Jonathan Levine, The new employee #21 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Interpretato da: O. B.

Motto: There is a moment in which you have to decide: are you the little prince waiting to be saved or are you the self-rescuing warrior? I think I have already chosen ... I saved myself.
Gruppo: The Mokos Management
Teaser: There was a time when you were no one, when you were a slave to a woman of power, a woman who used you in every possible way a man can be used. You were horribly exploited with any sort of abuse, you still feel terrible at the thought of all the times you were humiliated, used, treated as an object of property. You were destined, sooner or later, to the trash like garbage. You could not bear it and you took your fate in your hands. Bringing with you the most precious thing you had, the confidential informations on the Demetra staff, you left the company and you crossed the border, offering your experience and your services to Mokos. You could finally own your destiny, in return. Sure, after all things are not so easy in Russia as you thought, but you're certainly they are better than before ... You work as a human resources officer at Mokos and you know that today you'll see again for the first time the face of the woman who crushed your soul under her heel for so long.

KEY WORDS: pride, emancipation, revenge, abuse, redemption

Legami: Before leaving the Demetra company for Mokos, you knew well Sinead Byrne whom you admired for her efficiency and Abigail Miller, who was your boss and your personal despot. Larissa Svetlanovna Leibedev seems to respect your work a lot and has granted you some private audiences. You admire Iosif Morozov for his role in the company.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Mokos Management - Sesso: male - Età del giocatore: Any age - Consigli: Suitable for a player who does not fear rough topics.

Altri membri del gruppo: The Mokos Management Vladilena Kuznetsov (19 ) interpretato da ESTHER SYRAT; Veronika ''Nikushka'' Golubev (17 ) interpretato da MariaA; Irina Krisniushenko (18 ) interpretato da JohannaM; Larissa Svetlanovna Leibedev (15 ) interpretato da IsabellaI; Iosif Morozov (20 ) interpretato da GiovanniC; Andrey Ivanov Leibedev (22 ) interpretato da LaurentR; Ida Volkov (16 ) interpretato da ElenaM;