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V. Vazquez, The marine on first mission - #99

V. Vazquez
#99 - The marine on first mission

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: A. V.

Player's notes:

Motto: We're on the express elevator to hell, going down!
Work Group: Space Travelers (Mars marines)

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“Strangers in a strange land”
Two groups of characters are bound to arrive on Icarus by spaceship later on, they don't work for Kowmang but they will land on the Asteroid and stay there. One civilian crew will dock during the Alpha Shift and an MMC squad will land during the Omega Shift.

Teaser: For first class marine V. Vazquez, the pledge to the flag was the easy part, and boot camp was a summer vacation. Vazquez is a hell of a soldier: trained, ready, sharp and strong. But when reality kicks in, that's when shit hits the fan. There is no shame in that: the first mission is hard for everyone, even for the most dedicated soldiers. Every veteran remembers their first day: the first step on the shuttle flips a switch in your brain, and you realize that this is not a game anymore. This time, bullets will kill for real. What if the enemy sees your hesitation? What if you prove you cannot handle it? These are the thoughts that haunt Vazquez’s mind on this mission, the very first one. Coming from a family with a long military tradition, Vazquez cannot afford to fail and let them down. That legacy must not be stained. When Vazquez gets nervous words start to flow on their own accord and it's not uncommon for the Marine to blabber about the demanding parents, tragic romances, childhood nightmares and dreams and so on... But when V. accidentally revealed that some friends who died on Icarus are still waiting to be avenged, the squad looked at the soldier in a weird way, Vazquez stayed silent and never talked about that matter ever again.

Relations: V's parents are both decorated martian marines, and Suri is a good friend of theirs. Espera is always supportive and protective, but Vazquez can't understand if that's real appreciation or just a way to keep the team together. Corporal T. Makimura mocks and bullies Vazquez all the time. Colbert seems to be a good marine, but maybe not much of an example of a good uniform. Myeong on the other hand is a hard-core paragon of what a true martian should be. Sobotka is a bit scary: you can still see the horrors of war on the private's face, and the scars they leave, and Vazquez doesn't want to become that type of soldier.
During training on Mars, Vazquez remembers drill seargent Leandros as one of the wisest militaries.
Many Martians know the story of Van Dez, once a promising scientific officer and now a deserter rotting in the most secluded corner of the Belt. What can possibly have reduced a good soldier to a broken husk ?

- Origin: Martian - unisex - - Advices: This character suits better a young player - Shift: Omega

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