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Trinity Kwan, The troubled operator - #54

Trinity Kwan
#54 - The troubled operator

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: G. W.

Player's notes:

Motto: I will make it, will I?
Work Group: Comms and Radar

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“Whatever happens, we know”
Unlike what most people believe, space is no silent place. Constant chatter, background noise and different kinds of transmissions need to be managed, isolated, filtered, received and decoded. Radar & Comms operators are the eyes and ears of the station, as well as being the only authorized way to communicate with the outside. Personnel in this room is the very first to know what’s happening on the station and in the space beyond it. That’s why they are often required to keep the space around Icarus under control, identify incoming vessels and receive or transmit any type of transmission. Every Radar & Comms operator is a patient, focused and perceptive expert, perfectly capable of keeping the station’s communication schedule. Their primary task is to keep clear and viable lines of communication with the company, the Belt, Earth and Mars. Moreover, Kowmang considers itself a caring family, and knows how tough life on an small asteroid can be for its employees. The management understands the needs for personal communication, that’s why Radar & Comms has been authorized to accept and forward a limited quantity of personal messages, so that the employees can hear from their loved ones and feel less lonely.

Teaser: 'It's a fresh start, and you should be happy, shouldn't you? At least you freely choose it. Did you? Moreover, being a Comm is not as shitty as being a miner, or a sex worker. Isn't it?'' A new life, starting from scratch! That's the reason why Kwan applied for this job on Icarus. T. is fit and clever, was trained as a soldier and then specialized in shipments and ground radar & comms. Focused and thorough, Kwan will show them all the skills acquired... with no complaining, and no unwanted attentions: low key, that's how life should be from now on. The past is not a matter to discuss, because a Belter is the first one to loose the job when things go wrong (isn't it?), and T. has always been more skilled than lucky. Of course the former job wasn't to die for (was it?), but it was still better than this one. Maybe. Sometimes Kwan's memories seem confused, sometimes it looks like the operator didn't even work or live in the Belt before arriving on Icarus. But the past is the past (isn't it?) and Kowmang didn't care about it, so nobody should. The only thing that matters is to start over and be a happy human being again.

Relations: Vasiliev is a good person for sure, who respects Kwan's silences and doesn't ask a lot of questions. A strange but a good boss, and clearly likes Kwan.
Finding Raisin on Icarus has been a surprise. After that whole mess Kwan asked Raisin for help, and now they are togetheronn the same team and shift. Is the new colleague trustworthy?
Rozovski is a familiar face but Kwan can't pinpoint the time or the place they have crossed paths. A gut feeling tells Kwan no to trust Rozovski.
Frost was a bastard and racist cop on Ceres, who was quite known both for skills and bad reputation.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Omega

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