Doctor Alejandro Romero, The doctor of the worthlesses #45 [Desaparecidos - ENG]

Doctor Alejandro Romero
#45 - The doctor of the worthlesses

Interpretato da: F. F.

Motto: | Do what you have to do and go where you have to go: I too will see what I can do, if I can still do something, where I will end up, if indeed I will end up somewhere.
Group: The MIR
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Members of MIR - Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria. “No elections; armed fight is the only way!” (MIR’s motto). MIR is an extreme left movement driven by class conflict and against capitalism. It’s the armed resistance to the regime. Its components are city guerrilla, ready to sacrifice themselves for the cause: overthrow Pinochet. They are revolutionaries, man and women who fight for the rights of the lower classes, faithful to the idea of armed conflict as the key to establish a just society through insurrection. Democracy is only one of the many faces of the dictatorship of the rich that bind Chile to american capitalism. Armed conflict is the only way to free the country. Members of the MIR will face a tough game of resistance and strong conflict with the members of the regime and their collaborators, and also with whomever does not embrace armed conflict. THEMES: armed class conflict, revolution, betrayal, ideals.

Raised with strong Christian values, Doctor Romero is a fervent and militant pacifist. With his rainbow-coloured scarf around his neck and his doctor's bag under his arm he roams Santiago's streets, looking for people in need of help and medical care. His job in the hospital is not enough for him, he knows that he is required elsewhere, where only the kind-hearted people dare to go. It's the right thing to do and it fufills his life, a life spent to help the poors and the needy. Sometimes other doctors make fun of him, telling that he's like Saint Francis but, to be honest, Romero quite enjoys those words: is the only quirk he allows himself in a life without vanity, where all that matters is the help he can give to the others.

He met Fernando Buendia Olivarez at college. He knows that he now works for the Government. Alejandro is not mad at him, but he truly hopes that Olivarez will change his mind. Marcia Scantlebury is a strong woman, but it's a sensitive time for her and she's more fragile than ever. Father Omar Venturelli Lionelli and him are like twins, they share the same devotion to the humblest and many he provided care for the sick poors. Buenaventura used to live in his neighbourhood, but now she is working far from Santiago; when she comes home she looks distant and scared.

Alignment: The dissidents - Group: The MIR - Nationality: Chile - Gender: Male - Player's Age: any age - DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer: The characters and the stories presented in DESAPARECIDOS are inspired by people and real facts, but their description and characterization is totally the result of imagination. In the writing of the event numerous liberties have been taken, especially as regards the characterization of the characters, the images used and the succession of the various events, which never claim to reflect the reality of the facts or behavior of historical characters. The interpretation of the players and the evolution of the narrative will lead to moments and events quite distant from historical reality. It is not intention of the authors to express any specific position or to make judgments on specific facts that actually occurred -except to condemn the use of any form of violence by anyone- nor to diminish in any way the historical and personal tragedy of the Chilean people and thousands of families involved in the drama of the desaparecidos.

Altri membri del gruppo: The MIR Marcia Scantlebury (57 ) interpretato da AnitaB; Blanca Alfonsin (61 ) interpretato da MariaS; Andrés Pascal Allende (46 ) interpretato da IvanG; Gustavo Ruiz (67 ) interpretato da DavideG;