Samsara Zogby, The wannabe #14 - Icarus - run italiana (sito)

Samsara Zogby
#14 - The wannabe

Personaggio de [ character for ] Icarus - run italiana - Interpretato da [ played by ]: C. M.


Player's notes:

Motto: Work doesn't dignify belters, but we receive food in return
Work Group: Food Lab

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“We produce quality”
Kowmang is a Kowlective, which means it’s a family that takes all aspects of the well-being of every employee very seriously. On Icarus, lunch and dinner breaks are not just moments to shy away and quickly consume a cold pre-packed meal! The opposite is true, as every meal is a chance for interaction, that’s why food lab operators meet everybody and knows everything that’s going on in Icarus. Icarus is equipped with a food lab and mess hall, where both social and nutritional aspects of every meal are fully cared about. Through the latest model of HyperNourish 3d food printer and Auto-Mealer computer interface, Food Lab personnel is in charge of the vital task of feeding the Station. Being part of the Food Lab means planning which nutritious elements are going to be produced by the printer, and in which form; but also struggling to get enough energy in order to reach the full potential of the system and serve healthy and balanced meals. Managing the station’s scarce resources is anything but an easy and menial task. Provisions may run low, but with creativity and adaptability, Food Lab is always capable of responding to every crisis.

Teaser: 'First the Martians, second the Earthers; we, the Belters, can't be working so much for so little''. Zogby's voice always sounds loud and clear, always has and always will. S. proudly works in the Food Lab, providing ''food for bodies'', but what this Belter does best is giving people ''food for thought'', trying to raise awareness of the inequity in the Belt, inspiring rightful outrage and taking pride in being a Belter. Zogby is the person everyone turns to if they have a work related problem, not unlike some sort of self declared union rep in the station. If there is a solution, Zogby will find it. That makes this unselfish beratna one of the most loved pgetting a higher job position would help a lot in negotiating with the management or dealing with other team leaders: that's why, even if the food boss Pavlov is competent and worthy, Zogby didn't give up on the ambition. Every belter should be entitled to ambition to improve and be the change they want to see in this shitty System.

Relations: Zogby has a good opinion of Kalu, the kind coworker from Tycho Station, but they always argue about the right methods: Kalu is all nice words and good manners, Zogby requires a stronger stance against problems. Zogby loves chatting with Ishida, and the time spent together is becoming the most exciting on Icarus.
Dislikes Pavlov, the boss' manners are awful and skills don't compensate for bitchiness. Rahal's whining is annoying and no Star Helix enthusiast will ever be Zogby's buddy.
Cruz is a good friend, that's why Zogby feels safe complaining about the energy distribution disadvantaging the food lab. One may argue that those two seem to argue a lot, and pretty fiercely, about this apparently silly matter.

- Origin: Belter - unisex - - Advices: - Shift: Alpha

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