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B. Petit, The scientist supremacist - #66

B. Petit
#66 - The scientist supremacist

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - International run - Interpretato da [ played by ]: L. T.

Motto: Those that break the rules and regulations are scum. But those who abandon their comrades are even worse than scum.
Work Group: Mars Commission

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“Cooperating is often tougher than leading”
Icarus is a privately owned mining facility, but past events and an unstable political situation require a closer look on the mining operations. Both Earth and Mars sent their own delegations to keep a stable and trusted presence on the asteroid. Their main task is to ensure the extraction of precious fissile material proceeds as planned, and to see the agreed royalties are paid in full each month. Both commissions are made up of top level personnel selected among the elite of their planet: high-tiered Diplomats in charge of the delicate inter-planetary relationships, Military personnel appointed to oversee security and Scientists entrusted with supervising studies in the Labs. Being part of one of such delegation means representing one of the major powers operating in the Solar System, someone prepared for any challenge.

Teaser: Born in a family or renowned scientists and true believers in the Martian dream, Petit was raised and trained to follow the family tradition. Loyal to the Red Planet, brilliant and motivated, when B. finally completed the training there were no doubts about the field to commit to: the development of emerging technologies for use by the military. Some years ago on Ceres, Petit met the one scientist who managed to truly impress this uppity Martian for the first time: D. O’Malley, a researcher stationed on old Icarus Station. They became good friends because their field of investigation was similar - and even if O’Malley was a Belter, Petit respected her work and her dedication to science. Petit wasn’t -and still isn’t - used to be disappointed, so when O’Malley stopped sending news about her project, B. got furious, then worried. It took a while to figure out that something bad had probably happened, and that’s when an unfamiliar feeling kicked in: sadness. Since the accident, Petit has been obsessed with O’Malley's last days and studies, so when the chance to visit the new Icarus popped up, B. asked to be part of the Martian Commision. Unfortunately, Kowmang's silly policy filled the asteroid with the scum of the Sol System - probably OPA hotheads included. Petit's ideas about the inferiority of Belters has costed the Martian scientist some trouble since the very beginning of this mission. Petit doesn't like those sloppy belters, can’t stand their lack of a real education, and is deeply sickened by their arrogance. Petit doesn't lose any chance to show Belters Martian supremacy and to point out their inadequacies, whatever the cost.

Player's notes:

Relations: Perrin doesn't seem very good at this job. Petit could teach a thing or two. On their first day on Icarus Petit was attacked by some hothead Belters named Cruz, and Espera had to intervene to divide them. The Marine just did what was expected, of course, but Petit would like to buy a drink to the Gunnery Sergeant and enjoy the company of a true Martian. Leandros is in charge of the Omega shift: a respected captain, of course, but too soft, diplomatic and open-minded, according to Petit. Suri was born and bred on Earth, that’s why B. cannot fully trust this “soldier”. Dove is a legend on Mars and is the one to look up to on this shitty asteroid, too bad “the hound” is in charge of the other shift and the occasions to talk are scarce. Iris is still a mystery to Petit, who hasn’t decided what to think about this nice Martian doctor yet, and what to do about the leadership of the Med Lab.
Moretti and Petit became friends a while ago and begun a strong relationship.

- Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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