Mara Campbell - personaggio per Icarus - International run [Terre Spezzate] Gestionale Terre Spezzate


Mara Campbell, The bright-eyed young farmer - #55

Mara Campbell
#55 - The bright-eyed young farmer

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - International runInterpretato da [ played by ]: C. M.

Player's notes:

Motto: Fresh out of Ganymede, copeng!
Work Group: Comms and Radar
Teaser: How big is the sky? This belter thinks that maybe one day, Campbell and N. Zarani will find out – or not, it’s the journey that counts, and theirs has just started. Landing a job at Icarus station alongside a best friend has really felt like the beginning of real life, and Campbell couldn’t be happier of having left behind the bland farm station, the longing, the loitering, even the unbeaten flight simulator score at the arcade! Icarus bursts with all the life and excitement Campbell and Zarani have never found on Ganymede: everywhere they look there’s a button to switch, a call to make, people to meet, stuff to talk about! Loyal, positive and curious, Campbell is quite sure that the boys from Ganymede will befriend a lot of cool people in no time. Best of all, they are in charge of themselves for the first time! And working in Comms is the best: if there’s a place where they could actually find aliens, it’s definitely here: like the new religious Cult says, there must be something coming, and Campbell is enthusiastically convinced it’s going to be a new life form.

Relations: Raisin has taken Campbell and N. Zarani under some sort of tutorage/friendship; they communicate through messages. Loves to hang with Adeyemi, who's so cool and knows so much stuff... but Campbell's best buddy N. Zarani doesn't seem to like Adeyemi as much. That Ibanez from the other shift is such a charming and passioned one! Too bad that they don't have enough time to discuss their spirituality. Miambo fits the purpose anyway! J. Zarani and Kwans best friend N. Zarani are siblings. J. was never fun, though. The miner Sun has formed a loose circle that often gets together to drink or get high with whatever is available. The group consists of: Woo, Zarani , Campbell , Adeyemi, Waybourne, Baz and their favourite bartender Yu.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: This character suits better a young player, or one looking young. - Shift: Omega

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