Nefertari Vodyakin - personaggio per Icarus - International run [Terre Spezzate] Gestionale Terre Spezzate


Nefertari Vodyakin , A scientist who carries an heavy burden - #37

Nefertari Vodyakin
#37 - A scientist who carries an heavy burden

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - International run - Interpretato da [ played by ]: L. F.

Player's notes:

Motto: My future will be shaped by my actions alone, not by someone else's expectations.
Work Group: Mars Commission

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“Cooperating is often tougher than leading”
Icarus is a privately owned mining facility, but past events and an unstable political situation require a closer look on the mining operations. Both Earth and Mars sent their own delegations to keep a stable and trusted presence on the asteroid. Their main task is to ensure the extraction of precious fissile material proceeds as planned, and to see the agreed royalties are paid in full each month. Both commissions are made up of top level personnel selected among the elite of their planet: high-tiered Diplomats in charge of the delicate inter-planetary relationships, Military personnel appointed to oversee security and Scientists entrusted with supervising studies in the Labs. Being part of one of such delegation means representing one of the major powers operating in the Solar System, someone prepared for any challenge.

Teaser: Being the nephew of an important independentist leader has never been easy, and such a burdensome legacy can become unbearable sometimes. Every aspect of Vodyakin's life has ended up being compared to what ''good old Nikolay'' had achieved at the same age. At times, Vodyakin has felt crushed by the need of being spotless and perfect just to keep the family name unsullied, but has held steady and never cracked. One could say quite the opposite actually happened, as Vodyakin developed a great stubborness, and political views that are completely opposite of those of the Ruling Martian Elites. Vodyakin believes the red planet's leadership lost track of the true martian dream: it is definitely not turning the republic into a military nation. Using most of the planetary resources to fuel an unsustainable arms race will only crush the dream of making Mars a paradise. Now Vodyakin is capable and motivated enough, but backing those ideas with strong political action requires credibility. So, Vodyakin chose to prove commitment and worthiness through a difficult assignment, thus asking to be sent to a political and operational hot zone. Ending up on Icarus feels like that request was bluntly denied, but you can never know what lies under the surface of an apparently easy task.

Relations: Dove is sheer terror in person, a true embodiement of the actual martial doctrine. Suri represents the purest form of the martian dream. Being too close to such a controversial person could bear political risks, but Suri needs to be welcomed and encouraged, not cornered and branded. Nagata also carries a burdensome family name. Being an earther will prevent Nagata from understanding Vodyakin dreams, but maybe sharing some thoughts with someone capable of understanding them could be useful. Leandros is that kind of martian you can talk to, someone who can see beyond propaganda. Doesn't get along and had many heated discussion with Maathai about the ''martian dream''. Higashi thinks to be better than anyone else, but has skeletons and shameful shadows like everybody's else. Elliot embodies the reason why most martians hate Earth. A rude, restless and arrogant person who sees othes like pawns or assets. Elliot needs to be dealt with, sooner or later.

- Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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