August Glover, The head of the expedition #14 [Beyond the Wall]

August Glover
#14 - The head of the expedition

Interpretato da: J. M.

Motto: Compassion is the first step towards understanding
Group: Night's Watch
Teaser: August took his oath a few months ago, but he climbed the ladder in the Night Watch's hierarchy really fast: his high values and his trust in other people conquered Jon Snow's unconditioned trust. For this reason the Lord Commander decided to entrust him with guiding one of the most important expeditions ever: retrieving the dragonglass is of utmost importance, and August will do anything to ensure that the mission is completed and that his authority is respected. He is the right man for the job, but not everyone is sure of this.

Relations: August knows he can count on the unconditioned support of Rick Snow, and trusts him completely, as well as Alliser and Gregor, whose counsel he often seeks. He doesn't know well many members of the expedition he leads, but he is sure he will not be able to have a good night's sleep as long as Ser Finnegan Tully will continue to doubt him. August is also worried about Darreth Orme, who hasn't yet proved himself worth of the mission: he is a good guy, but without August's help he would be lost. He asks himself if it was a good idea to bring Vaessa Velaryon with them. He is still uncertain about Val, but there is little time left to decide whether to trust her or not.

Origin: Night's Watch - Group: Night's Watch - Gender: male - Player's Age: any age

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