Avery Blackguard, The petty thief in trouble #17 [Pirate Academy - ENG]

Avery Blackguard
#17 - The petty thief in trouble

Played by : M. L.

Player's notes: Michael Liebhart

Motto: When ill luck begins, it does not come in sprinkles, but in showers.
The Crew


THEMES: deceit - freedom - trust - courage

Blackguard always had a talent to make an impression on people: ''liar'', ''thief'', ''dishonest'', ''bilge rat'', ''smartass'', ''disgrace''...the fact that rarely it was a good impression, well, it's just a detail. Actually, since Blackguard came into this world alone, and alone learned how to survive, all of those gentle names might be considered quite the achievement. Being a criminal was not a choice, more like a necessity, and possibly becoming a pirate was more or less the same. Some say that Blackguard, after a life of stealing under the protection of ruthless gangsters, needed a fresh new start. While others, possibly better informed, told the story of a petty thief who screwed up a very important theft and therefore was forced to leave Melee Island or face the consequences of having displeased those very same ruthless gangsters. One thing is for sure, once again Blackguard is working with disputable people, and this time their lack of ruthlessness might not be a good thing.


Cobb   is a real friend, possibly the only one. Y. Mc Dougall   beat the shit out of Blackguard more than once.
Blackguard confessed to V. Portero   to love them, but it's not the entire truth. Admires El Perro Loco   and desperately wants to convince the killer to be a mentor, but unfortunately the petty thief is also totally scared of the cutthroat.

The Crew - The Crew - Nationality: English - Gender: unisex - Advices: This character has a scar on the face.