Laura Allende, The mother to the Cause #47 [Desaparecidos - ENG]

Laura Allende
#47 - The mother to the Cause

Interpretato da: V. K.

Motto: 'Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus. (U. Eco)
Group: El pueblo
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“El pueblo” “Tyranny cuts the head who sings, but the voice at the bottom of the well returns to the secret springs of earth, and from the darkness it will rise, from the mouth of the people” (Pablo Neruda) Common people, men and women, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. They are the heart of a hidden resistance, silent, dramatic, and tragic. They fight to protect their loved ones, their families, to find them and reunite them. They secretly collaborate with the resistance, endangering themselves and their families. They are unjustly accused innocents, guilty of misrepresented or daring opinions, or simply victims of personal retaliation. Everyone has a different story, but they are all united by a clandestine fight, in the name of their loved ones and freedom, or by the fear of the regime. The people of el Pueblo will have a game centered on familiar drama, the change of everyday life, personal survival and survival of the loved ones. THEMES: fear, family, security, betrayal

Teaser: Pompous Laura walked, boasting the Allende’s name and enjoying the golden light radiating from her brother Salvador and his position of power. Then one morning there was smoke and rubble, her life crumbled and that bright dawn became a mournful sunset. But her name survived like a death sentence and a curse, both idolized and loathed, a bulwark of resistance and a lineage to suppress. And to think that Laura only wanted a peaceful life for herself and her son Andrés Pascal… But in this cruel time, even life is a luxury.

Relations: She loves her son Andres Pascal more than anything and would give her life for him. She is friend with Ofelia Distal who is also her confidant. In Santiago she recently met Paul Schafer a charming land owner. He’s reserved, but also polite and educated.

Alignment: The dissidents - Group: El pueblo - Nationality: Chile - Gender: Female - Player's Age: Mature - DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer: The characters and the stories presented in DESAPARECIDOS are inspired by people and real facts, but their description and characterization is totally the result of imagination. In the writing of the event numerous liberties have been taken, especially as regards the characterization of the characters, the images used and the succession of the various events, which never claim to reflect the reality of the facts or behavior of historical characters. The interpretation of the players and the evolution of the narrative will lead to moments and events quite distant from historical reality. It is not intention of the authors to express any specific position or to make judgments on specific facts that actually occurred -except to condemn the use of any form of violence by anyone- nor to diminish in any way the historical and personal tragedy of the Chilean people and thousands of families involved in the drama of the desaparecidos.

Altri membri del gruppo: El pueblo Ofelia Distal (49 ) interpretato da Sarah CaterinaB; Adriana Urrutia Assenjio (51 ) interpretato da FedericaF; Umberto Edgardo Mewes (52 ) interpretato da GianfrancoF; Angela Jeria de Bachelet (54 ) interpretato da Inge-MetteP; Amalia De Villa Gonzales (64 ) interpretato da Elisac;