Claretta Benvenuti, The feminist maid #19 [Keystone - ENG 1]

Interpretato da: L. M.

Motto: You say we’re only women, but we are not afraid!
Group: Relatives and Servants of the House
Teaser: The century now nearing it’s end has seen science and progress make giant strides, yet the government of the people continues to be entrusted to despotic and bloody tyrants whose main characteristic are that they are men. That’s how our Claretta, quite strangely for a maid, thinks. That is, she thinks this when, between mending clothes and brushing hair, she can find the time to leave Lady Violet Scarbrough to her vague and ethereal speeches. Then she finally has the opportunity to pursue her reading, even if she still reads with difficulty, since she learned by herself. Especially those reports written by travelers able to reach the four corners of the globe. Without any family, she grew up and became a girl only thanks to the mercy of the nuns of the female orphanage of the Little Industrious Weavers. Growing up, Claretta has cultivated her own restless soul. At just fourteen years old, she fled from the congregation that housed her and started working at a textile factory as a worker. The time as a worker in a factory taught her how hard the obligations of a working woman are to reconcile with the needs of studying or those of motherhood. She was the only one, perhaps thanks to her erudition or her courage, that was able to stand up and tell the master what she thought of him, when she saw him dismiss a colleague whose belly was swelling with the child she was carrying. That resulted in her losing her employment and led to the belief that women must organize themselves to protest for their rights. From it, she also became curious to meet those few women who really seem to live free: those high society ladies who are said to have so much influence on the destinies of peoples and nations thanks to their charm and their friendships. Is it true that what is rumored? Claretta cannot wait to find out!

Relations: Despite having only recently met her, she cannot stand Scarlett Owen. She admires Emmeline Pankhurst very much, whom she has heard of as a woman who is passionate and engaged in politics. She exchanged some women’s gossip with the young Abigail. She seems very interested in Emilio Fiori, so much so that she often finds herself watching him while he works in the garden.

Upstairs or Downstairs: Downstairs - Group: Relatives and Servants of the House - Nationality: Italian - Gender: Female - Player's Age: Any age - Advices: An active and idealistic character who will have to face dilemmas and compromises to get what she wants.

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