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Gideon Elliot, A harsh self-made scientist - #35

Gideon Elliot
#35 - A harsh self-made scientist

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: M. P.

Player's notes:

Motto: There is no such thing as a lost opportunity. If you let one slip away, someone else will take it.
Work Group: Earth Commission

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“Cooperating is often tougher than leading”
Icarus is a privately owned mining facility, but past events and an unstable political situation require a closer look on the mining operations. Both Earth and Mars sent their own delegations to keep a stable and trusted presence on the asteroid. Their main task is to ensure the extraction of precious fissile material proceeds as planned, and to see the agreed royalties are paid in full each month. Both commissions are made up of top level personnel selected among the elite of their planet: high-tiered Diplomats in charge of the delicate inter-planetary relationships, Military personnel appointed to oversee security and Scientists entrusted with supervising studies in the Labs. Being part of one of such delegation means representing one of the major powers operating in the Solar System, someone prepared for any challenge.

Teaser: Born on earth in a poor and rural community, Elliot soon understood stagnation would mean living a poor and humiliating life. So the only way to rise to acceptable standards of well-being was fighting tooth and nail to gain education, knowledge and skills. Climbing the social and political ladder on Earth was not an easy task, but Elliot's ruthless pragmatism and opportunistic view of the world proved invaluable. Elliot was lucky and far-sighted enough to learn how to pull the right strings and managed to start a scientific and political career. The scientific department is held in great regard within UN, and Elliot succesfully used every sort of ''grey area trick'' to win people's support and fuel a bright, skyrocketing career. Elliot repaid the trust of UN's top shots a hundred times, putting Earth's interest above everything else. However, seeing how things work in the Expanse left Elliot disgusted. Most of the belters just sit and whine about their misfortunes and about how life is unfair, but none of them actually does what it really takes to improve one's life. Elliot knows what it means to be born with nothing, and can't help but despise belters, who are only able to complain or resort to violence.

Relations: Nyman is a good officer who can be ruthless when needed, but lately seems a little too distracted. Just when extra care is needed to keep those belters in check. Rozovsky is literally a living legend in earth's interstellar diplomacy and is indeed worthy of the utmost respect. However, sometimes Rozovsky seems to grow a little soft about some issues, and needs to be respectfully advised and prodded by a younger colleague. Russo is a naive idealist, whose dangerous ideas must be kept in check. Vodyakin is another moron born under a shining star. Looks like that pampered dirtbag is the weak spot in the red planet's commission, and Elliot likes putting pressure on weak spots. Valdemar should keep both eyes open, before this rock turns into an OPA operation center. Too bad the manager seems deaf to all those alerts Elliot sent to the management office. Nagata is another spoiled brat kicked away from earth. This one thinks every human being is equal, and that's something easy to think, if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth. As soon as Nagata makes a wrong move, Elliot will be there to take advantage of it.

- Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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