Deepika "Dee" Cruz, The tough one #27 [Icarus - International run]

Interpretato da: I. S.

Motto: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.
Work Group: Reactor Room
Teaser: When Cruz arrived on Icarus, the mood of this resourceful and quite popular Belter changed instantly. The friendly, strong and encouraging person that used to strike you with a stunning smile, inspire you with wise words or hit you with a witty joke, was gone. No one knows where Cruz's happiness went, and most of all why it was gone. Something snapped. Generally, Cruz tries to stay busy and do something: either working, training or blowing off steam with a punching bag. In their shift, everyone remembers the time Cruz punched one of the bosses right in the face because of some jokes about the belters who died here. Five men were needed to keep Cruz at bay that time. According to this Belter's friends, even if it's true that Cruz clearly lost cheerfullness and patience on Icarus, this change in behaviour began some time before arriving here, about two years ago.

Relations: Cruz met Petit briefly, and the Martian said so many racist stuff that the urge to punch that fucker was almost incontrollable. A Martian Marine was there to stop the fight, but that Duster will regret being in Cruz's way, sooner or later. Espera will pay for this. Good friends with Zogby, they share a mutual interest for the future of the Belt, but sometimes Zogby pretends to be angry because they don't send enough energy to the food lab. Claymore snatched the Team Leader position at the very last minute. Cruz didn't take it well, but things could change...
Cheng was one of those who intervened during the attack on the boss. The martian is no great talker, and even if it sounds weird, since Cruz is no Martian fan, they tolerate each other peacefully. Stella is just a coward, too scared to commit to something meaningful and is wasting away by any addiction available. Echo was an good old friend, but their relationship is a little cold right now.
Balas is a good friend, but they tend to disagree all the time.

- Work Group: Reactor Room - Origin: Belter - unisex - Shift: Alpha

Altri membri del gruppo: Reactor Room Loren Guzman (25 ) interpretato da InbalI; Idony Cheng (26 ) interpretato da MarenS; Bazanka Stella (28 ) interpretato da OliviaV; Winston Claymore (29 ) interpretato da timw; S. Moretti (93 ) interpretato da KarstenD; Allister Balas (94 ) interpretato da Alberto M; Luan Hunt (95 ) interpretato da ChristianR; C. Hayfeld (96 ) interpretato da DominikS; Darshana Baz (97 ) interpretato da CristinaP;