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Misha Raisin, The empathetic, chatty radar operator - #53

Misha Raisin
#53 - The empathetic, chatty radar operator

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italianaInterpretato da [ played by ]: v. b.

Player's notes:

Motto: Now, you poor thing, hear what you should do...
Work Group: Comms and Radar
Teaser: People in deep space often feel alone: mankind was not made to float in empty dark space. Loneliness, that’s what M. is convinced of hearing and seeing both in the people on the comm and those living on Icarus: the need for human contact. Since popping up on the station from Eros, Raisin has proved to be extremely competent and empathetic, understanding other people’s mood, helping with difficult landings, calming down spirits and so on. Word is M. is a great listener, a friendly and trustworthy ear without being a gossiper (well, at least not on purpose). Always trying to be helpful, always caring, Raisin is sensitive and sensible, even if sometimes M. gets anxious and nervous, as if carrying the burden of those lives out there: then M. starts talking, chit chatting about anything with anyone around, not caring for annoyed, empty stares or distracted answers. Despite this, everybody on Icarus knows that if they need a friendly ear and discretion, Raisin is the one to go to.

Relations: Anders is not the warm type, but is driven and focused. Raisin respects and helps the boss as much as possible. Doesn't get along with Ibanez who keeps ranting vocally about the Cult, and also beacuse the Belter has a strong, bad influence on Donovan. Caron keeps quiet and is nice, but sometimes looks hunted...as empathetic as Raisin is, can relate and is always trying to help. Recently married B. Moses who is caring and affectionate and whom Raisin truly loves, even if sometimes a shadow crosses the eyes and it's hard having such a big, noisy family. Donovan has been severly damaged by the accident and could get everyone in trouble with those theories. U. Moses is also part of the family and is nice and lovable. Communicates with Campbell and N. Zarani through messages; they are nice, good lads who are trying to learn the job and to adapt to the station's life: Raisin wants to help them. Adeyemi confides in Raisin. Same goes for Vega who often needs a true friend. Okita has always some interesting stories to tell, the cop may make up most of them, but it's only because in need of a friendly ear. Gets along well with Woo. Knows T. Kwan from Ceres: kind of quiet, usually doing the job, doesn't like questions.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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