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Nova Zarani, The inexperienced young farmer - #57

Nova Zarani
#57 - The inexperienced young farmer

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: G. S.

Player's notes:

Motto: We're gonna have some much fun, copeng!
Work Group: Comms and Radar

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“Whatever happens, we know”
Unlike what most people believe, space is no silent place. Constant chatter, background noise and different kinds of transmissions need to be managed, isolated, filtered, received and decoded. Radar & Comms operators are the eyes and ears of the station, as well as being the only authorized way to communicate with the outside. Personnel in this room is the very first to know what’s happening on the station and in the space beyond it. That’s why they are often required to keep the space around Icarus under control, identify incoming vessels and receive or transmit any type of transmission. Every Radar & Comms operator is a patient, focused and perceptive expert, perfectly capable of keeping the station’s communication schedule. Their primary task is to keep clear and viable lines of communication with the company, the Belt, Earth and Mars. Moreover, Kowmang considers itself a caring family, and knows how tough life on an small asteroid can be for its employees. The management understands the needs for personal communication, that’s why Radar & Comms has been authorized to accept and forward a limited quantity of personal messages, so that the employees can hear from their loved ones and feel less lonely.

Teaser: The best thing about finally getting out Ganymede Station, escaping Father's clutches, is to do it with the best friend one could hope for, joining big sibling (J. Zarani) on a huge, exciting mining station like Icarus. N. Zarani and M. Campbell have grown up together, daydreaming about visiting the Belt - so joining the company on Icarus was obviously the best thing to do! Who would have thought that J. wasn’t going to be thrilled about this surprise visit… But hey! If J. is too grumpy to see how awesome all of this is, that’s not N.'s problem. As far as Zarani is concerned, everything here just begs to be discovered, to be talked about, to be tried! Working in Comms&Radar is super fun, they meet new people every day; and the station offers a lot of entertainment, too… even though, sometimes fun ends up being too much fun and it turns into crossing the wrong people, like that mountain of a miner who felt offended by a little remark – and now wants to drag N. to the mat. And meeting people is fun, but… N. is not even sure if counting on Campbell right now, since M. spends a whole lot of time with that scientist. Sure, Adeyemi is experienced and maybe interesting, and knows a bunch of stuff, but why can’t Campbell talk about crazy theories about aliens with N., like they always did? In any case, it's important to stay positive, enjoy freedom and the endless possibilities of being finally in charge of their life!

Best friends with M. Campbell. Little sibling to beloved J. Zarani, they grew up very close. Raisin has taken Campbell and N. under some sort of tutorage/friendship; they communicate through messages. Vasiliev is a weird boss, so serious and unassuming, but also does strange stuff to make everyone stay away. The boss is the boss, anyway. Is jealous of Adeyemi who has grown too attached to Campbell. The big angry miner Berg from the other shift has a nasty eye on Zarani after an incident at the bar, and has challenged him to a fist fight. Nasser looks like a badass, and proposed to show N. some moves to prepare for the fight, which might not be a bad idea if Zarani decides to pick it up.
The miner Sun has formed a loose circle that often gets together to drink or get high with whatever is available. The group consists of: Woo, N. Zarani, M. Campbell, Adeyemi, Waybourne, Baz and their favourite bartender Yu. Stiegsen is a rugged and grumbling man, but also one of the best cooks who ever set foot on Ganymede. Moreover, it is good to see a friendly face around.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: This character suits better a young player - Shift: Omega

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