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Freya Keller, The Second Best - #47

Freya Keller
#47 - The Second Best

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: G. T.

Player's notes:

Motto: There are moral winners in life, more important than real ones.
Work Group: Scientific Lab

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“Icarus is a discovery on-the-going, and we are a new world’s explorers.”
Even though Icarus station is a fully functional and sustainable structure, the asteroid itself is far from being completely explored, secured or safe. This, along with the need to keep the quality of the extracted ore within acceptable standards, forced Kowmang to keep an advanced science lab up and running. The primary task of the science lab personnel is to fully explore, map and secure the deepest areas of Icarus, places where one could find valuable ore deposits and dangerous hazards, like unstable or highly radioactive cave walls or pocket of poisonous and corrosive gases. Only when a sector has been mapped and secured the mining teams are allowed to operate there. When they are not actively involved in exploration activities, Science lab personnel is also tasked with performing routine checks to ensure the purity of extracted uranium ore complies with company standard. Exploring the inner parts of the asteroid requires constant research and lots of commitment, and is one of the most dangerous activities carried out on Icarus. That’s why science lab personnel are highly motivated, competent and fearless professionals.

Teaser: The one who arrives second gets lost, misses the last challenge, the one that counts.
The condition of the second is a curse. It’s that of who cannot feel fulfilled and always sees someone's shoulders to overcome. Anyone can go fast, but if there is one that makes more, you are behind.
F. Keller spent a lifetime stubbornly collecting second places in everything, despite being a very capable scientist, a very brilliant and motivated researcher on Eros.
Keller has contended with the science education and with the work, and has learned that getting first rarely depends on abilities only. For a Belter meritocracy is difficult to find by the simple fact that those who judge are mostly subject to emotion or racism.
The others that got first weren't smarter than Keller. They weren't more capable. They were very just richer. Or coming from Earth. Or both. Keller left Eros to come to the godforsaken asteroid Icarus in hope to be, at least here, the first. But now, even on Icarus, F. is second in command of the first scientific lab shift. Keller will do everything to prove he is the best. If anyone gets wrong, F. will be the ''first'' to notice it.

Relations: Wolf and Aki are awfully chatty, to the detriment of job. The first spends too much time following the weird theories. The second wishes too much to be the best, when the best is someone else.
Leon is always kind and ready to give words of help.
Nagata doesen't straighten them too much, and Keller feels entitled to criticise those colleagues. Nagata has a strong sense of duty, but sometimes is too much soft. Nagata could lose focus and fail if Keller there wasn't.
For Keller it's rare having a friend. Maathai is one of these and seems one of the few able to understand Keller's concerns.
Shadid considers Keller as a brilliant researcher and a scientist perfectly adequate to do different studies on variuos matters. They talk a lot about how things are sourced in the past, like the universe, nuclear reactions and wars.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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