Irina Krisniushenko, The manager of information services #18 [Demetra - INTERNATIONAL]

Irina Krisniushenko
#18 - The manager of information services

Interpretato da: J. M.

Motto: The heart is a muscle and like all the muscles over time, if not used it will waste away. Love is a powerful feeling, especially when you have to fight with the bitter cold inside yourself. But there is hope for each of us. It takes just some believing in it.
Gruppo: The Mokos Management
Teaser: When you were only seven, they took you away from your mother's arms. Siberia grants you only two possibilities: to be annihilated and to die or fight and survive. You have learned, at the expense of your whole childhood and part of your freedom, what it means to be a soldier. Order, discipline and loyalty to the cause. These three dogmas have accompanied your training and if it was not for Larissa, maybe you would not have survived. It is perhaps the only friend you have in Mokos. And often having a connection with your own humanity allows you not to permanently lose touch with reality. The cold, the snow and the loneliness have frozen your soul but sometimes a single flame is enough to rekindle a heart that is too dull and icy.

KEY WORDS: coldness, martiality, loyalty, revenge, desire

Legami: You owe everything to Larissa Svetlanovna Leibedev and you are faithful to her. During a previous visit you met Aaron Taylor and Mark Lovermann Baker who seems to admire you deeply. You wonder if he see in you what he probably would like to be.

Provenienza: Guests - Gruppo: The Mokos Management - Sesso: female - Età del giocatore: Any age

Altri membri del gruppo: The Mokos Management Ida Volkov (16 ) interpretato da ElenaM; Andrey Ivanov Leibedev (22 ) interpretato da LaurentR; Iosif Morozov (20 ) interpretato da GiovanniC; Larissa Svetlanovna Leibedev (15 ) interpretato da IsabellaI; Jonathan Levine (21 ) interpretato da OliverB; Veronika ''Nikushka'' Golubev (17 ) interpretato da MariaA; Vladilena Kuznetsov (19 ) interpretato da ESTHER SYRAT;