Manuel Cabieses Donoso, The resistance's memory #44 [Desaparecidos - ENG]

Manuel Cabieses Donoso
#44 - The resistance's memory

Interpretato da: M. A.

Motto: | Write what should not be forgotten. | (I. Allende)
Group: The democratic opposition
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Democratic Opposition “We buried our democracy, we buried our freedom” (I. Allende) Former politicians from the banished parties populate the mild opposition, still dangerous and illegal. Professors, teachers, artists, journalists, all try to resist censorship and are marked as dangerous subversives. They are various people, who all want to restore democracy by organized political and peaceful actions, strongly blaming violence both from the regime and MIR. Thoughts, art, words, they still have the power to convince the conscience of a country. Or to sentence it to death. The democratic opposition will build its game on the universal values of civilization, right, freedom, into a context where they have been wiped out and forbidden. THEMES: democratic values, responsibility, hope, resistance.

Two years ago Manuel rose from his desk at Punto Final and chose to resist . Walking on the streets of Santiago, from what his eyes saw, what he witnessed went into his pen and a stream of words began to flow for Chile deserves the deepest truth, among the lies and the silence. With ink and printed paper, he’s the voice of the people. With a straight, unbent back that blackjack couldn’t break, with free hands that questioning couldn’t mutilate, he writes. But being a witness to the light, can get close to the death's shadow.

One year ago he interviewed Andrei Pascal Allende, a symbol on the armed fight against the regime. He learned that man like him are worthy of any sacrifice. Marcia Scantlebury used to work for him at Punto Final, but her articles were unproved rubbish. He published a few papers from Gustavo Ruiz an educated man, but then stopped, as he has dangerous extremist ideas.

Alignment: The dissidents - Group: The democratic opposition - Nationality: Chile - Gender: Male - Player's Age: any age - DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer: The characters and the stories presented in DESAPARECIDOS are inspired by people and real facts, but their description and characterization is totally the result of imagination. In the writing of the event numerous liberties have been taken, especially as regards the characterization of the characters, the images used and the succession of the various events, which never claim to reflect the reality of the facts or behavior of historical characters. The interpretation of the players and the evolution of the narrative will lead to moments and events quite distant from historical reality. It is not intention of the authors to express any specific position or to make judgments on specific facts that actually occurred -except to condemn the use of any form of violence by anyone- nor to diminish in any way the historical and personal tragedy of the Chilean people and thousands of families involved in the drama of the desaparecidos.

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