Kimera, The gentlewoman pirate with a short temper #3 [Against All Flags - EN 2]

#3 - The gentlewoman pirate with a short temper

Played by : B. W.

Motto: Come and find me here! You will meet the free Tiger, ready for anything, determined to do anything.
Group: Mission's group
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Libertalia was founded in 1682 by Mission, Tew and Caraccioli. Mission's group includes the core crew that has been with her since the foundation: Quinn, Ace, Kraken, Sentinel and Tortuga. They were joined in 1688 by three Malagasy whose village was destroyed by the British: Kimera, Lizard and Labuan. Last to arrive is Tew's daughter, Storm, who moved from Tew's group to Mission's one in 1693.

Mission's group is defined by the fact that it has been in Libertalia the longest. Its relationship with the other groups is from this point of view which is rather privileged, but possibly based on claims that nowadays are no longer relevant.


Who took your land away Kimera? Remember. It was them: the British. Since then, you have lived to fight and destroy them. Some would like you to be the captain of your group, because they would prefer you to lead the free sisters into battle and make the decisions that affect you. You shine with pride and ferocity and are unwilling to compromise the integrity of your beliefs. Perhaps the time has come for you to take your rightful place among the free sisters, to lead them to the destruction of the English.


You, Lizard and Labuan grew up together. Salazar, for a time, was with you.
You suspect that Betsiley has something that belongs to you.
Karma is like a mother to you; you know that she admires you and you willingly listen to what she says.
You have helped Similay in the past.
Although you respect each other, you and Tamatave have clashed in the past.
Mission is a good guide, but sometimes loses sight of the needs of your group.
Sentinel has understood that you must act without delay for the good of all; you support each other.
You saved Hunter's life.

- - Group: Mission's group - Nation: Madagascar - Character's Age (playable by anyone): adult - Keywords: Pride Justice Charm

Other members of the group: Mission's group Kraken (8 ) Played by Carolina F; Mission (1 ) Played by Pelle J; Tortuga (10 ) Played by Janne L; Lizard (4 ) Played by Nicole B; Quinn (6 ) Played by Ernesto D; Sentinel (9 ) Played by Schnabel V; Storm (2 ) Played by Laura B; Labuan (5 ) Played by Sven V; Ace (NPC) (7 ) still looking for its player ;