Hector Schmitz, Lord Scarborough's vallet #1 [Keystone - ENG 1]

Hector Schmitz
#1 - Lord Scarborough's vallet

Interpretato da: D. U.

Motto: Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only upon death.
Group: Relatives and Servants of the House
Teaser: The personal valet of a noble gentleman is more than just a simple servant. A personal valet is a close friend not by his own choice. But as Hector has had opportunity to discover, this position which he would never have imagined for himself can have its advantages; surprising and sometimes considerable advantages. To him, the greatest advantage gained by his post has been the free use of the library. Certainly not all servants of Scarborough House look favorably on a privileged servant who continually flaunts a cultured air, but Lord Scarborough smiled benevolently at the discovery that Hector was a passionate reader as well as curiously knowledgeable about literature. In the rooms of Lord Scarborough, while dressing for dinner, a habit formed between the two of comparing his ideas on this or that author to those of his master's, of conversing on the latest trends in literature and on any new developments. But his life, or that part which is worth enjoying, consists of nothing more than a few hours of intelligent conversation with his extraordinary lord and of moments stolen in reading, short intervals of light in countless gray days spent standing with a tray, mending jackets, polishing shoes, or serving tea. Perhaps, despite the years spent in service, the life of Hector Schmitz may still have surprises in store. perhaps there is still a place for him in history, being a wise, even cunning man who understands how to regain possession of what he craves.

Relations: Miss Margaret Alice Murray is always very kind and easy-going toward him. Elizabeth Rush instead treats him with detachment. He has struck up a strange friendship with Emilio Fiori and often stops to chat with him at the end of a work day. It is said that in the past he was a good friend of Paolo Valera, who went bankrupt years ago because of a loan to open a pub. The loan had usurious rates and had been made to him by Alphonse Raimbaud Rubenstein the banker. He admires Jacques Palanche due to his cultured air.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Downstairs - Group: Relatives and Servants of the House - Nationality: Italian - Gender: Male - Player's Age: Any age - Advices: This character is suitable for a player who prefers not to be too close to the spotlight but still likes to have interesting information and consequently to become involved in plots linked to mystical and esoteric themes. The character is focused on the subject of personal revenge, and he is very familiar with Lord Scarborough and with the house.

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