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Fuji Kohler, A bartender who paid dearly for past mistakes - #9

Fuji Kohler
#9 - A bartender who paid dearly for past mistakes

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: A. A.

Player's notes:

Motto: There are no anwers at the bottom of a glass, copeng. And I know what I am talking about...
Work Group: Leisure Workers

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“In a mining station, high morale is as important as well-kept equipment”
Kowmang Mining Kowlective cares deeply for its workers, that’s why different kinds of entertainment are available and the best personnel has been selected for the task. Gym trainers are in charge of mandatory exercise sessions in order to ensure the employees’ fitness, bartenders serve cocktails under dim lights, and sex-workers are ready to take care of any other specific need. Everything -and everyone- in the Leisure Area is bound to pleasure and to the station’s entertainment. Working in the leisure area means being part of a relaxing spot located in the middle of an harsh and sometimes dangerous environment. It means being a friendly face always ready for a beer or a workout session, a shoulder to cry on or someone to turn to for friendly advice.

Teaser: Literally born on a cargo freighter, Kohler learned how to set a course before even learning how to read. Flying a ship was literally a thing that ran in the family and most docking bay officials across the expanse remember dealing with a brazen and cocky pilot named Kohler. In a world crammed full of regulations, for Kohler setting foot in a cockpit was a taste of freedom, a sense of being in control of everything that matters in one's life. However, things change fast in the expanse, and a sad combination of events led Kolher to develop an addiction to alcohol and to a dramatic loss of jobs first, and ultimately the pilot clearances too. Kohler's personality slowly changed once forced on solid ground, and every trace of brazeness and arrogance were soon replaced by frustration, a dark sense of irony and intense moments of self criticism that sometimes descended into self-taunting. Kohler now sees the world in a darker shade, and is uncompromising towards other people's mistakes and failures. The cheerful, positively ironic and smug young pilot is still there, but now is buried beneath layers of guilt and frustration. Recently, Kohler mustered enough energy and focus to fight the addiction, and after staying sober for a few months, managed to find a new job. Kohler now works for a company that doesn't care much about a worker's past mistakes. Funnily enough, the job Kohler was assigned was bartending.

Relations: T. Zsyslack is in charge of the bar during shift one, and is also a top level moron who sees the station as some sort of personal backyard. One day or another Zsyslack's action will be the downfall of every leisure worker on Icarus, and that should never be allowed to happen. Kohler needs this job, and a reckless moron must not be allowed to jeopardize it. Kohler gets along well with Pavlov, who can seem harsh at a first glance, but is clearly competent and committed to everything that is work-related. They shared a drink or two, and found out they have a similar view of the world. Life on this station could even be bearable if not for Ibanez and his rag-tag nonsense cult. As if living bunk-to-bunk with propaganda-fed OPA fanatics was not enough...
One of the miners, Salomon, often comes for a drink. Kohler finds Salomon funny and interesting, it's easy to speak with this person. Kassad seems like a nice person, but also withholding.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: A many -sided character not recommended for first-time larpers - Shift: Alpha

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