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Valérie Connor, The meek and weak scientist - #78

Valérie Connor
#78 - The meek and weak scientist

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - International run - Interpretato da [ played by ]: C. H.

Player's notes:

Motto: If you're not born with the heart of a lion, you can't grow one yourself.
Work Group: Scientific Lab

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“Icarus is a discovery on-the-going, and we are a new world’s explorers.”
Even though Icarus station is a fully functional and sustainable structure, the asteroid itself is far from being completely explored, secured or safe. This, along with the need to keep the quality of the extracted ore within acceptable standards, forced Kowmang to keep an advanced science lab up and running. The primary task of the science lab personnel is to fully explore, map and secure the deepest areas of Icarus, places where one could find valuable ore deposits and dangerous hazards, like unstable or highly radioactive cave walls or pocket of poisonous and corrosive gases. Only when a sector has been mapped and secured the mining teams are allowed to operate there. When they are not actively involved in exploration activities, Science lab personnel is also tasked with performing routine checks to ensure the purity of extracted uranium ore complies with company standard. Exploring the inner parts of the asteroid requires constant research and lots of commitment, and is one of the most dangerous activities carried out on Icarus. That’s why science lab personnel are highly motivated, competent and fearless professionals.

Teaser: Every colony is run not just by the strong-armed, hot-tempered, quick-to-act workers: sometimes a meek and humble fellow needs to provide brains and accuracy to manage the facility. Connor is that fellow. A reliable scientist, hard worker, a bit of a brainiac if you will: definitely an Earther you can count on. The only problem is that sometimes people tend to not even notice that Connor is there. In the science team, Connor's voice is rarely heard, and prefers to work without much contact with others: a lesson learned years ago, when bullies were a constant problem. The solution was easily found: all work, and no talk. Behind the big brain, a shy spirit hides. After all, science is much more interesting than people, or politics. Connor is a truly harmless geek - but everybody knows that it’s the calm ones who must feared. Who knows what schemes and projects unfold behind those quiet eyes?

Relations: You would never imagine such a nerd indulging in pleasures such as booze, yet Connor is often seen at the canteen, where there seems to be a sort of acquaintance with Ortega.
Connor keeps away from Adeyemi, and had to report the nosy colleague's behaviour to management once.
Connor doesn't trust Echo either: despite being a good scientist, the drugs can be dangerous for such a troubled mind.
On the other hand, Laing is a genius, a real scientist: visionary, daring, outside the box. Connor envies that intellectual bravery.
In the lab team, Connor simpathyzes with Van Dez, a broken spirit life evetns forced to a weak but decent position.
Everybody notices how Connor gets very nervous in the presence of Dr. Constantin, who provokes a sort of dread and awe.
Kenzo is the manager that Connor sees as a sanctuary, and to whom the scientist often goes to report harassment and misbehaviour by other colleagues.
Back to Earth Connor worked briefly in the same facility as Nagata: the two met each other, but didn't develop a deep bond.

- Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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