, mutilated and disabled. And also women fly as peer: same rights, same duties, same rank, same pay. Pauline is a woman who has proven several times of beeing as tough as a man and at least twice smarter. She demand respect both from allies and enemies but she knows it won't be easy to get it in a foreign land.

Legami: Guglielmo ’’Roccia’’ Ponente doesn't give her enough credit because she is a woman. Carlo ’’Falena’’ Muraro saved her life, preventing the fascist from catching her. Miccia is a good fighter and has great respect of her skills. Lidia Oreste is really brave but her political ideals are misleading. She doesn't understand why Pietro ’’Barba’’ Cracchi is so esteemed among his pals: he's too young!

Provenienza: Partigiani - Gruppo: Fiamme Verdi - Sesso: Femmina - Età del giocatore: Adult - Consigli: INTERNATIONAL PLAYER - Archetipi: Active

Altri membri del gruppo: Fiamme Verdi Pietro Cracchi, nome di battaglia ’’Barba’’ (46 ) interpretato da Luca R; Anselmo Battiferro, nome di battaglia ’’Miccia’’ (47 ) interpretato da Stefano S; Giorgio Carbonesi, nome di battaglia ’’Don’’ (45 ) interpretato da Mauro G; Guglielmo Ponente, nome di battaglia ’’Roccia’’ (48 ) interpretato da Marco F;