Fuego, The fierce captain who never gives up #21 [Against All Flags - EN 2]

#21 - The fierce captain who never gives up

Played by : C. K.

Player's notes: I'm sure we'll get to know each other well during the upcoming weeks, but here are the essentials:
Christian (he/him)
40yo from Germany
been playing Pen & Paper RPGs for most of my life, but LARPing for only five years
games played so far: Witcher School, HØST, The Cabin, Demeter, Something Ends, Something Begins, Zero

Motto: Long-concealed embers become a fire hard to extinguish
Group: Fuego's group
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Libertalia was founded in 1682 by Mission, Tew and Caraccioli. Its fame has grown over the years and has recently attracted Fuego and her crew. After freeing the Malagasy Betsiley, who had been part of Avery's group for years, from an English prison, Fuego and the others let her guide them to Libertalia. For a month they became part of the free sisters. Betsiley stayed with them to help them settle in. They have brought a breath of fresh air and enthusiastic energy.

Fuego's group is defined by having only been in Libertalia for a month. However, they strongly wanted to find it and be part of it. They also are the owners of the ship on which all the free sisters now find themselves.


Without knowing it, you have been searching for Libertalia all your life. She was what you longed for deep in your heart and more. You had long been searching for a way to reach her with your crew, and that dream came true a month ago. The fact that it lasted so little makes you furious and inspires you to fight to convince everyone to come back and fight for what is yours. You have no other thought. If your life ends, it will end on that coast, defending your settlement and your free sisters. You are not willing to accept any other possibility


You, Rascal and McKenzie have been raiding together for a lifetime. Kassidy has patched you up more times than you can remember. You have had it out with Granada. Skully is your right-hand woman.
You saved Betsiley's life.
Mission and Avery have always treated you with respect, but the fight to take over La Grace has changed the balance between you.
Caraccioli is a ball and chain, breathing down your neck.

- - Group: Fuego's group - Nation: Spain - Character's Age (playable by anyone): any - Keywords: Remorse Determination Passion

Other members of the group: Fuego's group Azure (28 ) Played by Alex H; Granada (24 ) Played by Mary L; Papillon (23 ) Played by Joel T; Rascal (25 ) Played by Gilles C; McKenzie (26 ) Played by Sylvain L; Betsiley (27 ) Played by Marine L; Kassidy (29 ) Played by Andrea P; Seadog (30 ) Played by Joern T; Skully (NPC) (22 ) still looking for its player ;