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Lovary Hunt, The skilled, cool headed engineer - #95

Lovary Hunt
#95 - The skilled, cool headed engineer

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: E. P.

Player's notes:

Motto: While everyone else here is busy taking care of stupid things, I will keep this reactor running. As usual.
Work Group: Reactor Room
Teaser: Hunt has always been considered like some sort of ''Mr. Fixit'', and one of the most competent engineers in the expanse. Rumor has it Hunt even turned down an invitation to relocate to Mars as a highly skilled technician, and someone says Hunt was one of the few that have been personally contacted by Icarus top managers with a very tempting job offer. All those who worked with such a skilled engineer tell the same story, as Hunt is good natured, chatty, polite and likeable. However, this is true only during off-duty hours, because as soon as Hunt punches the clock and enters the Reactor Room some strange sort of change happens. On the job Hunt is stern, serious, systematic and relentless, and when it comes to caring for the reactor, no excuses are allowed. Lives depend on that machinery and nothing below perfection is tolerable for Hunt.

Relations: Guzman sees the reactor room as some sort of personal playground, and this has to stop. Star Helix team leader Frost took a dangerous one-sided decision and took some space in the Reactor room for their use and this is cannot be tolerated, the management will hear about this. Nowak seems to be a really good rookie who seeks order and justice, it's nice to chat with Nowak. This one's enthusiasm reminds Hunt of the golden days of youth. Balas uses the reactor room for lectures and propaganda speeches about what doesn't work in the expanse and how Opa will miracolously fix everything. Does anyone understand how critical work in a reactor room is? Hayfeld is competent and skilled, but lacks focus and seems broken. The crazy lab tech from Alpha shift, Gabrys always strolls around the Reactor Room when the shift ends, talking to the machines, touching them and leaving notes. This pisses Hunt off and it has to stop. Every task Baz has to perform takes forever to complete, this is the slowest colleague Hunt ever met, and also one who seems completely out of the element. Claymore is in charge of the Reactor Room, and the results of such ill-advised decision are for everyone to see. Stella is some sort of party animal who only does the minimal amout of work to avoid being fired, while Cheng is someone who works hard, and maybe the only one who truly deserves to work so close to a nuclear reactor.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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