Priscilla (Pris). Demeter, The loyal boss #92 [Icarus - International run]

Interpretato da: E. T.

Motto: I'm here to let you have fun
Work Group: Leisure Workers
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“In a mining station, high morale is as important as well-kept equipment”
Kowmang Mining Kowlective cares deeply for its workers, that’s why different kinds of entertainment are available and the best personnel has been selected for the task. Gym trainers are in charge of mandatory exercise sessions in order to ensure the employees’ fitness, bartenders serve cocktails under dim lights, and sex-workers are ready to take care of any other specific need. Everything -and everyone- in the Leisure Area is bound to pleasure and to the station’s entertainment. Working in the leisure area means being part of a relaxing spot located in the middle of an harsh and sometimes dangerous environment. It means being a friendly face always ready for a beer or a workout session, a shoulder to cry on or someone to turn to for friendly advice.

Teaser: Some people are scared of differences, but not Demeter. A deep curiosity towards human nature drives this Belter and eventually led P. to become a sex worker: being able to meet such a different range of particular creatures, getting to know their attitudes, thoughts, behaviors, fears, desires and aspirations. What a marvelous and rich canvas! One you can’t possibly be bored of. Love is the breathe of universe, sex is its motor. The ability to combine sex, pleasure, fun and a job providing a nice wage was the key to Demeter’s happiness and fulfillment. Appreciating how interesting and diverse humanity can be doesn’t mean one should love and appreciate everybody: hotheads, violent people, racists and OPA extremists are not Demeter’s favourite human beings. People may be angry, scarred or in pain, but fighting fire with fire is simply stupid. That’s why, when Demeter heard the first rumors about a new spiritual message of peace and acceptance beginning to spread among Belters, immediately decided to attend the meetings of this Cult. P. still believes every trouble could, and should, be solved in front of a good drink followed by kind words, acceptance and comforting human touch. And yet now a more spiritual perspective is making its way into this Belter’s life, even if hope can be an alluring and yet dangerous feeling.

Relations: Constantin is a busy doctor and often a client. Ortega is a damn good colleague, a smart and funny one.
Demeter has a strong relationship with Vega, and they spend time together when they aren't busy and shifts allow.
Pan is a good colleague, no problematic at all during work hours, but they don't have a lot in common on a personal level, and they usually struggle about the way they look at the world. Yu is very charming and attractive, a perfect co-worker.
Sobotka is a Martian marine who used to be a customer every now and then.
Castillo is the captain of UN Marine Corps and leads the Earth Commision during Omega shift. Not a pacifist for sure, Castillo is anyway a very interesting person and Demeter loves to chat and have fun with this marine. The relationship became very deep.
Scott is the worst food lab worker ever: lazy and problematic, caused so many troubles also with Demeter's co-workers, so Scott is maybe the only person that P. hates on Icarus station. Shadid works in Management and is a lovely person who sometimes seeks counsel and company.

- Work Group: Leisure Workers - Origin: Belter - unisex - Shift: Omega

Altri membri del gruppo: Leisure Workers Felix Kohler (9 ) interpretato da AlessandroA; Tarek Szyslack (10 ) interpretato da VolkerG; Aaron Kassad (11 ) interpretato da PatrickW; Gabrielle Vega (12 ) interpretato da VictoriaV; Laura Yu (89 ) interpretato da MariaM; Frankie Ortega (90 ) interpretato da NicoleW; Selena Pan (91 ) interpretato da AlexandraB;