Charlotte Cotillard, The famous opera singer #53 [Keystone - ENG 1]

Charlotte Cotillard
#53 - The famous opera singer

Interpretato da: N. R.

Motto: How can a star shine without someone who admires her?
Group: Artists and intellectuals
Teaser: The eyes you see in the mirror are getting sadder and sadder, wearier and wearier, cries of admiration of your devotees grow dim. Audiences of Europe at your feet, flowers thrown onto the stage, rows of powerful lords standing in line only to have the honour of admiring you - everything fades, everything is about to vanish. The cruel orchestra of time has already begun its final movement, you hate it, you hate the sad adagio of time and old age - ah! that word, sombre and obscene, unbecoming of a star, indecorous of a goddess with an angelic voice and a mystical grace. Away! Begone! Sweep away the shadows hardening under the first wrinkles, trace the rouge above an unsteady smile, sing again for your admirers and finally claim the throne that only belongs to you: the stage, the first name on the billboard, the desparate dream of those who only dare to hope to hear you sing.
You are alone in your room, which is stifling with letters and gifts that come rarer by the day. In the silence you only hear the clamour of stage masters who hasten to set up the stage for the new star. ''Adore me, adore me one last time'' you scream to the shadows that surround you, before they are dispersed, before they blithely swarm the graces of a new star to adore, ungrateful and already oblivious of who was the only, supreme, heavenly queen. But you won't surrender your throne so quickly. They must not forget. They cannot abandon you. You will demonstrate, until the last drop of blood that colours your face that only you are the star able to illuminate their sky.''

Relations: She's travelling with her new maid Abigail, has attended rich Miriam Alexandrine de Rotschild's parlor. She is a good acquaintance of journalist Paolo Valera. Several months ago she collapsed from a heatstroke and Leo Vaughan assisted her, and though he was a servant, he was very courteous to her. She is intolerant to the attentions Mary Shaw lavishes upon her. A long time ago, in the environments of the Parisian theater, she met Guillaume Bellegard, to whom she can call herself a friend.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Upstairs - Group: Artists and intellectuals - Nationality: French - Gender: Female - Player's Age: Adult - 28 years or more - Advices: A character focused on her personal dramas and on subjects such as decline and loss of fame, without leaving out involvement in mysteries and political intrigues.

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