Lord Gordon Asherton, The captain of industry fascinated by the future #44 - Keystone - ENG 1 (sito)

Lord Gordon Asherton
#44 - The captain of industry fascinated by the future (età Any age)

Personaggio de [ character for ] Keystone - ENG 1 - Interpretato da [ played by ]: w. m.


Player's notes:

Motto: Many conservatives are agoraphobic. They fear open minds.
Group: High Society
Teaser: Little Lord Gordon was born to a noble English family, a pre-established life in front of him: a law degree in Cambridge, a good marriage with a maiden of English nobility and a life spent in vacuous ease, dedicated to producing heirs for the Asherton line and to maintaining the family heritage. But young Gordon was never the little lord his parents had so long imagined and planned for, inspired as he was by a mathematician mother, raised in a family of liberal ideas who even allowed the butler's daughter to study with him and his brothers. As a child he showed a fascination for science, a brilliant and curious mind. During the long nights spent reading books on physics and botany young Gordon was able to make extraordinary trips aboard the Nautilus with Captain Nemo or in company with Phineas Fogg around the world on trains and hot air balloons. He understood that the human mind is a special and complex thing, able to imagine the future, and that it is up to man himself to bring it about. Consequently, Gordon had decided to abandon the established path and become a champion of the future, a bulwark of technological innovation, a person for whose endeavours future generations would be grateful. He would lend his support to technology, medicine and any other innovation that would make science able to realize what imagination could envision. Every bizarre alchemist or renowned scientist has passed at least once through the study of Lord Gordon Asherton, industrial magnate, always at the forefront, always accompanied by the most beautiful woman, always at the center of conversation. The destiny his father had established for him has changed and the future is now free to be written ...

Relations: His trusted maid is Judith Price. He had previously done business with Lord / Lady Ashley Wetmore. Has been acquainted with Mary Shaw for some time during her time in London. He has had a heated epistolary discussion with Emmeline Punkhurst on women's rights, and it is well known that there is no love lost between the two over certain events in his lordship's factories. These facts incurred a strong resentment towards Annie Besant who was encouraging the strike of his workers. He recently met Dominique Lemaire who introduced him to the Masonic circles.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Upstairs - Nationality: British - Gender: Male - Player's Age: Any age - Advices: A charismatic character for an active player who loves to be at the center of attention. He will be involved with action plots that will make him think about his convictions. He has some romantic storylines and will recieve guidance from the staff. -

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