Plomb, The resolute buccaneer who doesn't need to raise her voice #20 [Against All Flags - EN 2]

#20 - The resolute buccaneer who doesn't need to raise her voice

Played by : J. D.

Motto: Sometimes you do things for the dead that you would not have done for the living
Group: Avery's group
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Libertalia was founded in 1682 by Mission  , Tew and Caraccioli  . Avery took refuge there in 1690, when she became the most wanted pirate captain in the world. Her group includes two members of her old crew, Indigo   and Hunter  , and several Malagasy who have joined over time for various reasons: Karma  , Tamatave  , Similay   and Salazar  . Chili   and Bellamy   joined the group in 1692. The newest addition, Plomb  , moved from Tew's group to Mission's group in 1696.

Avery's group is distinguished by having been in Libertalia for less time than Mission's. However, it is made up of free sisters who contributed decisively to its development into the pirate republic it is now.


The free sisters call you Death and say you are not afraid of anything. You have never been a victim in your life and you certainly will not be a victim now. You know how to track your enemies, then corner them and strike them mercilessly. Whoever hunts you will be hunted, whoever attends to the lives of the free sisters will lose theirs. The buccaneer's job is to kill, the pig's job is to die. You do not fear wounds and physical pain. You do not fear death, with whom you have been walking for a long time. It is other things that you fear. Fragments of a lost past, hate and love and hands that let go forever. These are the things that keep you awake at night, now that the past weighs like lead on your shoulders.


Papillon   is your sister. You have known Granada   for a long time.
You have worked with Salazar  .
You have had a chance to work together with Chili   and check her skills. You keep an eye on Seadog  .
Kraken   and Skully   are capable guides.
Azure   is acting strangely.
You and Storm   can't stand each other.
You and Indigo   have cooperated in the past

- - Group: Avery's group - Nation: France - Character's Age (playable by anyone): adult - Advices: This character will receive a rental rifle from organizers, paying €25 This character has a tattoo (a temporary one, provided by organizers) - Keywords: Family Abandonment Death

Other members of the group: Avery's group Hunter (14 ) Played by Paul T; Indigo (13 ) Played by Anton V; Avery (11 ) Played by Claire B; Chili (16 ) Played by Alisa P; Similay (18 ) Played by Stefan K; Salazar (19 ) Played by Magdalena G; Bellamy (17 ) Played by Aurore L; Tamatave (15 ) Played by Elena P; Karma (NPC) (12 ) still looking for its player ;