Carlos Dove - personaggio per Icarus - International run [Terre Spezzate] Gestionale Terre Spezzate


Carlos Dove, The hound from Mars - #38

Carlos Dove
#38 - The hound from Mars

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - International run - Interpretato da [ played by ]: D. P.

Player's notes:

Motto: Men build too many bridges and not enough walls.
Work Group: Mars Commission

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“Cooperating is often tougher than leading”
Icarus is a privately owned mining facility, but past events and an unstable political situation require a closer look on the mining operations. Both Earth and Mars sent their own delegations to keep a stable and trusted presence on the asteroid. Their main task is to ensure the extraction of precious fissile material proceeds as planned, and to see the agreed royalties are paid in full each month. Both commissions are made up of top level personnel selected among the elite of their planet: high-tiered Diplomats in charge of the delicate inter-planetary relationships, Military personnel appointed to oversee security and Scientists entrusted with supervising studies in the Labs. Being part of one of such delegation means representing one of the major powers operating in the Solar System, someone prepared for any challenge.

Teaser: Perfect hair, clean uniform, shining badge. Before facing a new day, C. Dove always checks for everything to be in order in front of the mirror. That's why C. is called by friends “The Perfectionist”.
When working for the Martian Intelligence, C. used to lead a special group in charge of inspections with the goal of smoking out potential dissidents. Nobody ever had a chance to escape their inspections and interviews. Anyone guilty had absolutely no change of getting away with it. That’s why C. is called by colleagues “The Hound”.
There's a time to work and a time to evade. Dove finds satisfaction and pleasure in Belter hookers' arms, and treats them like little pets, sometimes like objects. That’s why C. is called by those sex toys “The Tamer”. It's a pretty pastime, but it doesn't alleviate the stress of Dove’s important job - maybe something stronger could. Now, Dove is reaching Icarus as the one in charge of the political Martian commission. How many other nicknames will C. get from new friends, colleagues and hookers? And, most importantly, which names will come from new enemies? In this line of work, it's pretty clear that if you don't make enemies, you're not doing your job properly!

Relations: Kassad is a shameful traitor and Dove makes sure the trainer remembers it, every damn day. Eweli was once a brave and motivated martian, but now is just a poor wretch trying to make up a decent living. Vodyakin could even be considered a good person, but Vodyakin's ideas and political views need to change. Dove managed to make Maathai leave Mars for good; if that dissident is not a traitorous OPA's friend, who is? Dove once mistreated Vega and, for that, was reprimended by a fool martian named Cheng. Dove knows Higashi from some previous business and is a proud Martian who Dove likes keeping closely around. Rozovsky is just a softie who only deserves to be pitied. Szyslack is one hell of a business man, who knows how to behave with paying customers, especially martians, always keeping a respectful distance. Dove loves chatting with Pan, and the time spent together is becoming the most exciting on Icarus.

- Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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