Jacques Palanche, The waiter with socialist ideas #10 [Keystone - ENG 1]

Jacques Palanche
#10 - The waiter with socialist ideas

Interpretato da: E. B.

Motto: Each of us alone is worth nothing.
Group: Servants of the Guests
Teaser: Luggage, dishes, coats, tablecloths, candles, carriages, sheets, beverages. Every single moment in the life of your masters depends on you and those like you who toil and sweat and despair in domestic work. Is this justice? Is this equality? That the powerful of this earth cannot sew on a button or prepare a cup of tea without commanding to a servant? Waiters, washerwomen, cooks, grooms: look at yourselves! You are, in reality, the noblest and most powerful people in this world. You are the ones who move the world and make it turn, towards a destiny shaped by lords that have inherited power or stolen it, taking it from others who are not inferior, no less worthy. Well, is this equality? Is this justice? You are not just a madman, nor a dreamer: great philosophers have written of the same ideas that burn in your chest. No evening passes when you do not leaf through your Marx, finding once more the reflection of what you observe every day. But a man is useless alone, so why should you not spread the word to everyone, why not welcome everyone to join in the glorious effort and march together towards destiny? Not to destroy the masters, nor even to take their place, because you are not blinded by haughtiness or pride. Rather, it is for you to decide the direction in which to make the world move, the direction which destiny should take. You, cobblers, nurses, chimney sweeps, porters: you the strongest, you the purest, proud, free, united. Take what you deserve! You who are enslaved and divided: unite and be free. This is equality! This is justice!

Relations: He is in the service of Gaetano Osculati. A few years ago, he worked for a short time in the same house as Candide Artoise, but he does not have much esteem for that person. He discusses different topics of interest with Christopher Price. He admires the intellectual curiosity of Hector Schmidt with a certain envy, but he would like men like Schmidt to put their culture at the service of the class struggle. On the other hand, he does not need to convince Emilio Fiori who seems to be in tune with his ideas.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Downstairs - Group: Servants of the Guests - Nationality: French - Gender: Male - Player's Age: Any age - Advices: An active character on the social front, suitable for an extroverted player who wants to give speeches, and who likes to be at the center of intrigues and machinations.

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