Nathan Goodwill, The manipulative servant #21 [Keystone - ENG 1]

Nathan Goodwill
#21 - The manipulative servant

Interpretato da: M. M.

Motto: Change is the only sure characteristic of true fortune
Group: Servants of the Guests
Teaser: It's not easy to work for a man like Cedric Constantine Crosby. Luckily for Nathan, serving this lord and being a soldier in the past are quite similar: always stand at attention, follow whatever order comes and never make eye contact with a superior. His strong will and discipline allowed him to stay by Lord Crosby's side much longer than any other servant and apparently the Lord discreetly appreciates his company and the capability to gather information from others' servants. Thanks to the secrets and the rumours Nathan heard from some chatty attendants after a drink or seducing a rosy dreamy maid, Lord Crosby could arrange many lucrative deals. Like an avid gambler, Nathan loves to bluff on the gaming table of life while always keeping some secrets for himself. Even the Lord doesn't know everything about him and his double life as a soldier and an attendant: secrets are the best cards to play whether to get a better treatment or to advance his own ambitions.

Relations: He accompanies Lord Cedric Constantine Crosby. While he was serving in the Queen's Army he had the honour to meet Captain Philip Laurence. He is sure to have seen Morgan Camden somewhere but he can't remember when. Some say the servant Lena Reinhart has been seen spending time alone with him. He enjoys Abigail Kelly's helplessness.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Downstairs - Group: Servants of the Guests - Nationality: British - Gender: Male - Player's Age: Any age - Advices: Character with a strong will and selfish personality. Perfect for players looking to experiment with competition and greed.

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