Marcia Scantlebury, The broken pen #57 [Desaparecidos - ENG]

Interpretato da: A. B.

Motto: | Rebels won't always change the world. But the world won't ever change the rebels. | (A. De Benoist)
Group: The MIR
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Members of MIR - Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria. “No elections; armed fight is the only way!” (MIR’s motto). MIR is an extreme left movement driven by class conflict and against capitalism. It’s the armed resistance to the regime. Its components are city guerrilla, ready to sacrifice themselves for the cause: overthrow Pinochet. They are revolutionaries, man and women who fight for the rights of the lower classes, faithful to the idea of armed conflict as the key to establish a just society through insurrection. Democracy is only one of the many faces of the dictatorship of the rich that bind Chile to american capitalism. Armed conflict is the only way to free the country. Members of the MIR will face a tough game of resistance and strong conflict with the members of the regime and their collaborators, and also with whomever does not embrace armed conflict. THEMES: armed class conflict, revolution, betrayal, ideals.


Sometimes life asks for a fight, until the last breath. Marcia began her struggle at Punto Final, the newspaper she worked for, where her bravery only met fear, indifference and convenience. Her ideals broke against a stronger wall that only bombs will destroy where her pen failed. Sometimes life asks to marry a rifle, cradle a knife between the breasts, plan an attack with other MIR comrades. What life also ask is to drown sorrow when these brothers and sister in arms die. Life asks to never surrender, even when the pain for such losses is not the only wight one carries.

She left Punto Final because Manuel Cabieses Donoso never liked her provocative articles and dind’t want to publish anything against the Government. Lately, she often turns to Doctor Alejandro Romero as the fight is taking its toll on her and she needs medical attentions. Felix Buendia was once an intimate friend, but now she fiercely despises him. Carmen Yanez is a good friend and her poetry an inspiration.

Alignment: The dissidents - Group: The MIR - Nationality: Chile - Gender: Female - Player's Age: any age - DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer: The characters and the stories presented in DESAPARECIDOS are inspired by people and real facts, but their description and characterization is totally the result of imagination. In the writing of the event numerous liberties have been taken, especially as regards the characterization of the characters, the images used and the succession of the various events, which never claim to reflect the reality of the facts or behavior of historical characters. The interpretation of the players and the evolution of the narrative will lead to moments and events quite distant from historical reality. It is not intention of the authors to express any specific position or to make judgments on specific facts that actually occurred -except to condemn the use of any form of violence by anyone- nor to diminish in any way the historical and personal tragedy of the Chilean people and thousands of families involved in the drama of the desaparecidos.

Altri membri del gruppo: The MIR Doctor Alejandro Romero (45 ) interpretato da Federico F; Andrés Pascal Allende (46 ) interpretato da IvanG; Blanca Alfonsin (61 ) interpretato da MariaS; Gustavo Ruiz (67 ) interpretato da DavideG;