Lieutenant Ingrid Felicitas Olderock, The flower of Evil #28 - Desaparecidos - ENG (sito)

Lieutenant Ingrid Felicitas Olderock
#28 - The flower of Evil (età any age)

Personaggio de [ character for ] Desaparecidos - ENG - Interpretato da [ played by ]: M. M.


Player's notes:

Motto: .Commit the oldest sins, the newest kind of ways.(William Shakespeare)
Group: The Military

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The military. "The country is safe, because we have a good secret service” (A. Pinochet) Soldiers, army members, ordinary police, Carabineros, and agents of the DINA, the feared and dangerous secret police. They are military, but also politicians, in a mashup common in dictatorships. They can be cold, but also cruel and violent. They are respected by some, and feared by all. Among them there are loyal soldiers, but also ambitious and ruthless individuals that hide their perversions behind orders and an uniform. They are the fist of repression, justified by the need to maintain order and safety, avoiding any opposition that might destabilize or damage the government, protecting Chile from the soviet menace. Their gameplay will be related to physical and psychological abuse, discovering brutality, and they will be torn between duty, discipline and moral dilemma. THEMES: human dignity, responsibility, duty, morals.

Teaser: Since she's been at Villa Grimaldi, the Carabineros Lieutenant Olderock has a ritual: she climbs the basement stairs, the battered bodies of the women she tortured still in her eyes, washes her hands meticulously, drains a bottle of wine and masturbates. It matters little if her fellow soldiers can hear her moans through the thin walls, those same moans that in her ears merge with the prisoners' screams. Insatiable, she is drunk for the pain on which she happily thrives on.

Relations: Colonel Moren Brito knows what he’s doing, but he’s an egomaniac, and if he thinks she’s being scared he’s in for a surprise. She knows little of Teresa Osorio Navarro but she looks like an interesting and probably pleasing acquaintance to be made. Especially if the other one would be… reluctant. Luckily Villa Grimaldi has Miguel; he is useful and helpful and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

Alignment: The regime - Nationality: Chile - Gender: Female - Player's Age: any age - DISCLAIMER: Disclaimer: The characters and the stories presented in DESAPARECIDOS are inspired by people and real facts, but their description and characterization is totally the result of imagination. In the writing of the event numerous liberties have been taken, especially as regards the characterization of the characters, the images used and the succession of the various events, which never claim to reflect the reality of the facts or behavior of historical characters. The interpretation of the players and the evolution of the narrative will lead to moments and events quite distant from historical reality. It is not intention of the authors to express any specific position or to make judgments on specific facts that actually occurred -except to condemn the use of any form of violence by anyone- nor to diminish in any way the historical and personal tragedy of the Chilean people and thousands of families involved in the drama of the desaparecidos. - Costume: This character will have a mandatory but complimentary costume provided by the Staff.