Cassio Manuel Colon De Portugal Y Ayala, heir to the Duchy of Veragua, The bored noble one who ran away from a marriage #8 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Interpretato da: T. K.

Motto: Life is and should always be what you made of it, and I fully intend to make mine one worth living.
The Crew
Teaser: THEMES: adventure - patronage - love - idealism

C.M. Colon De Portugal Y Ayala is not only a noble, but one of the very important ones: a ''Grande'', as the Spanish like to call the high nobility.
But if one thing never really meant anything in the nobleperson's life are material things. The things the spaniard truly desire are the ones no money can buy, those that give life true meaning. That's why no place is ever big enough, no food is ever good enough and why, most importantly, no story or adventure is ever foolish enough. That's how C.M. ended up on Melee island first, then on the La Grace. That's how C. M always lives. Trying to find something over the horizon that can make one's life really worth living.

Relations: Good friend with J. Lafitte, Goodwill, M. Karks and Tamirez; V. Portero is the first true friend and nothing can tear them apart. M. Gresset is an interesting person, with a lot of stories to tell.
C. M. has a general interest in all the artists and that led to a funny, unofficial and urequitted feud with R. Farìa, who apparently wants to prove to be the best and richest on the Island, which the yougling is obviously not.

The Crew - The Crew - Nationality: Spanish - Gender: unisex