Lionel Frost, The brainy and racist cop #23 - Icarus - run italiana (sito)

Lionel Frost
#23 - The brainy and racist cop

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: L. B.


Player's notes:

Motto: I'm way too good for this shitty asteroid!
Work Group: Security Star Helix

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“People’s security is our purpose”
Kowmang is committed to providing a safe and stable working environment, and in order to do this it signed a contract with one of the top security providers. Star Helix personnel has been tasked with keeping the asteroid peaceful and quiet, which is no easy task. Tough shifts and people coming from every corner of the Sol System living together in secluded quarters make for a volatile mix. Making sure that employees respect their schedules and shift duties, and that there are no criminal activities on the station are the main assignments. Occasionally, Star Helix may be tasked with searching for a specific person charged with crimes on Mars, Earth or the Belt. Being a Star Helix officer means being able to notice every odd detail, to keep every situation under control and to enforce the regulations and security requests set by the company, by Mars and Earth, and by Star Helix headquarters on Ceres.

Teaser: Frost is an experienced and driven Star Helix agent, the Captain of the shift and, allegedly, a natural born detective. It’s not always easy for a true and proud Earther to adjust to the Belt’s lifestyle, but at least when this cop used to lead high profile investigations on Ceres, the job and daily routine were fine. It’s no mystery that Frost moved to the Belt to accommodate Linder’s career and aspirations: that was a voluntarily endured sacrifice made out of love, but a sacrifice nonetheless. Moving to a God-forsaken and shitty pit-hole of an asteroid was… Well, just too much! Now, both Frost’s career and marriage seem to be in a deadlock, and this self-confident cop’s life is turning into a nightmare. Brainy, aggressive and pushy, the Captain claims to be just a patriotic hard one, but Belters who fell into Frost’s radar use another word: racist!

Relations: Frost and Linder are married.
As captain, Frost is far from having an ideal team: Nowak is very green, but maybe there's still hope to turn this one into a good cop. Eweli and Lee are old school agents, just not Frost's school. Okita is annoying and not particularly promising. In the other shift team Capek and Raven are good and reliable agents, also for sharing a drink or a talk. Guerrero is not at all the agent Frost would have wanted as fellow captain. Nyman is one of the few kindred spirits on Icarus, a new acquaintance and possibly a friend, or more... Maathai should keep those martians hands away from Linder, even if they swear they are only friends. Bullied Cheng who's just another uptight, stiff Martian. Once a scumbag, forever a scumbag, especially a Belter one: that's why L. hates Mackinney so much. They fight every time they meet. Stella is a disgrace for Earth, infectious as a disease.

- Origin: Earther - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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