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Natsumi Scott, The ill-fated lazy ass. - #84

Natsumi Scott
#84 - The ill-fated lazy ass.

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: M. B.

Player's notes:

Motto: Just leave me alone, y'all!
Work Group: Food Lab

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“We produce quality”
Kowmang is a Kowlective, which means it’s a family that takes all aspects of the well-being of every employee very seriously. On Icarus, lunch and dinner breaks are not just moments to shy away and quickly consume a cold pre-packed meal! The opposite is true, as every meal is a chance for interaction, that’s why food lab operators meet everybody and knows everything that’s going on in Icarus. Icarus is equipped with a food lab and mess hall, where both social and nutritional aspects of every meal are fully cared about. Through the latest model of HyperNourish 3d food printer and Auto-Mealer computer interface, Food Lab personnel is in charge of the vital task of feeding the Station. Being part of the Food Lab means planning which nutritious elements are going to be produced by the printer, and in which form; but also struggling to get enough energy in order to reach the full potential of the system and serve healthy and balanced meals. Managing the station’s scarce resources is anything but an easy and menial task. Provisions may run low, but with creativity and adaptability, Food Lab is always capable of responding to every crisis.

Teaser: They say the universe is indifferent towards humans, but Scott seems to be born under a bad star. Since the youngest age, life granted nothing but kicks in the teeth, for whatever reason. School dropout, lost jobs, abandond by friends, issues with authority, drug problems. Scott never found a place to call home and someone to call family. But whose fault is it, anyway? Scott doesn't shine as the brightest kid in town, and what is lacking in common sense is not made up in commitment: often lazy and sluggish, Scott dodges hard work whenever possible, and the easier life can be, the better. Even once people finally give up and leave the kid alone, the circle starts right back up: Scott pokes someone, they get pissed off, and back into trouble again. If someone thinks that working at the lowest level of employment in a mining station in the belt is a good way to stay out of trouble, they might need to think again: Scott still has to learn this simple truth. Nothing major has happened to Scott on Icarus, but how long will this last? How long before fate strikes this unfortunate soul again? Scott is just waiting for the right chance to get out of this miserable condition, and prove to be worth somehing: the wheel of luck must turn one of these days.

Relations: Scott might seem the laziest dumbass on the station, but when the boss Moses commands, Scott always follows the orders. The worst thing of the kitchen shift is sharing the lab with Rahal, even if rarely: that prying fella is on to something, you could swear.
Not to mention Stigsen, that fanatic madman, always behaving like we are at war or something, always on the edge.
Scott is often seen withGuzman, the engine operator. Leitmann could be a useful ally on the station. Nasser was a convict, so another expert on human misery and misfortune. The chef Waybourne is boring, and it's clear that doesn't like having Scott around very much. Iris is one of the very few people who is actually nice to Scott when they see each other at the canteen, so Scott is happy to give Iris extra treats. J. Zarani clearly doesn't think Scott has changed since the time Scott worked as a hard laborer on the Zarani farm, and seems to be keeping an eye on this poor soul.
Back on Ganymede Scott crossed paths with Woo; M. Campbell has been an occasional partner in petty crime, before the best pal N. Zarani convinced Campbell to stop hanging out with Scott.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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