Val, The “Wildling Princess” #13 [Beyond the Wall]

#13 - The “Wildling Princess”

Interpretato da: M. F.

Motto: Whaddya think you know, you Crows?
Group: Night's Watch
Teaser: Val is not a wee Southron Lady, but a woman of the Free Folk: she knows the forest better than any of those black-clothed rangers. Now trusting the Black Crows is hard, but if Jon Snow has gained the respect of Mance Rayder, he is also worthy of Val’s. And Jon Snow was right, when he sent her with this squad of Crows: without her as a guide, they wouldn’t even know where their arse is. The biggest challenge in the lands of the Free Folk, her people, is to find a way to live with the Night’s Watch and to be able to fully trust each other: a not at all granted venture.

Relations: On Jon Snow’s request, she is under August's command, but she hopes he’s willing to follow some advice. Finnegan is a well known ranger, an old enemy. The others will have the respect – or the disrespect – they will deserve… to be honest, actually some of them are kind of cute. She looks at Dorrick in an enigmatic way. She knew Dreki in the past, but she doesn't know what happened to him.

Origin: Night's Watch - Group: Night's Watch - Gender: female - Player's Age: 35 or less - Archetypes: healer

Altri membri del gruppo: Night's Watch August Glover (14 ) interpretato da JeffM; Ser Finnegan Tully (15 ) interpretato da matteod; Rick Snow (16 ) interpretato da CornazT; Darreth Orme (17 ) interpretato da AlessandroF; Weslar Peckledon (18 ) interpretato da MaksymR; Ser Osney Kettleblack (19 ) interpretato da PelleJ; Prestan Swygert (20 ) interpretato da Luca StefanoB; Sandor Rivers (21 ) interpretato da BarnabéD; Dorrick (22 ) interpretato da FedericoT; Ser Osfryd Kettleblack (23 ) interpretato da SerhiiT; Alliser (25 ) interpretato da FrancescoP; Vaessa Velaryon (36 ) interpretato da JulieS; Ser Osmund Kettleblack (37 ) interpretato da RomediusW;