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Richard Laing, The visionary chief scientist - #80

Richard Laing
#80 - The visionary chief scientist

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: C. M.

Player's notes:

Motto: Always forward.
Work Group: Scientific Lab

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“Icarus is a discovery on-the-going, and we are a new world’s explorers.”
Even though Icarus station is a fully functional and sustainable structure, the asteroid itself is far from being completely explored, secured or safe. This, along with the need to keep the quality of the extracted ore within acceptable standards, forced Kowmang to keep an advanced science lab up and running. The primary task of the science lab personnel is to fully explore, map and secure the deepest areas of Icarus, places where one could find valuable ore deposits and dangerous hazards, like unstable or highly radioactive cave walls or pocket of poisonous and corrosive gases. Only when a sector has been mapped and secured the mining teams are allowed to operate there. When they are not actively involved in exploration activities, Science lab personnel is also tasked with performing routine checks to ensure the purity of extracted uranium ore complies with company standard. Exploring the inner parts of the asteroid requires constant research and lots of commitment, and is one of the most dangerous activities carried out on Icarus. That’s why science lab personnel are highly motivated, competent and fearless professionals.

Teaser: Laing always looks far - farther than the human eye can see, in fact. The gamma-ray telescope received as a present for the 8th birthday triggered the youngster's mind to a relentless curiosity that never ceased. Day by day, since then, that curiosity has driven every choice and action: academic studies, travels, frantic job searches, all family patrimony converted into professional assets. Finally, a good position: R&D Chief Scientist for a very experiment-driven shipyard. It was on Eros, and that job lasted long enough for Laing to get some social life. Then something happened, or maybe that job wasn't fulfilling. Truth is, the few acquaintances made over those years never saw Laing again after that: R. vanished into thin air... only to show up some months later here on Icarus. Even Laing doesn't know if that curiosity will ever grant some rest, some peace.
Laing's mind always seems detached, distant, bound for the stars - but it's actually always working, constantly studying and calculating a way to reach the farthest boundaries of the universe itself.

Relations: Adeyemi is a little stalking perhaps, but curious, smart and very interested in R's studies, always trying to be helpful, the two get along very well. Connor is a very reliable scientist, and Laing is happy to be in the same team, but believes that the earther has much more potential than this. Also Echo has a very high potential, but seems deaf to Laing's repeated suggestion to drive all that energy towards science instead of politics. Van Dez seems very motivated and experienced, an excellent aide who often carries out most of the practical things. Nagata is an interesting person and a good scientist, with something buried in the past that arouses Laing's curiosity.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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