Kaspar Vasiliev - personaggio per Icarus - run italiana [Terre Spezzate] Gestionale Terre Spezzate


Kaspar Vasiliev, The weird genius - #56

Kaspar Vasiliev
#56 - The weird genius

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: C. C.

Player's notes:

Motto: Are relationships what actually make us human?
Work Group: Comms and Radar

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“Whatever happens, we know”
Unlike what most people believe, space is no silent place. Constant chatter, background noise and different kinds of transmissions need to be managed, isolated, filtered, received and decoded. Radar & Comms operators are the eyes and ears of the station, as well as being the only authorized way to communicate with the outside. Personnel in this room is the very first to know what’s happening on the station and in the space beyond it. That’s why they are often required to keep the space around Icarus under control, identify incoming vessels and receive or transmit any type of transmission. Every Radar & Comms operator is a patient, focused and perceptive expert, perfectly capable of keeping the station’s communication schedule. Their primary task is to keep clear and viable lines of communication with the company, the Belt, Earth and Mars. Moreover, Kowmang considers itself a caring family, and knows how tough life on an small asteroid can be for its employees. The management understands the needs for personal communication, that’s why Radar & Comms has been authorized to accept and forward a limited quantity of personal messages, so that the employees can hear from their loved ones and feel less lonely.

Teaser: K. Vasiliev has always been a weirdo, even before the Asperger’s diagnosis. This syndrome is a serious condition, but unfortunately people think it's a disease to be made fun of. K. was an intelligent teenager unable to understand others' normal, who tried hard to be part of this regular life, the same regular life that despises diversity. The result was to be frequently bullied, dog eats dog, they say, and this quote is true on Earth, as well as everywhere else. To escape this harsh reality, Vasiliev turned to a virtual world. Computers became best friends: online gaming, chat and other virtual spaces were tools through which K. was able to be a confident and brave person, and a functional one even on a social level. It was not surprising that Vasiliev got a job in the communication technologies sector. How many lovely friends to dialogue with! Virtual voices with virtual names. Nobody could hurt anyone. All of them were just interesting personalities, expecially one: L. Yu. They met each other in a sex chat. Romantic relationships can be particularly tricky for people like Vasiliev - but one must try and overcome limits, so their last goodbye was a promise to get together in person on the new Icarus Station. And now, after this leap of faith, Vasiliev feels this is a completely new life: didn't expect to be in charge of the shift, and wasn't sure about meeting in person with Yu, so everything looks like a challenge.

Relations: Yu has a pretty voice, is kind and pleasant. Vasiliev tries to spend time together as often as possible.
Kwan doesn't ask a lot of questions, and so Vasiliev loves working with this subject. Sometimes Kwan is harsh on the outside, but what about the inside? There's something strange about that Belter.
Zarani is too noisy, young and inexperienced, Campbell is no better. Vasiliev is well aware of having a serious problem to face. B. Moses is nice, and seems interested to get to know Vasiliev better.

- Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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